• Bijuu Mike is a popular YouTuber who uploads videos of him playing anime video games
• His favorite video game is "Yandere Simulator"
• Bijuu is married and doesn't have any children yet
• His hobbies include anime, outdoor activities with his wife, and playing video games
• He has an estimated net worth of ~$300,000


Bijuu Mike Wiki Biography

Bijuu Mike – real name is Michael Lucas – was born in California USA, on 26 October 1992, so under the zodiac sign of Scorpio and holding American nationality – he is popular for his YouTube channel, on which he mostly uploads videos of himself playing anime video games such as “Yandere Simulator”.

Early life and education

Bijuu is somewhat secretive when it comes to his teenage years, as he’s shared very little about this period of his life with his fans. It is known that his parents divorced when he was still a kid which wasn’t very easy for him – he has an older sister, but nothing is known about her.

Bijuu did not take the divorce of his parents that well, so found comfort in video games, and because both his parents tried their best to get along with their children as they knew divorce wasn’t easy for them, they let him do whatever he wanted. They were somewhat disappointed when they found out that Bijuu wasn’t going to attend college, but instead going to build his career online playing video games, however, after he became successful, they felt sorry that they had doubted him.

Even though Bijuu was making plans on enrolling at college, after he became popular on YouTube, he eventually decided against it.

Career of a YouTuber

Bijuu’s career began on 18 June 2013 with the caption ‘BIJUU MIKE HERE! Leader of the Scrub army!, Scrub fam, Scrub Squad, And Salad Squad! It all started when my friend would always call me a scrub while i was at work. It stuck to me and i decided to make a YouTube channel and here we are now with over 1.5 MILLION SCRUBS LATER!’ There are currently more than two million people subscribed to his channel, which also counts nearly 500 million views of all his videos combined. One of his most popular videos is entitled ‘YANDERE SIMULATOR – NAKED for SENPAI! (Dumpsters, Buckets, Bathing, and Electrocution)”, viewed by over 1.5 million people.

Bijuu’s favorite video game is “Yandere Simulator”, and apparently he launched his channel only to share his gameplays with the public, however, after the channel gathered subscribers so rapidly, Bijuu decided to play other games as well, such as “Ace Attorney”, “Angels of Death”, “Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning”, “Detroit: Become Human”, and many others.

“Yandere Simulator”

“Yandere Simulator” is a stealth action video came developed by YandereDev. The game follows Ayano Aishi also called Yandere-chan who is an obsessed lovesick schoolgirl – she kills everyone who manages to catch her crush’s attention. The game lasts for 10 weeks (the in-game), and during that time Ayano has to kill ten of her rivals to make sure that her love will not fall in love with someone else.

However, while most players prefer to kill their rivals, there are also other ways of eliminating them, such as matchmaking, befriending, betraying, gossiping, expulsing, framing, kidnapping, while there are numerous ways of killing them, including electrocuting, crushing, poisoning, drowning, burning, inciting suicide, murder-suicide, and torturing to death.

Bijuu Mike

Love life and relationships

Bijuu is one of the most secretive people on YouTube, as he hasn’t shared much about his love life with the public. The only thing known is that Bijuu is a married man, but there are no details whatsoever regarding his wife Melissa, including when have they started dating and when they exchanged their marriage vows.

Bijuu hasn’t spoken about any of the girls he dated before he married. There are rumors that he was in a relationship with a female YouTuber in 2016, and that the two were serious and even talked about marriage – some of his fans believe that his wife is actually the same girl.

Bijuu is currently married, and he doesn’t have any kids.

Hobbies and likes

Bijuu is a huge anime fan while one of his most favorite anime series is “Death note” – he also loves to watch animated movies, and some of his favorites are “How’s Moving Castle” and “Laputa: A Castle in the Sky”. He enjoys spending his free time with his wife outdoors, as he has stated in one of his videos that he is spending too much time in front of the TV screen, which is one of the reasons why his eyesight is so bad, and why he has to wear glasses. He was never really sporting, as he has always preferred to play video games over playing physical sports.

Bijuu is a big animal lover just as his wife Melissa, and they are said to be planning on getting a dog, which some see as a preparation for having a child.

Appearance and net worth

  • Bijuu is 26 years old
  • Brown hair but dyes it very often as he has had it grey, green, blue, rainbow, pink, and any other color
  • Brown eyes
  • Big fan of tattoos, and has both of his arms inked.
  • Net worth is ~$300,000, and is steadily rising thanks to his YouTube channel. He is also making some money on the Patreon platform, as his profile now counts 19 patrons who are donating up to $250 dollars per month – the description of his profile reads ‘Bijuu Mike is creating videos that make people smile’.

Source: IMDb, Wikipedia

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