• Isobel Yeung is a journalist especially known for being a correspondent and producer of the “Vice” news TV series which airs on HBO.
• She studied journalism in college, and her career was launched as soon as she graduated.
• She is currently dating Benjamin Zand, and prefers to keep her personal life private.
• She is a fighter for human rights, and is an animal lover.
• Her current net worth is estimated to be more than $500,000.


Isobel Yeung (Vice) Wiki Bio

Isobel Yeung was born in England on 2 November 1986, so under the zodiac sign of Scorpio and holding British nationality – she is mostly popular for being a journalist, especially for being a correspondent and producer of the “Vice” news TV series which airs on HBO.

Early life and education

Isobel is very secretive when it comes to her personal life, and hasn’t shared much about her childhood and teenage years with the public. She hasn’t talked about her family either, however, she did upload a picture of herself and her brother on Instagram on 6 February 2018, when he opened his own restaurant in China. All that is currently known about the rest of her family is that her father is of Chinese descent, and that her mother was born and raised in England.

Isabel has been passionate about journalism ever since she started watching TV in second grade of elementary school. She would come home from school, turn on the TV, and search the channels for news or any other shows with reporters and hosts – her passion grew throughout the years, and she knew that she was going to become a journalist one day.

After she matriculated from high school, Isobel enrolled at college where she studied journalism, and graduated four years after.

Isobel Yeung

Career of a journalist

Isobel’s career was launched as soon as she graduated from college, however, she did not start working in England, but instead moved to China and worked there as a reporter, while she was also producing several shows and simultaneously working for UK’s TV channels.

In 2014, Isobel started working as a correspondent but it wasn’t until she began working as a producer for HBO’s “Vice” TV series that she gained recognition. The series was and still is a major hit, and it helped Isobel become somewhat popular – she was also nominated for an Emmy Award for the work she has done for the “Vice” series. She is mostly covering stories regarding the migrant smuggling going on in Libya, and the ISIS Seige happening in the Philippine community.

As being very protective of all people’s rights, Isobel flew to Uganda in 2016 to investigate the ‘anti-homosexuality bill’ which was passed in the country. The bill meant that any person who is found to be homosexual will be sentenced to death.

Some of the magazines Isobel has worked for include “The Guardian”, “South China Morning Post”, “The Independent”, and a couple of more, while she is constantly working as a freelance writer, meaning that if you are in need of her skills, you can contact her on one of her social media accounts.

“Vice” TV series

“Vice” (usually written as “VICE”) is a documentary TV series created by Shane Smith, who also serves as the host of the series – the show was originally produced by Bill Maher, and Fareed Zakaria, a popular CNN journalist currently working as a consultant for the show. The first episode aired on 5 April 2013 on HBO, the second aired in 2014, and it won an Emmy Award for outstanding informational series or special.

Because the show was popular, it was renewed for two additional seasons on 7 May 2014 – the first episode of the third season aired on 6 March 2015. The series ran to seven seasons before its cancellation was made official on 1 February 2019.

Love life and relationships

Isobel is one of those very secretive people who prefer not to share the details of their personal life with the public. You rarely hear her mention her boyfriend Benjamin Zand in public, but it is known that the two have been dating for several months now. Isobel hasn’t shared anything about their relationship, including when they met for the first time, and when they started dating. Besides that, she hasn’t spoken about her past affairs either, so it is not known if she had any serious (or less serious) relationships before Benjamin. It is not easy for Isobel to maintain a relationship because of her work, as she stated herself ‘On the more personal level, managing relationships can be difficult. I’m traveling all the time, so figuring out how to spend time with my boyfriend, my family, or my friends can be challenging.’

So Isobel is currently dating Benjamin Zand, she hasn’t married, and doesn’t have any kids.

Who is Benjamin Zand?

Benjamin Zand was born in Liverpool UK on 2 February 1991 so under the zodiac sign of Aquarius and holding British nationality – he is a journalist just as Isobel but is also a filmmaker currently working for BBC. Zand is making documentary movies for several TV channels in the UK, some for the BBC Studios, and is also making documentaries for his own production company called “ZANDLAND Films”.

Zand matriculated from Bowring Comprehensive School in Huyton on Merseyside, and then enrolled at college – he launched a travel website while attending college, and got into video production; he created his first documentary about Iranians living in Los Angeles entitled “Tehrangeles”. After he was done with his studies, he worked for several production companies, and after his work was noticed, he started working as a producer for the BBC World Service, on a couple of their radio programs including one of their most popular entitled “World Have Your Say.” A year later, Zand began working for the BBC World News as their producer and social media manager.

During the time he spent working for BBC, Zand covered stories about far-right ultranationalists and Native Americans living in South Dakota. He helped BBC in several ways, such as starting their BBC Trending and their Newsbeat’s video offering, while he also helped them launch their mobile bureau entitled “BBC Pop Up”.

Zand was named the Young Talent of the Year in 2016 at the Royal Television Society Journalism Awards – some of his most popular documentaries include “Confessions of a Serial Killer”, “Is This Sexual Harassment”, “World’s Most Dangerous Cities with Ben Zand”, and “Trump: A Very British Welcome”.

Benjamin Zand and Isobel Yeung

Isobel’s other likes and interests

Isobel’s main hobby is travelling and as her job demands of her to travel a lot, it makes the job even more interesting. She is a fighter for human rights, and is always hurt when she hears or sees that people are not treated right. She is a big animal lover and hates the fact that she doesn’t have the time to take care of a pet as it has been her big wish since she was a kid to have a pet dog. When it is time to finally relax at night, Isobel enjoys watching a good movie and listening to slow and relaxing music.

Appearance and net worth

Isobel is currently 32 years old. She has long brown hair and black eyes, but her height and weight are not known.

According to authoritative sources, her current net worth is estimated to be more than $500,000 and is steadily rising thanks to her career of a journalist. Judging by some reliable sources, Isobel is making around $75,000 per year, but it varies according to the amount of work she does.

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Social media presence

Isobel is quite active on several popular social media platforms which is something to be expected from a popular journalist such as herself. She launched her Twitter account in April 2013 and has so far gathered more than 36,000 followers and tweeted nearly 900 times. Her Instagram account is followed by nearly 65,000 people while she has uploaded more than 250 pictures onto it – Isobel is also running a Facebook page, which is currently followed by over 100 fans.



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