• Ana Cozar is a fitness model and bodybuilder born on September 27, 1981 in Madrid, Spain.
• She started kickboxing at age 16 and weightlifting in high school.
• Ana launched her modelling career in 2009, winning her first competition, and earned her Pro Card in 2010.
• She is currently in a relationship with a fellow gym trainer and enjoys luxurious travel, exercising, and being in nature.
• She has over 2.2 million followers on Instagram, ~70,000 followers on Twitter, and ~110,000 followers on Facebook, as well as 8,800 subscribers on her YouTube channel.


Fitness model Ana Cozar Wiki Bio

Ana Cozar was born in Madrid, Spain on 27 September 1981, so under the zodiac sign of Libra and holding Spanish nationality – she is popular for her joint modelling and bodybuilding career.

Early life and education

Ana grew up being physically active, as she was always in love with sports. She started doing kickboxing at the age of 16, but couldn’t really compete as she was too small – this made her start going to the gym. While her female friends and other girls from her high school were going to the gym to stay fit and shape their figure just a bit, Ana went straight to weight lifting. This somewhat distanced her from other girls, as they mocked her for being more muscular than most boys in the school, but Ana didn’t mind because she was doing what she wanted to, and was good at it.

She is very secretive when it comes to her parents, as she hasn’t shared any details about their lives with the public – they were not that supportive about what she was doing at first, but have now came to terms with it. People believe Ana to be an only child but only because she hasn’t mentioned having any siblings.

After she matriculated from a local high school in Madrid, Ana decided not to pursue a college degree but to rather focus on her modelling career.

Career of a model and bodybuilder

So after school, Ana became more focused on the gym and exercised even harder – she was mostly focused on her hamstrings, glutes, and calves. It took her 10 years of hard work to get her body to look the way she wanted it to – when 2009 came, Ana was ready to start competing and launched her career of a bikini athlete.

Her first competition was the Ms Rio show in 2009 – even though it was her first, she still won, which immediately threw her into the spotlight. She took the rest of 2009 to further work on her body, and started competing professionally in 2010 when she attended her first IFBB competition, Physique category. Once again, Ana was loved by the judges, and win, and earned her Pro Card, meaning that her dream of becoming a professional athlete was now fulfilled.

Ana Cozar

At the same time, her online career was launched as numerous people from all around the world started following her on her social media accounts, just to see her training routines and what she looked like. Although people were excited to read about her training routine and see if they could combine it with their own, Ana decided not to share it with the public, and stated how she often changes her training plan, based on what she feels her body needs.

However, she opened her own school, in which she teaches men and women how to exercise and how to eat healthily, according to their individual needs.

Relationships and personal life

Ana is rumored to be going out with one of the trainers from the gym she goes to – he is not Ana’s trainer but the two had a chance to work together as well as to attend the same competitions, just different categories. They have allegedly been going out for more than one year now, however, Ana hasn’t talked about it.

Interests and hobbies

Ana’s number one ‘hobby’ is exercising, but there are also some other things which interest her. She loves living a luxurious lifestyle and can often be seen in five star hotels when she is travelling, of which she is very fond, and does it whenever she has time, however, she is always looking for hotels which have a gym. She spends a lot of time indoors while she is exercising and kickboxing, but loves being outdoors and in nature as soon as her training is done – she loves being in the water and prefers pools over seas, lakes and rivers.

Appearance and net worth

  • Ana is 37 years old
  • Long brown hair
  • Brown eyes
  • Height is 5ft 5ins (1.65m)
  • Weight is ~140lbs (63kgs)
  • Vital statistics are 34-24-40
  • Shoes size 8
  • Dress size 3

Social media presence

Launched her Twitter account in July 2013; gathered ~70,000 followers; tweeted ~8,000 times

Instagram account is what she became popular for in the first place, and it is currently followed by ~2.2 million; uploaded ~4,800 pictures

Facebook page which is currently followed by ~110,000 people.

Ana is also running a YouTube channel which she launched on 6 May 2014, with a short caption reading ‘FITNESS, Ana Cozar IFBB, Nutrex athlete, Ryderwear athlete’ – there are currently more than 8,800 people subscribed to her channel, which also counts more than 870,000 views of all her videos combined. She only uploads videos related to her exercises, while the last one was uploaded five months ago entitled “Ana Cozar” and has so far been viewed more than 5,100 times.

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