Kelly Kay is a renowned American model, social media influencer, vlogger, YouTuber, entrepreneur, and OnlyFans personality, hailing from Tennessee, USA, widely recognized for her association with Spencer Webb, the former professional American Football player, who had a notable college football career.

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Spencer Webb, born on 7 April 2000, and regrettably passing away on 13 July 2022, was an American Football tight end, who gained recognition for his collegiate football endeavors, representing the Oregon Ducks on the field.

If you’re curious about Kelly and her career, stick around. This article will take a closer look at who she is, and why she’s so admired by her fans.

Early Personal Life

Born on 8 June 1992, so now 31, Kelly Kay proudly hails from Knoxville, Tennessee, a city that she calls her hometown; she has American parents and holds strong Christian beliefs. Her father is involved in a business venture in Tennessee, while her mother takes on the role of a dedicated homemaker. Her early years were spent growing up in the US, alongside her siblings and cousins. She currently lives in California.

Apart from this, it’s impossible to find any information about Kelly or her family. There also isn’t any information available about Kelly’s childhood. It seems like this star wants to keep her past shrouded in mystery, and she’s doing a good job.

On 22 August 2022, Kelly announced on Instagram that she was expecting Spencer’s baby. Her bittersweet and heartbreaking post read:

“We created an angel before heaven gained one. All you ever wanted was to be a father…I know you’ll be the best one from up above. Can’t believe I have to do it without you but knowing I’ll have a piece of you keeps me going. I can’t wait to meet the person that’s half you, half me. I love you forever, both of you.”


Unfortunately, it’s  unclear what kind of education Kelly had, but it’is believed that she graduated from a good university.


Kelly is a very busy woman. She creates many different kinds of content and is always taking on new projects. She’s working hard to take good care of her baby, and her career is a display of her endeavors.

She has thousands of social media followers, which makes her a successful social media influencer. As such, she receives endorsements on platforms such as Instagram and earns a good living. She’s previously served as a brand ambassador for Bang Energy and KO Watches. Kelly also became an OnlyFans star, using her god-given looks to earn an extra income.

On top of this, Kelly is also a model who turns heads no matter what kind of modelling work she does. She’s also appeared in online skits.

Interesting Facts

Kelly is a fascinating woman, so it should come as no surprise that there are a handful of interesting facts to share about her. For one, she has several tattoos, saying that each has its own story, but those are private, so we don’t know what they mean to her.

She also featured on many podcasts, sharing her life stories and experiences with interested listeners.

Kelly was arrested in February 2020 but doesn’t regret why she got into trouble with the law – she tried to walk on the field during Super Bowl LIV, and planned the whole thing ahead of time.

The new mom decided to call her and Spencer’s son Spider, a name she chose in honor of Spencer’s college nickname. She told PEOPLE Magazine that she was already calling her little one ‘baby Spider’ before giving birth. She also didn’t want to give their child Spencer because that’s ‘Spencer’s name’ – Kelly feels that she is honoring Spider’s dad this way.

She also went on to say that she is enjoying motherhood. Her baby is her ‘new favorite person’, and she loves to cuddle with him.

Later Personal Life

Kelly continues to share posts on social media, do modelling work, and is also the CEO of The It Girls Network. For the most part, though, it seems that she’s mostly focusing on being a good mom and building a great life for Spider.

Physical Characteristics

Kelly’s an American citizen with mixed ethnicity; she has blonde-brown hair and bright blue-green eyes. Her height is 5ft 5ins (165cms) and her weight is about 120lbs (55kgs).

Net Worth

It’s unclear exactly what Kelly’s net worth is, but it is estimated at anything up to $1 million.

Kelly has been through a tough time in her life, but as a devoted mother, she’s doing her best to remain standing. She continues to inspire her fans while also taking their breaths away with her beauty. Her admirers can’t wait to see what she does next, and look forward to witnessing her journey as a mother, content creator, and model.

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