• Kelly Rebecca Nichols has a net worth of over $3 million.
• She worked for the PR department of the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) organisation.
• She married media personality and TV host Alex Jones in 2007.
• The couple had a divorce in 2015, with Nichols awarded alimony and joint custody of their three children.
• Kelly is credited for helping her ex-husband with PR stunts and strategies in the past.

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Kelly Rebecca Nichols was born on 2 July 1968, in Travis County, Texas USA, and is a public relations (PR) consultant, but probably best known for being the ex-wife of media personality Alex Jones, who is the popular host of the TV show “Info Wars”. The duo became somewhat notorious through their eventual divorce and subsequent lengthy custody battle for their children.

The Net Worth of a Media Personality’s Wife

How rich is Kelly Rebecca Nichols? As of early-2018, sources estimate a net worth that is over $3 million, mostly earned through success in PR, but also from her divorce settlement. She is reported to be the reason why her ex-husband managed to expand his business, through significant public relations moves. She also worked for the PR department of the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) organisation, and as she continues her endeavors, it is expected that her wealth will also continue to increase.

Beginnings and PETA

Kelly was born into a Jewish family and grew up with two siblings. Her father was later convicted due to a financial conflict of interest. She was relatively out of the media spotlight before her association with Alex Jones, but developed her PR skills which would eventually find her working with PETA, an animal rights organization and non-profit corporation which has 400 employees and over 6.5 million supporters around the world. They’ve become known for supporting animal rights, and persuading people not to eat, wear animal products, experiment on or abuse animals.

The company has been known to conduct stunts here and there, in which Kelly was involved in publicity stunts for the company. Vogue editor Anna Wintour had a dead raccoon thrown onto her plate while dining at the Four Seasons restaurant in New York City, and fashion designer Oscar de la Renta suffered a ‘pie in the face’ when she threw a tofu cream pie at him while he was out on a promotion event.

Marriage to Alex Jones

In 2007, Nichols married media personality and TV host Alex Jones, and she started going by the name of Violet Jones. Alex found popularity as a radio show host and conspiracy theorist, best known for his shows “Info Wars”, and “The Alex Jones Show”. He’s known for being involved in various controversies, spreading theories and fake news, one of his most publicized being the conspiracy theory centered on the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting.

He also accused the government of being involved in the Oklahoma City Bombing, fake moon landings, and the September 11 attacks, and promoted the myth of how numerous governments and big corporations have all colluded to create a New World Order, manufacturing economic crises and insider terrorist attacks that help fuel hysteria. He also operates websites such as “NewsWars” and “Prison Planet”, has been called “America’s leading conspiracy theorist”, and is apparently proud to be listed as a criminal against Big Brother. During their marriage, the couple had three children.

Divorce and Lengthy Settlements

After eight years of marriage, the couple eventually decided to go their separate ways and filed for divorce, after rumors were spread that Alex had an alleged affair with fellow “Info Wars” staff member Lee Ann McAdoo. The divorce was finalized in 2015, with Kelly awarded monthly alimony of $43,000, however, her ex-husband who would get full custody of their three children, Kelly having limited visitation rights.

Two years after the divorce settlement, she returned to court and asked for sole custody of their children, because of (her claims of) Alex’s unstable behavior, which could allegedly be attributed as felonies. He threatened Congress member Adam Schiff and also called for violence or even rape of people he didn’t like. Jones defended these claims saying that he was only playing a character, but later contradicted himself by saying his show is the most real thing and he’s not playing a character. Eventually, the court awarded Kelly the power to decide where the children would live, while they were awarded joint custody of their children.

After the Settlement

Since the settlement, Nichols has returned to obscurity, maintaining a low profile satisfied with the results of the recent hearing. Their son started working for “InfoWars” and released a video criticizing both BuzzFeed News and gun control. According to an interview, Alex credited his son for convincing him to support Donald Trump as a presidential candidate.

Many media outlets write that Alex Jones wouldn’t be where he is today without the help of his ex-wife who is reportedly the reason behind the numerous PR stunts that Jones has done in the past. Being a specialist in PR tactics, it is likely that Nichols contributed some ideas to her now ex-husband.

Source: IMDb


  1. I think Lee Ann is the main reason for the divorce. Alex should not have talked to her the way he did with the innuendo, etc. Now he has to deal with these wild oats .

  2. 1 Timothy 5/2 says to treat young women with `all purity` and as `sisters` or we reap what we sow like the divorce.

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      No one associated with Alex Jones actually gives a shit about your religion.

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