• Audrey Berry is the fiancé of Kid Rock, a well-known American musician, singer, songwriter, and record producer.
• She is assumed to share the net worth of her longtime partner, estimated to be over $100 million.
• Audrey Berry is an American national and of white ethnicity.
• She serves as an inspiration for the song entitled “Johnny Cash” from Kid Rock’s “First Kiss” album.
• Audrey is in her late 30s, has long dark brown hair, and dark brown colored eyes.


Who is Audrey Berry?

Audrey Berry was born in USA; the actual date and place of her birth is still unavailable to the public. She is probably best recognized for being the fiancé of Kid Rock, a well-known American musician, singer, songwriter, and record producer.

How rich is she? Audrey Berry Net Worth

She has been an active member of the entertainment industry since she started dating a famous musician.

However, there is no any information regarding her career. So, if you ever wondered how rich Audrey Berry is, it is assumed that she shares the net worth of her longtime partner, which has been estimated by authoritative sources to be over $100 million, accumulated through his successful career.

Early Life, Education, Nationality, Ethnicity

Concerning her early life, Audrey Berry apparently spent her childhood somewhere in the United States, where she was raised alongside her siblings by her parents, whose names and professions have not been revealed to the public yet.

Other information regarding her educational background is not available to the media. However, it is known that she holds American nationality and is of white ethnicity.

Popularity through Relationship with Kid Rock

When it comes to speak about her involvement in the entertainment industry, Audrey Berry reached enormous popularity through her relationship with Kid Rock. They met at a restaurant in Detroit in 2010 and after dating for several years, the couple decided to make it official, and Kid engaged her with the giant diamond ring in November of 2017. They may have tied the knot at a private wedding ceremony and may have become parents, but no details are available that can confirm such events.

Audrey Berry

Audrey Berry is the Second Wife of Kid Rock

Speaking about his personal life before he proposed Audrey Berry, Kid Rock had a rich dating history. He had an on and off relationship with Kelley South Russell – they spent ten years together and she gave birth to his son, named Robert James Ritchie Jr., in 1993. During the same year, the couple split and he brought-up his son as a single father. Afterwards, he briefly dated model Jaime King in 2000, and then started a relationship with noted actress Pamela Anderson. They eventually married in July of 2006; however, she filed for divorce in November of the same year and it was finalized in 2007.

Life Far Away from the Media

Although she is in the limelight as the fiancé of famous musician, Audrey tends to keep her private and personal life very low profile, and her husband respects her decision, so he rarely speaks about her in the media. It is one of the main reasons that she has managed to be quite secretive regarding it, after being so popular. Another reason could be her inactivity across popular social media platforms.

Kid Rock dedicated a Song to Audrey Berry

The loved ones usually prove their love in various ways, so it is not at all surprising that Audrey Berry served as an inspiration for one of the songs of her ‘husband’.

Following the release of his tenth studio album “First Kiss” in February of 2015, Kid Rock revealed to the public that the song entitled “Johnny Cash” is dedicated to the love of his life. If you look at the lyrics of the song, it will became clear that Audrey is the one who helped him to change his life for the better, and stop playing around with other women.

Who is Kid Rock? Short Wiki/Bio

Robert James Ritchie, better known by his stage name Kid Rock, was born on 17 January 1971 so under the birth sign of Capricorn, in Romeo, Michigan USA. He spent his childhood on a family farm, where he was raised by his father, William Ritchie, and his mother, whose name is unknown.

As a teenager, Kid Rock developed his love for music, so he started learning to play various instruments on his own. Besides that, he also showed interest in hip hop and breakdance, and started pursuing a career as a DJ.

Career Beginnings

It did not take long until his professional music career started, as he joined the hip hop group called The Beast Crew in the late 1980s. He soon met famous rapper D-Nice, which helped him to sign a contract with Jive Records in 1989, and he released his debut studio album, entitled “Grits Sandwiches For Breakfast”, in the following year.

His net worth soon began to increase dramatically, as well as his popularity. At the beginning of the 1990s, he signed a contract with Continuum Records, a local independent record label, and soon released his second studio album – “The Polyfuze Method” (1993) – which was followed by another studio album, entitled “Early Mornin’ Stoned Pimp”, in 1996.

Rise to Prominence

However, Kid Rock didn’t make a breakthrough into the mainstream hip hop scene until 1998, when he released his fourth studio album “Devil Without A Cause”, which peaked at No. 4 on the Billboard 200 chart.

The album became a major commercial success, and sold more than 14 million copies and was certified platinum 11 times by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America), leading him to become nominated for a Grammy Award in the Best New Artist category in 2000. Since then, his career has only gone upwards, as he released such studio albums as “Cocky” (2001) and “Kid Rock” (2003). In October of 2007, he recorded his seventh studio album and the first to top on the US Billboard 200 chart, entitled “Rock n Roll Jesus”, which was nominated two times for a Grammy Award.

Three years later, his next album was released under the title “Born Free”, which was also successful.

Continued Success and Recent Projects

With the beginning of the next decade, Kid Rock continued to line up success after success – he recorded the studio album “Rebel Soul” in November of 2012, which was certified gold by the RIAA. Three years later, he released his tenth studio album “First Kiss”, which reached No. 2 on the US Billboard chart, increasing further his wealth, while his eleventh studio album, “Sweet Southern Sugar”, came out in November of 2017.

How old is she? Appearance and Vital Statistics

Speaking about Audrey Berry’s age, there is no information regarding the year of her birth, but from various snippets of information, it’s estimated that she is in her late 30s. Regarding her appearance and physical attributes, she is apparently a beautiful woman with long dark brown hair and dark brown colored eyes. Her body shape can be described as slim; however, information about her weight, height, and vital statistics, has not been revealed to the public.

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