• Anthony Varrecchia is an American Instagram model born on 24 March 1963
• Has an estimated net worth of around $1 million
• Caucasian ethnicity with grey hair and blue eyes
• Active on social media, with 170,000 followers on Instagram
• In a relationship with Mark Frazer; previously married to a man whose identity remains unknown


Anthony Varrecchia’s Wiki Bio and Age

Anthony Varrecchia was born on 24 March 1963, in Staten Island, New York USA, which means that his zodiac sign is Aries, and he’s now 56 years old. Anthony, whose nationality is American, is best known as an Instagram model, and in that field he has promoted several brands on his social media accounts. Being successful in that field, Varrecchia gained recognition among the audience, which also poses some questions regarding his early life and formative years.

Net Worth

So just how rich is Anthony Varrechia as of mid-2019? According to authoritative sources, this model has a net worth of close to $1 million, accumulated from his career in the previously mentioned field. However, Anthony hasn’t spoken about his assets, such as vehicles and houses, but he is seemingly able to take care of himself and his family financially.

Ethnicity and Background

Speaking about his ethnicity, Varrecchia is Caucasian, and has grey hair and blue eyes, which suits his complexion. Judging from the photos available on the internet, Anthony has a fit figure and takes good care of his appearance, indicating that he puts time and effort into his looks. Unfortunately, he hasn’t spoken about his early life, nor has he spoken about his education. However, he openly talked about being bullied and humiliated when he was younger. He went on to say “It wasn’t until I was in my mid 30s that I finally accepted the proud gay man that I am. The whole world opened up…and so did I.” Many people were inspired by his words. Speaking about his looks, he added that he has always stood out from the crowd and that he wears his look with pride.

Anthony Varrecchia

Social Media

Anthony is in the entertainment field, which naturally means that he is active on social media, which he uses to promote his work as well as to communicate with his fans. Varrecchia has Twitter and Instagram accounts and is followed by 4,000 people on the former and 170,000 on the latter. Some of his latest posts on Twitter include a Tweet reading “Everyone within the sound of my twitter voice needs to follow @MSignorile ~ he’s the host America Must have! He welcomes both sides of the political spectrum to call in, give your views/opinions.” Besides that, he tweeted about pride month.


Varrecchia shares photos from his private life on Instagram, allowing his fans to take a closer look at what’s going on behind the scene. Anthony  has recently posted a photo of himself holding a bouquet of flowers, with the caption reading “Hey! I picked these for you! Country style! This beautiful Bouquet  ~ enjoy your day!”. Besides that, he shared a photo of himself and his partner, adding “Today June 30th 2019 celebration of Stonewall 50 years and my 1 year in Washingtonia DC with @frazermark”. His fans seem to have loved the photo, as they went on to leave numerous sweet messages, complimenting the happy couple.

Relationship Status

Despite being a public figure, Anthony prefers keeping some information behind closed doors. Anthony came out as gay when he was 35, and in one interview he spoke about that experience. “I cared what family, friends and others would think of me. At first I told those who were furthest from my family and close friends, then as time went buy I opened up and felt like the worries of the world were lifted off my shoulders.” He went on to state that his perfect man has three qualities, charisma, style and confidence.

He was previously married to a man whose identity remains unknown, but who unfortunately died. As Anthony stated, they married in 2002, and after his husband’s death, he stopped believing in love. However, it turned out he would find love once again, as he’s in an apparently happy and prosperous relationship with a man named Mark Frazer. Mark is a hairstylist and is also active on social media, which allows the fans to take a better look at his and Anthony’s life. The couple has no children, but they have a dog named Golda, whose Instagram account is managed by both of them. Mark has recently shared a photo of himself and Anthony, and their fans thought it was lovely.


Anthony has been featured in numerous videos, which helped him reach more people, including “Stylish Men for 50+”, “Marco Marco Fashion Show SS 2018 NYFW New York Fashion Week 2017 Part 2 Yanis Marshall”, “Top 10 Grandparents You Won’t Believe Actually Exist”, “10 Handsome Old Men That Will Make You Weak at the Knees | AWA”, “Old School Men’s Haircut with Big Beard Trim | Cut & Grind” and “12 Famous Gay Men Who Married Women Before Coming Out As Gay”.

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