• Toddy Smith was born on 11 April 1991 in Huntington Beach, California, USA
• Net Worth is estimated at ~$200,000
• Has 2.2 million followers on Instagram
• He is a former Vine star and member of the Vlog Squad
• Recently uploaded videos in May 2019 and was nominated for a Shorty Award in 2018


How old is Toddy Smith? Wiki Biography and Age

Toddy Smith was born on 11 April 1991, in Huntington Beach, California, USA which means that his zodiac sign is Aries, his nationality is American, and he is 28 years-old as of mid-2019. Smith is best known as a former Vine star who turned to YouTube, and in that field he has collaborated with the so called ‘’Vlog Squad’’, but has also made numerous videos on his own.

Net Worth

~$200,000. Toddy hasn’t spoken about his assets.

Ethnicity and Background

Toddy’s ethnicity is Caucasian; brown eyes; brown hair.

Toddy Smith

Social Media

His latest posts on Twitter include one in which he wrote “someone babbling with emotion is so much cooler than someone elegantly speaking with no heart”. Besides that, he shared an adorable photo of himself and his puppy, which his fans seem to have loved. His fans also often write about him, and one enthusiast jokingly said “im turning this account into a toddy smith fan account”.


Instagram is followed by 2.2 million people. He has recently shared a photo of himself adding “here are three elements to the instagram ad. there is what’s trivial (and thus blurred) in the background, there is the dead-inside-but-happy-on-the-outside influencer in the foreground, and then at center there is the clothing in which he/she wears so well, like a mannequin with 2.1 million followers.” His friends are also often featured on his Instagram page.


Relationship Status

When it comes to Toddy’s relationship status, he doesn’t share much with the media, as he prefers staying secretive on some topics. There were certain rumors regarding his sexuality, as some people believe he’s gay, but such rumors are just that.


Toddy made his debut and rose to fame thanks to Vine, a video sharing network. However, as Vine shut down, he transitioned to YouTube with a lot of his friends and colleagues. In addition to being a member of the Vlog Squad, Toddy has his separate channel, on which he made his debut in 2015 with the video entitled “We Are Flop | toddy smithy”. Then he followed by working on more videos, including “Prom 2015”, “i asked and i answered, many cheers and many thanks | toddy smithy” and “ALMOST FROZE TO DEATH IN ALASKA!! | toddy smithy”, with the latter having been watched by 37,000 people. Speaking about his most successful videos, those include “DAVID DOBRIK’S 21ST BIRTHDAY”, with a million views, “REACTING TO TODD FROM DAVID’S VLOG!!!” and “SPOTTED ALEX ERNST DOING THIS”.

Latest Videos

In early May 2019, the YouTuber uploaded “jeff from jeff’s barbershop messed up my haircut // just the diaries” and has also made more videos, such as “WE’RE ALL TOGETHER IN THE SAME HOUSE AGAIN! Lol” and “touring with the coolest human in the world”. Overall, being a hardworking man has allowed Smith to rise to fame and gain more exposure in the media. In 2018, he was nominated for a Shorty Award in the category of Vlogger of the Year 2018, ultimately finishing in the finale.

The Vlog Squad

Toddy is widely known for being a member of the Vlog Squad, alongside influencers such as David Dobrik, Jason Nash, Brandon Calvillo, ‎Jeff Wittek, ‎Corinna Kopf and Natalie Mariduena among others. The group rose to fame displaying their everyday lives in a fun and entertaining way.

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