• Adrienne Bankert is an American presenter, journalist, reporter, and respected television correspondent.
• She is an anchor for ABC News and was previously an anchor for KABC in Los Angeles and CBS 11 in Dallas, Texas.
• She obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Media from the University of Southern California in 200•
• She is the founder of Loving Individuals Giving Help Together (LIGHT), a non-government organization (NGO).
• Her net worth is estimated at ~$1 million and she has over 40,000 followers on Instagram.

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FactDallas news anchor.

Who is Adrienne Bankert?

Born on 6 May 1979, in Sacramento, California USA, under the earth sign of Taurus, Adrienne Bankert is a 40-year-old American presenter, journalist, reporter and respected television correspondent. She is best known for her current position, as one of ABC’s best national news anchors and correspondents, with duties ranging from reporting on the stock market to visiting the scenes of natural disasters. You can see her on “Good Morning America”, “Nightline”, “World News Tonight” and several other platforms on ABC News. Before assuming her current role, she was an anchor for KABC is Los Angeles, with previous stints at CBS 11 in Dallas, Texas.

Known as one of the more outspoken reporters on television, Adrienne is always ready to report on everything that’s going on, regardless of the danger to her life.

Early Life and Education: Growing Up in California

Adrienne was raised in her birthplace by parents, whose names and professions we still don’t know – it’s also unclear whether she has siblings or not.  Since she was very young, Adrienne was infatuated by female journalists. She loved watching news with her parents and admiring how outspoken and knowledgeable these women were.

Unlike her friends, who wanted to become singers or athletes, Bankert understood that she wanted to do her best to inform people, and hopefully make the world a better place. She would enroll at the University of Southern California (USC), from where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Media in 2002.

Career Beginnings: KCRA-TV

Immediately after graduating, Bankert was recruited by KCRA-TV, a local stations affiliated with NBC. Not only was she able to remain alongside her family in Sacramento, but she also had a lot of opportunities to progress.

Adrienne Bankert

Upon joining the team, she was a traffic reporter, with multiple on-air appearances during the day. However, her skills were undeniable, so she ended up hosting her own segment named “Traffic Pulse”. Her duties involved analyzing traffic patterns, reporting on accidents and everything else related to Californian highways. However, she soon “outgrew” this position, too. Her chance to shine came when she became a news anchor, and still also reported in addition to spending time in the studio. During this time, her most notable achievements were covering the campaign of Governor Jerry Brown in 2010, as well as the resolution of the Jaycee Dugard kidnapping case.

Adrienne was also on the scene for the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, which occurred in Japan. One of her reports lead to her receiving a local Emmy Award, putting her in esteemed company when it came to Californian, but also American reporters.

Arriving on the National Scene: CBS 11 KTVT and KABC

In 2012, Adrienne determined that she’d accomplished all she could at KCRA-TV, so said goodbye and moved to CBS 11 KTVT, a station in Dallas, Texas. Her stint there brought her skills to national attention, as she was the anchor of “CBS 11 News at 11” and “The Talk”. Just as in KCRA-TV, she also insisted on remaining a reporter, and was soon praised by journalists around the country for her extensive reports on Ebola outbreaks in the US.

As her reputation grew, she had the opportunity to interview stars such as Owen Wilson, Oprah Winfree and Michael Crabtree, amongst other interviewees. In 2014, she took another step forward in her career, joining Los Angeles’ KABC as a reporter/anchor. Her mix in studio and field reporting expertise lead her to be promoted after just a few weeks, which accomplishments didn’t go unnoticed by ABC executives, who offered her a job in late 2015.

A Proper Star: ABC

As it was her first time on a major national network, Bankert had a lot to prove, and immediately upon arriving she did just that. She was tasked with being a correspondent for “Good Morning America” and “Good Morning America Weekend Edition”., which required her to relocate to New York City, which, in turn, increased her exposure and already growing popularity.

She also returned to Los Angeles for special reports, making her one of ABC’s most prominent field reporters. As of 2018, she’s also featured in “Good Morning Britain”, and “ABC World News Tonight with David Muir”.

Personal Life: Is Adrienne Bankert Married? Does She Have a Boyfriend?

Bankert herself is a very private person and has been reluctant to talk about anything other than her career.

In addition to her work in journalism, she is also a prominent humanitarian. As the founder of Loving Individuals Giving Help Together (LIGHT), a non-government organization (NGO), she is active in the community on an almost daily basis.

Body Measurements: How Tall is Adrienne Bankert?

  • Height is 5ft 9ins (175cm)
  • Weighs ~130lbs (59kgs)
  • Vital statistics of 33-24-35

Net Worth: How Rich is Adrienne Bankert?

Net worth is ~$1 million, accumulated by starting from the bottom of the reporting world and ultimately becoming one of the most recognized faces in the entire country. If she continues working hard in the same manner, it would be no surprise to see her net worth increase in the next few years.

Social Media Presence

As reporters have transcended mere television work in the last few years, it is in their best interest to use social media to establish their influence and interact with their viewers and followers. Her official Facebook page has 15,000 ‘likes’, and you can also find her on Twitter and Instagram, with 12,000 and over 40,000 followers, respectively.


1Dallas news anchor.



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