• Cealey Godwin is a reporter and sports anchor for NBC, covering various matches and events.
• She won the TV show “Endurance: High Sierras” as a ninth-grader and later pursued a career in TV.
• She has a Golden Retriever named Lady, and recently lost her cat, Simon.
• She is an active member of the Read Across America program and the National Marrow Donor Program.
• Her estimated net worth is over $850,000.

Known for movies

Cealey Godwin became famous in her early teens when she was the winner of the TV series called “Endurance: High Sierras”; not all people know her as a TV series star since she is a brilliant reporter and a sports anchor for NBC, covering various matches and events. Let’s find out more about the way Cealey reached her dream life, discover more details about her personal life and net worth.

Early life, family

Cealey Elizabeth Godwin was born on 20 December 1991, in Tallahassee, Florida USA, growing-up with an older brother named Chason. There is no precise information about Cealey’s parents’ names or professions, though it is known that they are still alive, and Cealey is in very good relationships with them, often spending time together, going hiking.


Cealey matriculated from Lawton Chiles High School in 2009, then entered Florida State University’s School of Communication, and graduated in 2012.

TV series teenage star, Endurance: High Sierras winner

When Cealey was in her ninth grade, she participated in a competitive TV series for teenagers called “Endurance: High Sierras”. Among 16 contestants Cealey was fighting to be the winner of the show in various sport missions. She and partner Alex Carignan called themselves the Green Team, and played together; the audience was mainly warm to Cealey as she was shown as a competitor who could be friendly with the other TV series contestants.

Cealey Godwin


Tasting fame on the TV series, Cealey understood she wanted to pursue a career on TV. A couple of years after her university graduation, she joined the Weekend Sports Anchor when she got the job offer from them in April 2015. As an anchor, she covered the games of the Wisconsin Badgers, Milwaukee Bucks, Green Bay Packers, Milwaukee Brewers, and a lot of local colleges and high schools too.

Later she covered Florida State athletics ,being a sports reporter for Seminole Sports Magazine, which is a TV a program aired weekly on Sun Sports. As for the moment, Cealey works as anchor and a reporter for NBC. In 2016 she won Wisconsin Broadcasters Association award in the category of Medium Market Best Sportscast.

Personal life, boyfriend, husband

Cealay has tried to keep her private life low-key, though she once dropped in her comments on one of her Instagram posts that colleague Connor Cape was her “Instagram hubby”. He took the picture of Cealey at which she enjoys a drink after a match she anchored, and they often work together at games and matches they comment on and anchor. However, neither Connor nor Cealey ever confirmed their relationship status, and one can only guess whether it was a joke from Cealey’s side or if she was serious, and they are dating in real life. However,

Cealey recently posted a picture of a flower bouquet and captured it with the comment that she was the only one who could buy her flowers, most likely meaning she is single now and doesn’t have any boyfriend to buy her a present or flowers.

Hobbies, favorites and interesting facts

Even though Cealey keeps fit, she likes to treat herself with some fast food, and loves visiting such cafes as In-N-Out Burger, where she can have some fries and a nice big burger after a hard-working day. As for her spare time, she enjoys travelling very much, recently breaking her tight working schedule in Pedregal, Cabos San Lucas in Mexico. She told her followers on Instagram that she had a great time there, while her subscribers supported her choice of vacation place, and admitted that she did a great job and deserved some rest. She also loves hiking with her family in the mountains in Colorado. Cealey likes attending events and festivals, thus she took part in Running the Green marathon in 2018, which took place in Denver, Colorado for the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, wearing a special green hat and enjoyed a pint of Irish beer afterwards. Cealey takes dancing classes, and sometimes painting classes.

Cealey is a big dog-lover, she has a Golden Retriever named Lady and she loves her dearly, posting a lot of photos of her. In 2017 Cealey lost her cat, Simon, which lived with her for six years, and was a big loss since she fought for his life while he was suffering kidney failure. She posted his photo on her Instagram to say goodbye to him and shared that she got him when she was in college, and had a very painful break-up with her boyfriend, so Simon was the first animal she had had on her own. He went through three moves across the country, and was Cealey’s outlet.

Charity and social initiatives

Cealey is an active participator in the movement called Read Across America; she joined the movement several years ago, and often goes to a school to read with kids in the classroom. The kids take books of their choice, and the adult must read it aloud along with the kids.

Cealey is also a member of the program called “Be The Match” (operated by the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP), which is a global transplant network and a donorship program helping people to find the best matches for blood and organ donorship.

Social media presence

Cealey has a Twitter account which is read by more than 12,000 people, and an Instagram account with almost 3,000 subscribers, on which she is very active . Her Facebook profile is followed by more than 2,500 people, and which she uses to promote her interviews with celebrities.


Cealey has long dark-brown hair which she likes to wear loosely curled; she has dark-brown eyes. Her height, weight and vital statistics are unknown. As for her clothing style, she prefers a casual look and chooses jeans, shirts and sweatshirts in her daily life, but in front of the cameras she always looks smart, and wears blazers, dresses and skirts paired with white shirts.

Net worth

According to several authoritative sources, Cealey’s net worth is estimated to be over $850,000, accumulated from her dedicated work as an anchor and a reporter. Added to this is the reward she got for participating in the TV show “Endurance: High Sierras”. Cealey is a hard-working person, and her net worth is only going to grow in future.

Source: IMDb, Wikipedia

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