• Aaron Melloul is a social media personality from Los Angeles, California.
• He has achieved a net worth of over $400,000 through his various endeavors.
• He gained fame on the app Musical.ly, which was later merged with TikTok.
• He often collaborates with other popular online personalities and has been part of a nationwide tour.
• In his free time, he enjoys skateboarding, soccer and collecting hoodies.


Who is Aaron Melloul?

Aaron Melloul was born on 2 May 2002, in Los Angeles, California, USA, and is a social media personality, best known from gaining fame through the website Instagram, posting videos as well as photos of him skateboarding. He’s since collaborated with other popular online names, both online and in public.


The Riches of Aaron Melloul

How rich is Aaron Melloul? As if mid-2019, sources estimate a net worth that is over $400,000, earned through success in his various endeavors. His online fame has led him to numerous opportunities including collaborative work with other popular online stars. As he continues his career, it is expected that his wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life and Online Beginnings

There is almost no information available regarding Aaron’s education, childhood, and family. It is known that he grew up discovering his passion for skateboarding, and decided to pursue the craft. He slowly but surely improved his skills and later thought that it was something that he could share to the public as it was entertaining. His intentions were quickly supported by his father, who would help him shoot and edit videos.

He began by using the app Musical.ly, which is a social media service that allows users to create 15 second to one minute looping videos which can be accompanied by music tracks. The app was famous for various lip-syncing related music and it allowed users to edit their videos through speed options as well as through filters. During the peak of its popularity, it had over 200 million users, with an interface that allowed users to easily browse popular content, trending songs, and sounds. However, in 2017 the app was bought by the company Bytedance, which would later merge the app with TikTok, creating a singular app.

Aaron Melloul

Other Social Media Endeavors

Like many other Musical.ly stars, Melloul decided to transition to TikTok, creating an account there and continuing his rise to fame. Compared to musical.ly, TikTok allows users to create short music videos ranging from three to 15 seconds, and users can also opt to create three to 60 seconds worth of looping videos. Since the merger, the app has become the leading short video platform in several parts of the world, including Asia and the US. According to sources, the app now has over 500 million users globally and was the most downloaded app in the US in 2018.

He also started giving more attention to his Instagram account, on which he consistently posts new photos and videos. The social networking service is owned by Facebook, and has become one of the most popular services in the world due to how easy it is to access its features, along with its integration with other popular social media websites. Users can share photos and videos with the public or to pre-approved followers. It launched in 2010 and has since gained over a billion registered users as of 2019, with over 500 million active users daily.

Collaborations and Tours

With Aaron’s fame increasing, he started collaborating with other popular online names. One of his most popular collaborative works features Zach Clayton and YouNow personality Psycho – they shot and released the music video entitled “RoadTrip”. He also teamed up with vlogger Chad Nazam, and gained a lot of fame through a performance alongside rapper Post Malone in a video which has become one of his most watched.

His fame has led him to be invited to the world’s first social media tour called DigiTour, which began in 2017, created by DigiTour Media, a festival production company, and the tour is often held at locations including theatres or fields. They have showcased personalities from YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Vine, and even traditional music personalities. He stated that since being invited to the tour, he has tried his best not to miss any opportunity to attend these types of events. The tour has allowed him to travel to various parts of the country, and he was even featured in a segment of 103.3 AMP Radio in Boston prior to their tour appearance. He was heard in the show entitled “103 Questions” alongside Blake Gray, and has attended annual music and arts festivals including Coachella, the Summer Boys Tour, and the Weekend Rush Tour.

Personal Life

For his personal life, it is known that Melloul is single, and he has not been reported to be in any relationship. Many sources state that he is still young and likely not focused on that aspect of his life as he is still busy building his online career. Other sources state that he is a private person, and even if he did have a relationship, he would not easily share the details publicly.

During his free time, he continues to improve and develop his skateboarding skills. He looks up to professional skateboarder Nyjah Imani Huston, who is a Street League Skateboarding champion. He often promotes Huston’s work and social media accounts through his videos. If he’s not busy skateboarding, touring, or making social media content, he enjoys sports and often spends time playing soccer, which he has played competitively with a few known teams. He also has a large collection of hoodies, and has even created his own personalized line which he sells online. According to him, his hidden talent is making a loud fake burp sound!

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