• Juana Summers is a reporter for CNN and was born in Kansas City, Missouri in 1988.
• She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Convergence from the University of Missouri.
• She is one of the “50 Most Influential Women in America” according to Marie Claire magazine.
• She is married to David Markland and they live in Baltimore, Maryland.
• Her estimated net worth is over $1 million.


Who is Juana Summers?

Juana was born in Kansas City, Missouri USA  in 1988; the exact date of her birth isn’t known, but she holds American nationality, is of African-American ethnicity, and is best known for her job of a reporter for CNN.


Early life and education

Juana spent her entire childhood in Kansas City with her parents – her interest in politics was born at a very early age as she used to watch news and political shows on TV. After she matriculated from a local high school, she enrolled at the University of Missouri in Columbia, and graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Convergence – it’s the study which merges media platforms into digital forms.


Juana began her career by working for Mashable which is an online news site – she managed to cover all the political events in the US in the best possible way, and made Mashable’s website very multimedia-friendly as she extended her coverage onto other social media platforms as well. While she was still part of Mashable, she also worked as a freelance reporter in Washington D.C. and covered numerous events including the Presidential elections in 2012, and the sexual harassment case which was filed against Herman Cain for POLITICO.

At the beginning of 2017, Juana decided to quit working for Mashable after she received a job offer from CNN – they hired her because they needed help with the launch of their new politics app. After that was done, she became part of their editorial team, and was then promoted to the position of a senior writer for CNN Politics in Washington – she is also the one who does political analysis for several of their shows, covering some very important questions about Congress, and issues related to veterans.

She is currently spending a lot of time on the road, as she travels and talks about politics while her main job is being a senior writer for CNN Politics in the Washington D.C. bureau. She spent an entire semester leading a discussion group on politics at Georgetown University’s Institute of Politics and Public Services, and some of her work was featured in the “Austin American-Statesman” and “The Washington Post”. She can be seen as a regular guest in “Washington Journal”, “Inside Politics”, and “Weekends with Alex Witt” shows.


Juana was named one of the “50 Most Influential Women in America” by “Marie Claire” magazine; she stated during an interview that if you want to make it out there, you have to ‘dream big, and don’t take no for an answer. This is an industry that rewards creativity, agility and tenacity. It is fast-changing and at times intimidating, but if you want to be a part of it, there will be a place for you – perhaps even one of your own making.’

Juana was a black student at the University of Missouri

Juana stated that she was very alone during those three and half years which she spent at the white campus in Columbia. All of her friends, advisers and professors were white and there were only a couple of black students in the entire dormitory – it was not an easy place to be black. She tried joining a sorority, any sorority just to get company and feel as part of a group, but that didn’t work out for her – she already felt as an outsider one week before the classes even started.

Kim English, the former basketball player for Missouri, stated that the oppression which Juana felt during her alma mater was nothing new, and was unfortunately something normal to be experienced at the University of Missouri – whoever was black and not named Denmon, Pressey, or English was not welcomed, and that atmosphere could easily be felt by everybody present.

In 2010, two students threw cotton balls in front of the school’s black culture center and were only convicted of littering rather than being grounded for a serious racial insult. Things were so bad that Juana was a target of a beer bottle which someone tossed from the balcony just because she was dating a white person.

It was not easy for Juana during those years but it made her tougher, and it made her feel an even stronger love for the work that she does.

Juana Summers

Personal life

Juana is one of those people who like to keep their personal lives to themselves – it is only known that she married the love of her life David Markland on 13 October 2017, and that the couple is currently living in Baltimore, Maryland – David has te job of a contractor in Baltimore. He got on his knee in April 2015 after dating Juana for several years – they do not have any kids, while David has children from his former marriage.

Dreams for the future

Even though she enjoys what she does and is very good at it, she has a rather different future planned for herself – because she loves trying all kinds of food and beverages, she would like to start running her own brewery one day. She is also very fond of reading and watching TV, and doesn’t mind spending time in her own company.

Appearance and net worth

Juana’s current age is estimated as she is said to be 31. She has medium long black hair, brown eyes and wears glasses, but her height and weight are not known.

Juana’s current net worth is estimated to be over $1 million, while an average salary of a reporter in the US is said to be around $50,000.

Social media presence

Juana is quite active on several social media platforms – she launched her Twitter account in December 2007 and has so far gathered over 22,500 followers while she tweeted nearly 13,000 times. Her Instagram account is followed by over 900 people while she posted nearly 2,000 pictures – her account is set on private so you will have to follow her if you want to see the pictures she has shared. She has a Facebook account as well which she only uses to talk to her parents and friends.

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