• Emily Cannon Schneider is a 29-year-old American artist, designer and tarot card reader
• She is married to actor, songwriter and singer Max Schneider
• She is an active meditator, offering guidance, lessons, and tutorials
• She charges $10 for tarot card readings, predictions and other items
• She has a net worth of over $500,000


Who is Emily Cannon?

Born on 23 June 1990 under the fire sign of Leo, at an unspecified location in the USA, Emily Cannon Schneider is a 29-year-old American artist, designer and tarot card reader and self-proclaimed empoweress. However, she’s best known for her marriage to actor, songwriter and singer Max Schneider. Even though the two are generally secretive about their private affairs, any time they’re seen in public, the photos go viral. Most people didn’t even know they were dating until Max made a surprise announcement on social media. Not much is known about Cannon and her endeavors, but she has given a few short interviews while attending formal events together with her husband. An artist herself, she seems to be the perfect match for the former back-up dancer for Madonna.

Early Life and Education: Growing Up in the USA

She is apparently an only child. On one occasion, Cannon stated that she started reading about spirituality and tarot cards in high school. At first, she deemed it as a fun pastime, but this interest soon grew into a legitimate passion in her later life.

Even though she is massively popular on Instagram, and her husband is a star in the music world, Emily has insisted on keeping her personal affairs away from the public. ‘I believe I can leave a mark on this world and what I do in my spare time won’t contribute to that goal’, Cannon explains her motivation.

Career: Design, Empowerment and More

Before becoming the notable internet personality she is now, Emily was a designer. According to reports, she worked for a company early on, but later switched to independent brands and freelance work. The career advancements she had motivated her to promote her work online. She did a lot of custom designs of tarot cards, which compelled the community of tarot enthusiasts to notice her efforts.

MAX and Emily Schneider

As a result, Cannon slowly drifted away from the world of design and focused on spirituality on a free-time basis. Most of her business comes from The Empoweress, her official website, on which she charges $10 for tarot card readings, predictions and other items that aren’t exactly supported by science.

However, she is also an active meditator, offering guidance, lessons and tutorials to those who have not yet mastered this activity. Using her social media accounts, Emily paints a very positive picture of self, as she is known for replying to all direct messages (DMs) and fan inquiries across various platforms. In addition to her innate (or later acquired) skills, Emily’s popularity grew upon the revelation of her and Max’s marriage. It seems that she used the platform quite well.

A Candid Approach

Cannon is also certified in Reiki “for fun”. and she plans to launch a series of tutorials and one on one “empowerment sessions” via video chat. Her fandom is constantly growing and mainly consists of teenagers and people who believe that tarot readings can contribute to the fate of a person. In her website descriptions, she always refers to her readers using pronouns such as “you” and following it up with “we”, just to engage her future clients better. Members of some forums have accused her of being a fraud, but others argue that Emily never claimed to have magic powers, or that she’s a healer. ‘Empowerment is mostly due to suggestions we expose ourselves too’, said a commenter. ‘If you want to believe in something, you will and if Emily can use that to help someone, I don’t see it being a bad thing.’

Personal Life: Who is Emily’s Husband Mark Schneider?

Max Schneider, also known as just MAX (always in all caps), is a singer, songwriter and former actor and dancer. He started his career performing in various Broadway shows as an understudy before Madonna herself offered him a job as a back-up dancer; the two singers also appeared together in an international Dolce & Gabbana campaign. Max was only 17 then and it was a big achievement for such a young person, given the fact that Madonna is the widely acclaimed queen of pop music. He continued his acting career by playing Zander in “How to Rock” on Nickelodeon. Later, Schneider started writing songs for other artists, before eventually realizing that he was more than sufficiently talented to perform them himself.

Throughout his career, he has maintained friendships and professional relationships with artists and bands such as Logic, Wiz Khalifa, Fall Out Boy and Hoodie Allen, going on tour with most of them, too. In 2018, he collaborated with Noah Cyrus, the controversial brother of Miley Cyrus.

How did Max Propose to Emily Cannon?

Max’s proposal was quite romantic and it stirred a lot of attention online. Apparently, the two were in the process of creating a song together. ‘The music kind of surrounded that hook, and then we wrote all the lyrics around the hook, which is rare,’ he told Billboard. ‘But for this one, it was just this encapsulated feeling… what are the things that you really soak another person up with?’ The mood was set and Max was ready to make his move.

A clever artist, he knew the romantic appeal of his songs and wasn’t afraid to use it while popping the question. ‘I actually proposed to my wife with the song with a harp player and I sang it to her,’ he added. ‘It’s amazing… just the little tiny things that really sort of encapsulate a story.’ They tied the knot in early 2016, but only revealed their union on 4 November, 2016, much to the surprise of everyone acquainted with Max’s career. He even created a wedding video to the song ‘Lights Down Low”, which he used when proposing to Emily.

Body Measurements: How Tall is Emily Cannon?

When it comes to Emily’s physical measurements, there is at the moment not enough information across any credible sources to verify her exact height, weight, clothing sizes and vital statistics, though her body shape is generally described as hourglass. Her hair is dark brown, with the eyes to match.

Net Worth: How Rich is Emily Cannon?

Emily Cannon has a net worth of over $500,000, as of August 2019. She accumulated this wealth by slowly growing her brand and becoming one of the most skilled individuals in the empowerment business. If she continues working hard, we might see her net worth rise in the near future.

Social Media Presence

She has business profiles on both Twitter and Instagram, with 2,000 and 16,000 followers, respectively. In addition to her professional endeavors, she never hesitates to share romantic pictures alongside her beau. She also has an official website.

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