• Luke Korns is a YouTube sensation and aspiring director.
• He has attracted two million viewers to his YouTube channel and has over 90 million views total.
• Luke has produced one movie, "Perception" (2017), directed by a friend of his.
• He is active on various social media platforms with over two million subscribers on YouTube, 750,000 followers on Instagram, and 700,000 followers on Twitter.
• His current net worth is estimated to be around $3 million.


Luke Korns is a YouTube sensation, who is also a budding director. Luke has attracted two million viewers on his YouTube channel and is not going to stop until he gets right to his dream life – to become a true professional director. Let’s find out more about Luke’s life: his height, net worth, personal life, etc.

Early life, family

Lucas Thomas Korns was born under the zodiac sign of Libra on 26 September 1996, in Wausau, Wisconsin USA, so holds American nationality. His mother’s name is Joann Korns, and his father is Joel Korns, though Luke has never mentioned their occupations and ages. Luke has three siblings: a brother, Bryan, and two sisters, Molly and Mandy. It is a well-known fact that Luke has wanted to dive into the movie making industry since he was a little boy. He always wondered how movie were made, how the operators did their job, and how much time did it take to film a good movie. So as soon as he got his first camera which his parents presented to him for one of the holidays, he started filming, and digging deeper in the industry, now understanding the backstage rules and other details he never even guessed about. He slowly got to his dream life, now residing in Los Angeles, California.


Nothing in particular is known about Luke’s education, high school or college.

Since he wanted to become a professional director, he would most likely enter a studio which helps young and inexperienced directors to understand the basics of the profession. As for the moment, nothing has announced by Luke himself about his educational plans, so he’ll probably let his subscribers and fans known as soon as there is anything to announce.

Luke Korns


YouTube career

He created his YouTube channel on 25 July 2010, initially called “UncleKornicob”, later changing the name to his own name and surname: “Luke Korns”. The first video Luke uploaded was called “Burts Song -Official Music Video” in January of 2011, which attracted many views, now up to 150,000. The video tells the story of a paper man named Burt and his hard life in which there are no friends. Luke performed the piano soundtrack for this video by himself, showing quite good playing skills. He then filmed a parody video on the famous show called “16 and pregnant”, to show how silly and nonsensical reality TV shows might be, which now has almost two million views – his funny videos always get a lot of attention from his viewers, as another called “I Wore Makeup For A Week (And This Is What Happened)” got more than 200,000 views in less than a month, and had a ton of comments.

As for 2019, he has more than two million subscribers to his YouTube channel, and has uploaded around 150 videos to date. The number of overall views of his channel is quite impressive, now amounting to more than 90 million times.

Movie career

Luke has always dreamt of being a director, however, he managed to become a producer for a movie called “Perception” (2017), directed by Michael J. Murphy. The movie told the story of a new hallucinogenic drug that allows people who took it to relive their memories; the plot twists when the new medicine makes a psychological and emotional impact on Josi and her brother Charlie. Murphy is a good friend of Luke, and is famous for directing other movies “Just Us” (2016), “Tokyo Ghoul” (2018) and “Naruto: Kakashi vs. Obito” (2018; he also starred in such short films as “Royal Crush” (2015) and “Mr. Student Body President” (2018). Luke didn’t participate in those movies, though he supported Michael in all his endeavors. Luke did appear in the comedy called “Zall Good” (2016), starring with his ex-girlfriend Alexis Z. Wall.

Personal life

Luke tries to keep his life low-key, as he is famous and knows that he may suffer from various rumors his critics can spread. However, in 2013 he posted a photo of himself and his now-ex-girlfriend, Morgan Keller; they dated for a while, but broke-up without announcing any reason. Later Luke dated Alexis Z. Wall, another YouTube sensation – there is no information on the precise date of the beginning of their relationship, but it is known that they separated in the middle of 2018, but on good terms and stayed friends, later even filming a video called ‘Kissing My Ex-Boyfriend’! Luke has also been rumored to be gay, since he spends so much time with his best friends Michael Murphy. They are often seen together, lived together in the same apartments for a long while, and whenever they decide to move, they do it together. However, neither Luke nor Michael ever confirmed that information.

Hobbies and interesting facts

Luke likes spending his spare time with his friends, who are often his colleagues as they do a lot of videos together. They all enjoy going to the cinema, filming prank videos, eating out, etc. Luke once mentioned his favorite color was white. Luke is very good at speaking Spanish, often in his videos almost all of which have Spanish subtitles – he likes visiting Mexico and does it whenever he can. Luke also likes basketball, he and his best friend Mikey often spend time playing it even indoors, since they have a special facility for that. Mikey shared that they once saw it on a party and decided to buy one for themselves. As for his favorite food, Luke likes Japanese food and Japanese candies.

Social media presence

Since Luke wants to be a director, he feels he needs to be as public as he can so more people could hear about his skills and talents. That why he is very active on various social media platforms. His YouTube channel has over two million subscribers, his Instagram is followed by almost 750,000 people and his Twitter is read by more than 700,000 followers.


Luke has naturally brown hair which he likes to bleach or to dye different colors. Once he dyes his hair four colors at a time: pink, green, yellow and blue, making his head look like a rainbow. Luke is 5ft 6ins (1.68m) tall and weighs around 128lbs (58kgs). He has a slender body, though his precise vital statistics are not available at the moment. He had his first tattoo in April 2019 and made a video about that; his friend Jacob made a tiny tattoo on Luke’s elbow which depicted a smiley face. As for his clothing style, Luke prefers casual looks and often combines T-shirts with casual shirts and jeans. He also likes to wear leather belts.

Net worth

According to authoritative sources, Luke’s current net worth is estimated to be around $3 million which he has accumulated with his directing, producing and acting activities. He also gets around $3,000 from his YouTube channel; its overall net worth is estimated to be around $200,000. Luke is only starting his professional career as a director and a producer, so his net worth is only going to grow in future.

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