• Tony Robbins' ex-wife is Becky Robbins, born Jenkins, an American author and philanthropist.
• Little is known about her early life, including her birthplace, date, family or siblings.
• She chose an entirely different professional path later in life after struggling to find equilibrium in her previous marriage.
• She and Tony had a project where they promised to pay each and every student’s tuition fees for university.
• She is now an inspirational speaker, philanthropist and adventurer, promoting the independence of women and stability in their lives.


Tony Robbins’ ex-wife

Tony Robbins’ ex-wife is Becky Robbins, born Jenkins, an American author and philanthropist. They were together for almost 20 years, from 1982 to 2001. For her, it was the period that drastically changed her life, as her popularity rose and she started her career, whilst Tony felt it was a mistake even from ‘the day I was being married’, as he mentioned in an interview for “SuperSoul Sunday”.

Becky’s not so known biography

Unlike her ex-husband, Becky is not so popular in this world of motivational speaking, training and life coaching, though she was involved in different interesting activities. Moreover, she has always kept privacy around her early life, making it hard to find her personal data, especially when it comes to biographical details such as birthplace and date, family or siblings. What the media knows is that she was born in 1962 in California, USA, into the academic Jenkins family, from which she received a firm and consistent education. As a child, she was keen on studying biology and medicine-related subjects, and eventually even became a qualified nurse, but didn’t practice it for long, as working with patients wasn’t her thing. Anyway, she chose an entirely different professional path later in life.

Romantic life before Tony

If you’ve been waiting for a lyrical description of Becky’s other romantic experiences, then you’ll definitely be a little bit disappointed. Full of ups and downs, the real story began when she was only 18 years old. She married for the first time and started living a family life when she didn’t even know how to properly live with her own self. Having been raised in a conservative environment, she was trying to behave in the way a girl ‘should’ – have good manners, don’t talk too much, don’t laugh too loudly, read about literature and arts, sport isn’t for you – these are just some of the clichés of the academic world that were constantly in her mind, depriving her from feeling at ease in her own life.  Not to mention the difficulties she faced in her newly found family.

Things changed quickly when soon she gave birth to her first child – a son they named Tyler. The same marriage produced two more children – a girl and a boy – but this life, despite being full of events, did nothing but make Becky even more confused about her living.

Becky Robbins

Struggling with lack of equilibrium

In the attempt to fulfill both her mother and wife responsibilities and, at the same time cope with the financial difficulties, she started working evening shifts in sales. Thus, she could spend the days with her family, but it simply wasn’t the living she wanted. She knew there was more to be discovered outside the world she had built around her. As a result of her general state of mind, her marriage didn’t work out. She chose to focus more on herself, and began the quest for that much-needed equilibrium; this is how she actually got to meet her then future husband.

Driven by the urge to drastically change something in her life and in the way she dealt with things, Becky went to one of Tony’s seminars – “Unleashing the Power Within”. She was sitting in the front raw and seemed to be really interested in his speech, so he inevitably noticed her. Due to her beauty and the chemistry between them, it was not surprising at all that they soon began a romantic relationship. The phases of discussing after the events, meeting afterward and eventually getting married were quickly covered. At that time, in 1984, Becky’s children were 17, 11 and 5 years old, Tony was only 24, but he adopted them all. This marriage gave Robbins another beautiful child – Julie Jenkins.

The marriage with Tony – continuous delay of the breakup

Tony himself admitted having some reservations about the marriage, even from day one, however, he went on: ‘I didn’t want to disappoint her. It sounds so stupid, but it’s the truth’. The truth is that there were certain incompatibilities between the two. In comparison to Becky, who at first kept her quite academic lifestyle, Tony was adventurous, in a continuous seeking for a rush of adrenaline. However, he managed to show Becky another way of living through his adventures and trips – activities such as mountain climbing, rafting, camping, or car racing, which Becky found outrageous and extremely dangerous at the beginning, became particular ways for her to live. This new Becky wasn’t afraid to ‘get dirty’ anymore, and consequently she felt much better physically and psychologically.

Despite the fact that their marriage ended in 2001, this undoubtedly changed Becky’s visions of life.

New life – new aims

This changing in attitude helped Robbins build a certain inner strength, and a desire to help others, too.  Relying on her own experience, as a girl that sometimes was discriminated against and intimidated by unnecessary rules, she chose to pay special attention to girls in underprivileged communities. For instance, she and her husband had a beautiful project with a class of around 100 pupils from Houston, Texas; they promised to pay each and every student’s tuition fees for university, with some conditions strictly related to their academic achievements, legal integrity and, in the case of girls, avoiding pregnancy.

Becky Robbins

What Becky did was to provide encouragement for the young girls, and help them achieve a certain level of academic results and, most importantly, self-awareness: ‘Young women need to know that they can create their own money. Knowing that you can support yourself enhances a woman’s confidence and sense of security’, declared Becky for Courtney Caldwell.

She taught the same skills to her daughter, too, so she could grow up a strong and independent woman. Thus Julie doesn’t need to pass through so many things as her mother did, in order to practically be aware of how the world is built.

Life after Tony

The divorce story aroused a lot of criticism directed especially towards Tony. For his fans and admirers, it was inconceivable that their model of balance and problem-solving in all the areas of life could make such mistakes in marriage. However, after a short time things cooled down. They remained friends, with Becky keeping her job as Vice President at Robbins Research.  She is still dedicating her energy and type to empowering entire girls’ communities. As an inspirational speaker, philanthropist and, surprisingly, adventurer, she promotes the independence of women, a good education for them and, by and large, stability in their life.

After three failed marriages, Becky is now out of any romantic relationship, at least from the public eye. In general she keeps a low profile, with little social media activity, and few public appearances. Reportedly, at the end of 2018, her net worth is up to over $1 million.

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