• Alex Dorame is a famous YouTube personality, working on collaborative channels such as Our World Away and My Digital Escape, and runs her own self-titled YouTube channel.
• She is 21 years old, born in Tucson, Arizona, and does her schooling online.
• She is known for her vlogs and hair color challenge videos, inspiring fans with her unique dye techniques, ranging from bright pink to aqua-blue.
• She is in a relationship with fellow YouTube star Johnnie Guilbert, and they live together with their pug Lola.
• Alex Dorame has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.


Who is Alex Dorame?

Alex Dorame is a famous YouTube personality, who has worked with collaborative channels including Our World Away and My Digital Escape. She also runs her own self-titled YouTube channel, on which she shares vlogs.

Alex Dorame Age, Early Life, Family, and Education Background

Alex is 21 years old, as she was born under the Aries Zodiac on 25 March 1998, in Tucson Arizona, USA, so is an American by nationality and belongs to white ethnicity. Her parents are Americans, and they brought her up in Tucson alongside her sister. This is far as it goes regarding her early childhood details. However, she is still very close to her mother whom she has featured in one of her videos.

When it comes to her educational background, she is yet to share details of which school she attended, what subjects she majored in, and her level of education. However, she once disclosed on her Twitter account that she does her schooling online. It is believed that Alex developed an interest in becoming a social media personality at a tender age

Alex Dorame

Alex Dorame Professional Career and Rise to Stardom

Alex is considered to be a rising YouTube star, who is always hyped for uploading hair color challenge videos. She is displays different vivacious hair colors while appearing in her videos, which has made her an icon in the eyes of her fans, who trust her with hair dye techniques, which range from bright pink to aqua-blue. This has helped her prove to her subscribers that she is not a mediocre YouTuber but rather a wild and an unconventional one.

Although all her videos are centered on makeovers and hair dyeing, she also uses the channel to demonstrate her other talents, and often uploads very creative videos. These include challenge videos that are unique, including “Eating deodorant” and “Taping things to our heads”. From all the incredible fun and positivity that her channel inspires, she seems to deserve all the hype.

Since Alex was a small girl, she has always been in love with extraordinary hair colors as well as the emo lifestyle, which pushed her to learn the art of hair dyeing; she even went a step further and got a haircut. She spends most of her time polishing her skills and when she was sure that she had mastered the art, she decided to go to the next step which was sharing her passion with the rest of the world.

Since she had discovered YouTube, Dorame decided to become a social media personality, and created her self-titled channel. Her hope was to use her talent to inspire other people, and brighten their days. She started with challenges and FAQs, while sporting blue-aqua hair. In an instant, her fans fell in love with her work, and knew that she had something special in store for them.

Alex proved them right as she proceeded to upload some serious content, such as “Things that bug me” and “Be yourself”, convincing her fans that she was an authentic person. In just a few months, her video content had shifted from just generic to specific video uploads, such as “Boyfriend dyes my hair”, “How to dye emo scene hair”, and “Get ready with me, Blue hair edition”. These videos attracted a lot of subscribers and viewers to her channel and in just three months she had garnered more than 25,000. Later, she got an emo look herself, which included heavy dark eye makeup. Alex also uploaded videos showing her fans her newly inked tattoos.

Besides working on her channel, Alex also runs another YouTube channel entitled “My Digital Escape”, a collaboration consisting of various YouTube stars such as Shannon Tylor, Jordan Sweeto, Johnnie Guilbert, Bryan Stars, Kyle David Hall, and Jaydon Wale. As a group, they upload trending videos such as Makeup Routine and My Emo Scene Hair, and also post challenges from time to time. Alex is also a member of yet another collaborative channel known as Our World Away, on which she also uploaded videos and posted challenges, however, the channel split, and since then, she pays more attention to her personal channel as it helps her grow on her own on YouTube.

Alex Dorame Personal Life, Dating, Boyfriend, and Children

When it comes to Alex’s personal life, she is in a relationship with Johnnie Guilbert, a fellow YouTube star. Guilbert was born on 28 August 1997 in San Jose, California. He started uploading videos on social media in 2013.

The two have been together for a number of years, and have worked together too, as mentioned above; apart from running a YouTube channel, Johnnie is also an actor, songwriter, singer, and Vlogger. They have very strong chemistry on-screen which reaffirms their claim that they are very in love. Currently, they live together with Lola, their pug and they are working towards excelling in their careers. Alex is not married though, and has no known children, nor is there any information about Alex’s past romantic relationships.

Alex is a huge fan of The Amity Affliction band.

Alex Dorame Net Worth

Being such a successful social media personality means that you earn a good amount of income; this is also the case with Alex Dorame. Her annual income is estimated to be $300,000, and authoritative sources estimate her net worth to already be around $1.5 million. This shows that Alex is definitely able t0 live a lavish life. However, she has not shared her house and cars with the rest of the world.

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