• Clint Stevens is an American Twitch streamer and YouTube star
• He is known for his livestreams of The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario video games
• On YouTube, he has over 120,000 subscribers and 33.5 million views
• On Twitch, he has over 270,000 followers and 12.5 million views
• His net worth is estimated to be around $300,000


Clint Stevens Wiki Biography

Clint was born in the USA on 19 January 1998, so under the zodiac sign of Capricorn and holding American nationality – he is popular for his livestreams on the Twitch platform, while he mostly plays “The Legend of Zelda” video games.

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Early life and education

Some of his friends on YouTube have stated that Clint was bullied in high school which made him not want to hang out with his peers, but he rather enjoyed spending time at home playing video games. He fell in love with “The Legend of Zelda” video game as soon as he tried it, and has since been amongst the first people who would try the sequels as soon as they were released. Clint has a sister who can be seen during some of his livestreams.

Online career

Clint’s career was launched the moment he opened his YouTube and Twitch channels. He launched his “Clint Stevens” YouTube channel on 17 June 2015, and has so far gathered over 120,000 subscribers and more than 33.5 million views on all his videos combined. He mostly launched his channel to upload Zelda videos, but as the time went by Clint started playing other video games, and began uploading all kinds of videos, including vlogs, gameplays, and speedruns. He is considered to be among the top 50 speedrunners currently on YouTube – people who try to complete the game as quickly as they can. His favorite game after Zelda is “Super Mario”, and one can find numerous videos of his “Super Mario” speedruns on his channel.

Clint’s Twitch channel is what he is popular for today – he can be seen streaming almost every day, and has so far gathered more than 270,000 followers and nearly 12.5 million views on all his livestreams so far. In the past, he mostly livestreamed his Zelda gameplays but is now more focused on playing “Super Mario” – he never does ‘regular’ gameplays, but is always doing speedruns which differs him from most other Twitch streamers. Once he is done with his stream, he saves the video and uploads it on his YouTube channel.

Personal life and relationships

His sexual orientation is often debated during his livestreams, but the popular Twitch star appears not to pay any attention to it at all.

Back in 2017, he was rumored to be going out with a popular Instagram star whose name is not known, apparently for a couple of months before they decided to split, supposedly because of lack of time as they were both pretty much focused on their careers.

Clint Stevens

Likes and other interests

Clint loves to travel and is often away from home – the good thing about his online ‘job’ is that he can do it from wherever he is. He is a big animal lover, and has a dog named Juno – the proof of the love they share is Clint’s picture on Instagram featuring him and his dog talking on Skype while Clint’s away from home.

Besides that, Clint is very fond of playing sports and often plays basketball with his friends. He loves spending time at the beach, and is very passionate about photography. He loves tasting different cuisines and generally at a variety of restaurants. It is not known whether or not he is a family person, as he never talks about his family or siblings, but it is known that he has a sister as she could have been seen in some of his livestreams on Twitch.

Appearance and net worth

  • Clint is 21 years old
  • Short brown hair
  • Blue eyes
  • Net worth is ~$300,000

Social media presence

  • Twitter created in June 2015; 33,000 followers; tweeted ~2,500 times
  • Instagram is followed by ~13,000; uploaded ~70 pictures
  • Facebook is followed by ~2,000
  • Clint doesn’t have an official website, but is selling his own merchandise on the redbubble website.

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