Bess Katramados is well-known for being wrestler Paul “Big Show” Wight’s second wife, who has given birth to two children. Even though Bess had a prosperous career as a model, she decided to put it aside and become a housewife, spending all her time with her husband and kids. Let’s find out more about her biography, age, measurements, etc.

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Early life and family

Bess Katramados was born in 1973 in Illinois USA, and holds American nationality – her precise date of birth is still unknown, and nothing at all about her family, except that she come from a family of Greek descent.

She’s never mentioned anything about her parents or any siblings, neither has her husband, Paul “Big Show” Wight. It is only known that Bess spent her childhood and youth in Illinois, as she studied and started working there, and her family didn’t move from this state.

Educational background

Bess matriculated from her local high school in 1991. Nothing is known about any further education, as she’s never shared any details about a college or university she studied in.


Bess started modelling at a young age. She had several contracts with agencies, mostly in Illinois, though she had some work in other states. However, she quit her modelling career to dedicate herself to her family life, as she married Paul “Big Show” Wight and decided to become a housewife. It is known that she later became his personal fitness trainer, as she understood the structure of his workouts and dived deeper into methodology of his training plan. She also accompanied him to many fights supporting him during the show, as she likes what he is doing and appreciates his career.

Personal life, husband Paul “Big Show” Wight

Bess met Paul in 2001 while he was still married to Melissa Ann Piavis, his first wife. In February 2002 Big Show finalized the divorce process from Melissa, and married Bess just five days after all papers had been officially signed. Bess has given birth to a daughter and a son, whose names are still unavailable as both Bess and Big Show deliberately hide all private details of their family life. It is also known that Bess became a step-mother to Paul’s older daughter, Cierra Wight, as he had partial custody.

Bess doesn’t show off much now, living a private life in their family mansion in Miami, Florida. Some sources say Bess and Paul divorced in 2007, however, that turned out to be false, as they were together on WWE HOF (World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Fame) Live in March 2015, giving interviews to reporters Michael Cole and Maria Menounos.

Who is Paul “Big Show” Wight?

Paul Donald Wight II (‘Big Show’ aka ‘the Giant’) was born on 8 February 1972 in Aiken, South Carolina USA, so under the sign of Aquarius and holding American nationality.

Hard work pays off…

Posted by Big Show on Thursday, November 16, 2017

He is a world famous wrestler and actor, signed to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) since 1995. At the start of his career Paul worked as a call operator, and enjoyed bounty hunting, when he suddenly met Danny Bonaduce, a TV personality, who introduce Big Show to Hulk Hogan and other wrestling stars of those years. Though Paul had a perfect appearance for becoming a wrestler, he had no experience and had no idea how it worked, so he couldn’t get into the ring. However, with the help of several trainers such as Johnny Polo and Larry Sharpe, he performed in his first bout on 3 December 1994.

Due to his exceptional height he soon gained prominence, and won more fights with experience, reputedly the largest and the strongest wrestler in the world. It is worth mentioning that Paul suffers from acromegaly which is an endocrine system disease which made him weigh over 220 lbs (100 kgs) by the age of twelve and being 6ft 2ins (1.88 m) tall; as of 2019, Paul is 7ft 2ins (2.18 m) tall. His unique appearance makes him a welcome guest star in various TV series; he played himself in such TV shows and sitcoms as “Conan” (2017, Season 7, Episode 63), “Clash Time” (2011-present), “Supah Ninjas” (2011-2013) and several others.

Paul “Big Show” Wight

Paul’s health issues

Bess is always near Paul especially when he recovers from courses of medications which prevent the development of his acromegaly, which makes not only his body but his organs grow very frapidly. His disease also caused strains in some of his joints.  She helps him to get well after surgeries he has to undergo. She also takes care of his nutrition so he doesn’t lose too much weight during the recovery period, as it is important for his qualification.

Hobbies and interesting facts

Though Bess is busy taking care of her husband and kids, in her spare time she likes swimming in the pool which is located at the backyard of their huge mansion in Miami; the pool is covered with glass ceiling, and she can enjoy it any season and any weather. She also accompanies Paul on various charity events which WWE and he personally support or host.

Social media presence

Bess tries to be as far from social media as she possibly can, so she can’t be found on any platform. She used to have a Twitter profile which she quit using in 2009 after posting about her travelling around the US for several months.

As to Paul, he is more active on social media, as it is a part of his contract with WWE – to promote himself as a brand name. Thus, his Instagram account has over 1.2 million subscribers, though he doesn’t post there often. He also has a Twitter account which is read by over 2.63 million users, however, one can’t find a single photo of his family there, as he keeps his private life in secret and never shares any family moments with his audience. He can often be seen with other kids hugging him, but they are all his wards from various charity foundations he actively participates in.

Appearance, clothing style

Bess has long black hair and blue eyes. She is approximately 5ft 8ins (1.72m) tall, weighs around 140lbs (64 kgs), and her vital statistics are 33-28-32. As to her clothing style, she prefers glamour looks and often wears high heels; she also prefers black color of clothes.

Net worth and salary

According to authoritative sources, Bess and Paul share an impressive amount of money; their approximate net worth is estimated to be around $22 million. Paul’s annual salary is reported to be around $1.2 million, which lets them live a luxurious lifestyle in their mansion in Miami they bought in 2007 for $3.7 million. As Paul is still active in his wrestling career, and also keeps on starring in various movies (such as “Fighting with My Family” (2019) and “Vendetta” (2015)), their net worth is only going to grow in future.

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