-Christi Pirro was born in Rye, New York State, USA in 1985 and has American nationality.
-She grew up being focused on her studies and looking up to her mother, wanting to follow in her footsteps and become a lawyer.
-Christi is married to Zak Schwarzman and they might have a child together.
-She enjoys travelling, working out, reading and watching movies.
-Her mother Jeanine is an American author, conservative TV host, politician, prosecutor and former judge.


Who is Christi Pirro?

Christi was born in Rye, New York State USA, on 23 June 1985 – her zodiac sign is Cancer, and she holds American nationality. She’s a lawyer, but is probably only known to the public for being the daughter of Jeanine Ferris Pirro, an American author, conservative TV host, politician, prosecutor and former judge.

Early life and education

Christi was raised in Rye alongside her brother Alexander Pirro, by their mother and their father Albert Pirro, who was an American businessman; Albert was indicted on four counts of tax evasion, one count of conspiracy and 28 counts of filing a false tax return on 23 February 1999, and was sentenced to spent 2.5 years behind bars in November 2000; he was released from jail after having served 17 months, and then US President Donald Trump pardoned him on 20 January 2021.

Christi’s parents divorced in 2013.

She grew up being focused on her studies and looking up to her mother, wanting to follow in her footsteps and become a lawyer. Christi was interested in many activities while attending a local high school, as she practiced creative writing, wrote for the school’s newspaper, and played soccer.

Upon matriculating in 2003, she enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and communications in 2007; she continued her education at the University of Pennsylvania’s Law School, where she eventually earned her J. D.

Christi’s career

Christi has been working as a lawyer for around a decade now, but no specific details concerning her career have been disclosed.

Love life and husband

Christi also prefers to keep the details of her love life to herself, but it’s still widely known that she’s today a married woman. She met her future other half, Zak Schwarzman in the mid-2010s; neither has spoken about the circumstances under which they met, but it’s widely believed that they were set up on a blind date by a mutual friend. Zak is an American businessman, and since September 2016 has been a general partner at MetaProp, New York City.

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The two exchanged vows on 19 August 2017, in a private ceremony attended by their wide circle of friends and family members, and Christi thus became Christi Pirro Schwarzman; it’s widely believed that Chris and Zak’s child was born in either January of February 2022, as they launched their baby registry on the website myregistry.com in June 2021.

As of May 2022, Christi’s married to Zak Schwarzman, and they might have a child together.

Hobbies and other interests

Christi’s passionate about travelling and her career has taken her to more than 10 US states, while she and her husband have also travelled together to various US states, and European countries; her dream travel destination is Paris, France.

Christi has four to five training sessions at the gym every week, and she also does yoga nearly every day, thus her slim figure; some of her fans believe that she’s vegan.

She likes to read books – her favorite author is Danielle Steel, while a couple of her favorite books include “The Affair”, “Flying Angels” and “Safe Harbour”.

Christi enjoys watching movies in the evenings – her favorite actor and actress are Will Smith and Meryl Streep, while a couple of her favorite films are “Bad Boys”, “Seven Pounds”, and “The Bridges of Madison County”.

Age, height and net worth

Christi’s age is 36. She has long brown hair and brown eyes, her height is 5ft 5ins (1.65m) and she weighs around 130lbs (60kgs).

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As of May 2022, her net worth stands at more than $400,000, while her mother Jeanine’s net worth has been estimated at over $14 million.

Who is her mother Jeanine?

Jeanine was born in Elmira, New York State USA, on 2 June 1951 – her zodiac sign is Gemini, and she holds American nationality. She’s perhaps known best for having been the host of the Fox News Channel legal show “Justice with Judge Jeanine”, which aired from 2011 to 2022, while she’s today a co-host of the American panel talk-show “The Five”, which also airs on the Fox News Channel.

Jeanine was raised in Elmira alongside her sister Lulu, by their Lebanese-American Maronite Catholic parents; their mother was a model, and their father worked as a mobile-home salesman. Jeanine has stated that she was six years old when she decided to become a lawyer.

She studied at Notre Dame High School, and it took her just three years to matriculate; while still attending the school, Jeanine interned in the Chemung Country District Lawyer’s office. She went on to attend the University at Buffalo, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1972, while she earned her J. D. from the private Albany Law School in 1975.

It was also in 1975 that Jeanine began working as New York State’s Westchester County’s Assistant District Attorney. She was initially given only minor cases, but after Jeanine advised District Attorney Carl Vergari to apply for the establishment of a bureau which would specialize in domestic violence, his office became one of four in the USA to win a grant. The Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Bureau began working in 1978, and Jeanine became its first chief.

In November 1990, Jeanine stopped working at District Attorney’s office, having been elected a Westchester County Court Judge; she held the job for two years, then in November 1993 was elected Westchester County District Attorney; she was then re-elected twice, and didn’t run again in 2005.

She revealed on 10 August 2005 that she would be running for the position of a US Senator from New York as a Republican, but dropped out of the race on 21 December 2005. The following year saw Jeanine run for Attorney General of New York, which she lost to Andrew Cuomo.

She has since been focused on working as a judge.

Jeanine is also an accomplished author, and has published seven books. Her first – “To Punish and Protect: A DA’s Fight Against a System That Coddles Criminals” – was published in 2003, and was followed by “To Punish and Protect: Against a System That Coddles Criminals” in 2004. Jeanine published her first fiction book in 2012, entitled “Sly Fox: A Dani Fox Novel”, and it was followed by “Clever Fox: A Dani Fox Novel” in 2014.

Her fifth book “Liars, Leakers, and Liberals: The Case Against the Anti-Trump Conspiracy”, was published in 2018, and is about the former US President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, while her sixth book “Radicals, Resistance, and Revenge: The Left’s Plot to Remake America”, published in 2019, is about what she believes the liberals to be doing to the US.

Most recently, on 23 September 2020, Jeanine published her seventh book “Don’t Lie to Me: and Stop Trying to Steal Our Freedom”.

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