Who is Martini Artnugan?

Martini Artnugan is an American internet celebrity and an Instagram star who is probably best known for being ‘The Queen of Fart’; yes, you read that correctly – ‘The Queen of Fart’. She came into the limelight by virtue of her official Instagram account – @martini_artnugan on which she regularly uploads not only various posts of herself, modeling in a quite alluring outfits, but her farting videos as well.

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Early Life

Martini Artnugan was born under the zodiac sign of Capricorn – according to the Thai horoscope, the year of Horse – on the 11th January 1990, in Thailand where she grew up before moving to the US. Further personal details about her nationality as well as her family’s background, parents and siblings have never been publicly revealed to the present day. In addition, data regarding her educational background hasn’t been openly disclosed so far either.

Rise to Fame

Martini’s rise to fame began in October 2012, when she started posting her modeling photos on Instagram social media network. Due to her curvaceously-shaped body and attractive appearance, she quickly gained a vast number of followers. Although she presented herself as a model, her early posts usually revolved around posing in fashionable outfits, as well as in a variety of paid promotions.

However, to greater prominence Martini Artnugan came after she started posting farting videos. She would, often in public, simply lifted up her skirt, exposing her toned buttocks and just fart, or just approach somebody and fart on them. Although fart pranks are usually related to guys, she knocked down the taboo, raised it to the next level, and became the self proclaimed ‘The Queen of Fart’.

Martini Artnugan

Martini even launched the Fartini Challenge on social media networks. The whole point of this challenge, with ‘Queen’ herself in the main role of course, is to approach someone in public, expose her butt, fart on them and then get ‘butt slapped’. Despite the gross nature of this whole act, the challenge created tremendous interest not only among the fans of ‘The Queen of Fart’, but among the fart fetish lovers as well. She has even gone on a tour with the goal of traveling the world and ‘fulfilling these kinky wishes’ to as many of her fans and followers as possible. Some of her farting videos are among the top ranked uploads in the category of fetishes on several adult content websites.

Social Media Presence

It is certain that her stunning appearance, in addition to her abovementioned quite odd talent, has managed to earn her an immense dose of popularity. Martini Artnugan’s official Instagram profile currently has a fan base of more than 435,000 fans, and growing on a daily basis. Apart from posts related to her ‘specialty’, her profile is also abundant with photos of her posing in provocative outfits, emphasizing her hot body and mesmerizing beauty. All these accolades have certainly contributed to Martini’s overall popularity.

Martini also runs her own YouTube channel – Martini Artnugan Channel – which currently counts over 30 of her farting prank videos that has been seen more than 750,000 times, and gathered nearly 4,500 subscribers.


Personal Life

Although the data about her exact height, weight as well as her vital statistics have never been publicly exposed so far, it has been acknowledged from her Instagram posts that the 28-year-old Martini sports a slim and quite toned figure, with a genuine hourglass silhouette which, in addition to her long black hair, dark-colored eyes and augmented breasts and lips, make her appearance more than alluring. With such a body, it is no wonder that she’s managed to earn such an incredible dose of fame. She is an advocate of a healthy lifestyle, and enjoys hitting the gym and practicing meditation.

Regardless, Martini is quite secretive about her personal life, and has managed to keep it private as there aren’t many relevant details regarding her romantic connections or love affairs. She is unmarried, and currently quite possibly single with no boyfriend in sight, and she doesn’t have kids.

Martini Artnugan currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Net Worth

Have you ever wondered how much wealth ‘The Queen of Fart’ has accumulated so far? How rich Martini Artnugan is? According to sources, it is estimated that the total of Martini’s net worth, speaking as of mid-2019, revolves around the sum of $300,000, primarily acquired through her endeavors on popular social media networks, which have made her quite popular. According to her Instagram uploads, she lives quite lavishly with a luxurious lifestyle which abounds with high-priced clothing, exotic travels as well as visiting expensive and trendy clubs and restaurants.

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