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FactShe is a native of Minnesota.

Who is Jacqui Jeras?

Jacqui Jeras was born in Minnesota USA in 1970, but her exact date of birth is not known – she holds American nationality and follows the Christian religion. Jacqui is best known for being a successful meteorologist, as she’s worked for the Weather Channel, CNN, and NASA Unexplained Files.

Posted by Jacqui Jeras on Sunday, November 18, 2018

Early life and education

Jacqui spent her entire childhood in Minnesota with her parents where the weather was not really polite to the citizens – it changed quite quickly and you could experience all kinds of weather patterns; that is how Jacqui’s interest in weather was born. After matriculating from high school, she went on to attend Iowa State University and got her bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication in 1992, while she also received the University’s Outstanding Young Alumnus Award – she continued her education at Mississippi State University, and received her Certificate of Broadcast Meteorology from there. Jacqui also holds the Seal of Approval which she got from the American Meteorological Society.


Jacqui began working as soon as she got her Certificate from Mississippi State University – she went on to roam the country and work in the field, and continued to do that for quite a while before deciding to settle down in one place. Her first permanent job was when she worked for KCAU-TV located in Sioux City, Iowa as their Senior Reporter and replacement anchor. She decided to switch after a while and moved to Evansville, Indiana to work for WEHT-TV as their Weekend Weather Anchor and weekday reporter. It seems as Jacqui missed Iowa quite a lot as she then went back to it and began working for WHO-TV in Des Moines as their morning and noon meteorologist.

Jacqui worked at all these stations before she received recognition and became somewhat known and popular – that happened in 1999 when she started working for CNN as their forecaster, producer and researcher of weather and science segments, and presenting in front of the cameras. She did an amazing job when she managed to cover Hurricane Katrina, and the big incident of the Gulf Oil Spill – because she did so well, she was given the Meteorologist Peabody Award. After working for CNN for 13 years, Jacqui was cut from the team along with her colleague Reynolds in 2012, and so she started working for the ABC affiliate in Washington D.C. – WJLA station. She was their on-camera meteorologist on the “Good Morning Washington” show, staying with them until 2016, also working as a production assistant for “Jannus Live” TV show in 2014.

Jacqui Jeras

It is unknown what Jacqui doing between 2016 and 2018, but she then began working in Atlanta, Georgia as a freelance meteorologist – this means that she is there to help any stations who might be in need of a meteorologist, without having to work for them every single day. It is exactly what Jacqui was looking for, and it made it possible for her to work for The Weather Channel, CNN Networks, and NASA’s Unexplained Files simultaneously.

Jacqui also won the Mark Trail Award for promoting the NOAA Weather Radio.

Jacqui and her colleague cut from CNN

According to some online sources, Jacqui Jeras and her colleague Reynolds Wolf were cut from CNN for reasons unknown – this decision was harshly criticized by viewers who loved watching the two on CNN. They were the only two people who were let go, while CNN was left with Chad Myers and Rob Marciano to work in its weather unit.

Personal life

There are no controversies whatsoever about Jacqui’s love life, as she is married to the love of her life Mike – there is not much known about Mike except for the fact that he graduated from Iowa State University in aerospace engineering – the two of them make a good example of an apparently happy husband and wife, as they have been together since their college years. They have two kids together named Aurora and Ashton – Aurora got her name from the beautiful Northern Lights which can mostly be seen in Norway, and are called Aurora Borealis.

Battle against cancer

A lot of women are fighting breast cancer today, and sadly Jacqui’s family has a big history regarding the disease – her sister has battled breast cancer, both her mother and aunt had it and managed to win the fight, while her grandmother was not able to make it. Because Jacqui wanted to prevent getting breast cancer which she was very likely to get because of her family’s history, she underwent a double mastectomy in 2013 which means that the doctors had removed all breast tissue from her both breasts. She went back to her surgeon Dr. Constanza Cocilovo one week after the surgery was done, and they had found a tumor in the tissue which they removed one week before. The tumor itself was not cancerous but had a 15 percent chances of becoming cancerous if it was just left there. Jacqui claimed during an interview that the finding of the tumor actually made her feel better, because it justified what she did, and meant that the danger was really there.

Five days after her second visit to Dr. Constanza, she went to a plastic surgeon to reconstruct her breasts as he kept injecting saline under her skin every week. After Jacqui’s breasts were ready for the surgery, Dr. Nahabedian replaced temporary expander under her skin with silicone implants, and Jacqui’s life went back to normal, this time without the worry about breast cancer.

Likes and hobbies

If you read the ‘about’ section on Jacqui’s official website, you can see that she has other interests rather than just meteorology. She loves to go mountain biking, hiking, gardening, going for a jog, spending time with her kids and playing sports with them, and even doing cartwheels in her yard. She says that she’sin love with her family and that her husband is not just a husband, but is also her best friend. She also stated that regardless of so many fans who love her work, her son Ashton is and probably will always be her biggest fan.

Appearance and net worth

Jacqui is currently 49, has long blonde hair and green eyes, but her height and weight are not known.

According to authoritative sources, Jacqui’s current net worth is estimated to be over $2 million and is very likely to rise as Jacqui is a very experience meteorologist and is currently working for multiple TV stations.

Social media presence

Jacqui is more or less active on social media platforms –she has a Twitter account which she launched in February 2009 and has so far gathered over 15,000 followers and tweeted nearly 21,000 times. She also has a Facebook Community page which is followed by nearly 12,000 people.

Jacqui is running her own website on which you can read her biography, check her resume, see her pictures and videos, and you can also contact her if you have any question or maybe have a job offer.


1Jacqui Jeras has joined WJLA, Washington's ABC affiliate, as the primary meteorologist for the programs "Good Morning Washington" and "News at Noon". [September 2012]
2She is a native of Minnesota.
3She holds seals of approval from both the American Meteorological Society and the National Weather Association (NWA). She served as a councilor for the Iowa chapter of the NWA in 1998. She earned a bachelor's degree in journalism and mass communications from Iowa State University and received a Certificate of Broadcast Meteorology from Mississippi State University.
4She was a meteorologist and weather anchor for CNN Worldwide for 13 years, based at CNN's world headquarters in Atlanta.
5She holds seals of approval from both the American Meteorological Society and the National Weather Association (NWA). She served as a councilor for the Iowa chapter of the NWA in 1998. She earned a bachelor's degree in journalism and mass communications from Iowa State University in 1992 and received a Certificate of Broadcast Meteorology from Mississippi State University.
6She and her husband Mike, an Iowa State graduate in aerospace engineering, have two children, Ashton, 3, and Aurora, 6 [2009].
7Received the Iowa State University's Outstanding Young Alumnus Award.



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