• Grace Seo Chang is married to celebrity chef David Chang and is well-known for promoting Asian heritage in the American world.
• Little is known about her past life, but she is of Korean origin and American citizenship.
• Her interests include cooking and promoting Korean cuisine, animals and the health of the planet.
• Her husband is a successful chef, restaurateur and TV personality.
• He is the founder of the popular Momofuku chain, which has been awarded two Michelin stars.


Who is Grace Seo Chang?

Despite being popular for only a few years so far, since her marriage with David Chang was announced to the public, Grace has showed to the world that she is also a talented and skillful person, not a woman only taking advantage of her husband’s popularity. Currently, she is a housewife and mother of a young boy, but on the whole, she is engaged, just like her husband, in promoting their Asian heritage in the American world.

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Grace’s short biography

When we remember that some of her first public appearances are from around two years ago, it is not a surprise that she is definitely still a mystery. No information has been displayed about her childhood, parents, siblings or education. We would not be able to wish her ‘Happy Birthday!’, because neither her birthday nor her place of birth are known. Judging by her appearance, she has Korean origins, but probably American citizenship. This combination of Asian-American existence, which her husband has too, makes them an even more matching pair. Apparently, she and a brother were raised by their mother, but we are still waiting for more details about her past life to be revealed. In the meantime, we keep a close eye on her current activities.

Marriage with the big chef David Chang

Their relationship, despite being quite a long one, was publicly announced only in 2017, and after their wedding. Both liked their privacy, and their wedding party was definitely a private one. The venue was kept a secret to avoid press’ intrusive presence, and only the closest friends and relatives were present. A funny story is linked to this event – recently, David told in an interview for Eater about their special and unexpected wedding cake. One good friend of theirs, Christina Tosi, somehow found out where they would celebrate and sent a cake – ‘We had the chocolate chip passion fruit Milk Bar cake’, said David in the interview, who admitted that this very cake became his favorite without him noticing: ‘Yes. This is my favorite cake.’

David Chang and Grace Seo Chang

The latest and most important event in their married life was the birth of their first child, Hugo, in early 2019. Both Grace and David post photos with the baby, sharing all their excitement of being parents for the first time.

Which are Grace’s interests?

Although we do not know anything about her education or the career she has built, we were given the privilege to find out some of the domains Grace is particularly interested in. One of them is, of course, cooking. Growing up with her mother, who supposedly was a chef, had an important role in her becoming fond of cooking. Her mother inspired her, in the same way she is maybe inspired today by her successful husband. Others would say she is the real muse for him, but this is only to be guessed and supposed. Going back to Grace’s major passion, she is engaged in a different sort of campaign, commercial advertisements, which ultimately promote the Korean and Asian cuisine in general in American society.

Secondly, Grace’s other loves are animals and the health of the planet in general. She has a dog called Seve, with whom she regularly posts pictures on Instagram – the almost 5-year-old dog is very cute and has funny faces in photos. On a more serious tone, Grace is also interested in keeping the planet safe and beautiful in her naturalness. ‘The condition in which we leave our planet for the future generation feels so much closer to home now with Hugo in our lives’, she mentions in an emotional photo with her baby in an Instagram post.

Chang’s virtual presence

Of course, Grace’s online popularity has risen since their relationship became public, and she looks like she’s becoming used to the attention she receives. Therefore, she keeps her more than 14,000 followers on Instagram constantly updated with the events in their life. Besides the photos with Seve, the cute dog, her feed is full of panoramic images from trips and traveling. On the other side, David is much more popular, of course. As a result, he has an enormous community on Instagram of more than a million people.

Important things about David Chang

Seo’s husband is today a successful and well-known chef, a restaurateur who worked a lot to find the right way towards fame and success. At first, he tried to avoid restaurants and such a type of business, but finally, in 2004, opened his first restaurant – Momofuku Noodle Bar. Today, the Momofuku chain is very popular, can be found in the USA, Canada, and even Australia, and has even been given two Michelin stars.

What also contributed to his rise to prominence was his constant presence on TV. He became a very interesting television personality, having always something to say and making it in a straightforward way. Some of the shows he’s appeared in have been “MasterChef Australia”, “The Mind of a Chef” and, most recently, on Netflix’s “Ugly Delicious” in 2018.

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