• Lynn Chu is an Instagram model of Vietnamese and Taiwanese descent
• She graduated Public Health in San Diego, University of California US
• Her estimated net worth is $1 million
• She is in a relationship with Daniel Ryan Lee and they are engaged
• Her height and weight are currently unknown

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Who is Lynn Chu?

Instagram model Lynn Chu was born in California, USA on the 10th of September 1995, of Vietnamese and Taiwanese descent. This American-Asian beauty gained her popularity by posting modeling and everyday life photos on her Instagram account ‘lovelynnstyle”.

Lynn Chu Bio: Early life and Education

Lynn has spent her entire life in California with her family. Before her Instagram fame she was just an ordinary girl, and much information regarding her private life remains unknown. In 2017, Lynn graduated Public Health in San Diego, University of California US. She has stated on multiple occasion that she is a huge fun of sports, mostly rock climbing, hiking and going to the gym. Her dream is to become a dental hygienist, apart from which Lynn is aspiring to obtain a diploma in Mandarin as well.

Career and Net Worth

Since posting her first Instagram picture in 2014, Lynn has gained over a million followers. This social network is her most important platform which she uses to communicate with her fans on a daily basis. She tried starting a YouTube channel, however so far she has posted only one video, in 2016, a short video in which she is posing in Los Angeles. Upon graduation two years ago, Lynn decided that she didn’t want to neglect her career choice, and decided to volunteer at a hospital over the weekends, and become an intern at a surgery center. Eventually she found a part time job as a dental assistant. Lynn is very versatile in her career choices and she also worked in a suicide prevention center in 2018, saying that this was one of the experiences she is most grateful for. All of these jobs were a preparation for her graduate studies that she will continue at University of California in August 2019.

Lynn Chu

Incidentally, she feels that she is too old to take half-naked pictures, in her own opinion, and she isn’t very active on social media.

Although her net worth is still under review, it is estimated authoritatively at around $1 million.

Private life

This popular Instagram model is not secretive about her private life. She posts regular updates on her social accounts, most notably Instagram. She tries to keep it real with her fans and for that reason has shared her insecurities about her skin and her struggle with acne that has been following her all of her adolescent life. Apart from that, she is active on Twitter and has a fan base of approximately 22,000. Lynn does not post pictures of her family and it’s currently unknown if she has siblings or not. She does not have a public Facebook page, only a private one where she accepts the people she personally knows. On numerous occasions she had problems with people falsely presenting themselves with her pictures.

Lynn has said that she is not on any website for dating, or websites advertising any sort of service. However, she’s never hidden her relationship with Daniel Ryan Lee, whom she has been dating for over two years – they met in 2013 and started dating in 2017. Ryan is seven years older than her, but she says that he is her one and only true love and that she can never imagine loving anyone else like she loves him. For their six month anniversary, he bought her a beautiful Tiffany bracelet.

As of August 2018, Lynn and Ryan have become engaged, and he even bought her a puppy for their two-year anniversary. The proposal was like those from fairytales- Ryan took her on a helicopter ride to a secluded beach where he asked the question. She often express her love for him and even wrote on her Twitter account that she is finally dating someone who treats her better than she treats herself. Last year, he bought her a car after she complained to him about the one she had, and took her to Providence, Rhode Island for Valentine’s Day. When Lynn celebrated the New Year in Las Vegas without him, she said she missed him and felt that they should have celebrated together.


Lynn Chu Body Measurements, Height and Weight

This popular Instagram model is loving her good looks, and is working hard on having a perfect body; she cooks for herself – one of her favorite dishes is steamed fish with soy sauce, ginger and scallions – and goes to the gym regularly Recently she is working on being as fit as possible and she said that losing weight is one thing and that she finds much harder, to gain tonus in her muscles and gluteus. Her height and weight are currently unknown – she has brown eyes and blonde hair.

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