• Hang Mioku is a South Korean model and singer who gained notoriety after her plastic surgery addiction caused irreversible damage to her face.
• She was born in 1963 and spent her childhood in South Korea, but was never a fan of university.
• She eventually became addicted to plastic surgery and had to undergo 10 operations to repair the damage.
• Hang is currently working in a recycling clothing store, and her net worth is estimated to be less than $100,000.
• She does not have any social media accounts.


Who is Hang Mioku?

Hang was born in South Korea on 8 July 1963 under the zodiac sign of Cancer – she holds South Korean nationality and belongs to Asian ethnicity. Hang used to be a model and a singer, but became more widely known to public after she did irreversible damage to her face when her plastic surgery went wrong.

Early life and education

There is not much known about Hang’s parents as she does not talk about them much, but she spent her entire childhood in South Korea with them – she also never talks about her siblings which make people believe that she is an only child. She didn’t want to go to university, but instead decided to pursue her dreams of becoming a model.

Career and problem with plastic surgery

Hang’s modelling was going quite well until she turned 28 and became obsessed with plastic surgery – she had her first operation in South Korea, and then moved to Japan to have. Soon after she arrived in Japan and had a couple of procedures, she began having major complications on her face as a consequence – things were so bad that her parents didn’t recognize her when she got back home. They quickly took her to a doctor who claimed that Hang was suffering from a mental disorder, but it is not known which one it was – she underwent treatment but as it was too expensive, she had to stop, and soon turned back to her plastic surgery addiction.

Even though she was already in a lot of trouble, Hang wanted more plastic surgery, and since nobody wanted to do it, she found a doctor who gave her a bottle of silicone to do it herself. After she injected all the silicone which the doctor gave her, she decided to use cooking oil which completely destroyed her face – it become very large and she had to undergo surgery in 2008 during which the doctors removed around 60g of the strange substance from her face and about 200g of the same thing from her neck. It actually took 10 operations to get her face to look better, although it is never going to look completely normal again. She didn’t have enough money for these surgeries, but after the videos of her face were shown on the Internet and on TV, viewers managed to gather enough money for her. Hang had to say goodbye to her modelling career, and is currently working at a shop in South Korea.

Hang Mioku

Personal life

Hang was married to Beau Biden and the couple has two kids together named Natalie and Hunter – it is not known what happened to her marriage after she destroyed her face and whether her husband was there to support her or if the couple split. Hang no longer shares anything regarding her personal life with the public, it is not even known if she understands how addicted she was (or still is) to plastic surgery.

Seoul – Capital of the plastic surgery

Living in the capital of South Korea means that you are surrounded by pictures and posters marketing plastic surgery. If you take Gangnam district as an example, which is one of the biggest industrial areas, you will notice people walking in the streets wearing nose guards and bandages as they are straight out of plastic surgery ordinations. Most buildings on the streets have cosmetic surgery clinics on the first floor, and they all sell their stories about how beauty is important, and how they can make you look perfect. South Korea has the highest rate of cosmetic surgical operations done per citizen – one of the surveys showed that one out of three South Korean women aged between 19 and 29 have undergone plastic surgery while some other surveys state that even more women do it nowadays.

There are so many people coming to the South Korean capital city that Seoul’s Incheon airport once considered putting a clinic right inside a terminal so that the tourists who are coming just for that won’t even have to go inside the city to get their procedures done. The only thing which stopped them from doing that were doctors who claimed that it was a bad idea.

Even though people are still undergoing plastic surgery a lot, at least now they have some awareness about the dangers it carries – people started questioning the safety of the procedures and how it affects one’s life. Seoul metro took the first step towards reducing the marketing of plastic surgery clinics by banning all advertisements for plastic surgery from all of its stations. This was not strictly their idea – passengers were complaining about advertisements and claimed how they don’t want to see them, and the network went along their requests.

People claim how the problem is industrialized and is being mostly marketed by K-pop or the Korean pop music – when young girls see plastic surgery clinics every day and walk past the pictures of beautiful girls, they can’t resist undergoing surgery.

All of this does not justify Hang’s addiction to plastic surgery but it rather shows that it is somewhat normal for women in South Korea to want to have plastic surgery done – her case best shows the danger behind the procedures.

Appearance and net worth

Hang is currently 55 years old. She has medium long black hair, black eyes, her face used to be beautiful but is now very scarred and will never return to normal – her height and weight are not known to public.

According to authoritative sources, Hang’s current net worth is estimated to be less than $100,000, all of which she gathered while she was still working as a model – her net worth is unlikely to rise very much as she is no longer working as a model but has found a job in a recycling clothing store.

Social media presence

Hang has been staying away from public attention for quite a while now, and doesn’t have any social media accounts.

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