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Who is Matthew Mario Rivera?

If you heard about Matt Riviera as the strong man behind the successful journalist Kasie Hunt, then you must know that he is also a notable digital producer, currently contributing to NBC News programs including “Meet the Press”. The 34 year-old journalist has gathered a lot of experience being in the industry since 2010.

Matthew’s biography

Usually called Matt or Mario, he was born on 24 May 1985, in New York City, USA in the family of Lieutenant Daniel O. Rivera, previous Sheriff’s Officer and the registered nurse Loraine V. Vetter, who worked at the St. Catherine of Sienna Medical Center. Unfortunately, his parents divorced when he was a young boy, but both equally engaged in raising and educating Matt. Eventually, Loraine remarried to Larry Vetter, who owns a Consulting Company.

After matriculating from Sachem High School in 2000, he graduated cum laude in 2004 from the well-known New York University with a bachelor’s degree in journalism, but didn’t choose the career as a reporter at first. Instead, he founded his own company Moose Productions which works with specialists and companies in various domains to produce documentaries for them. This is how the journey as a video producer started for Matt. Apparently, it was a good start, as the company gradually grew in a few years being already spread on two continents with affairs in three countries. The first productions were three short films and a long feature.

Kasie Hunt and Matthew Mario Rivera

Building a career

While his business was thriving, Matt continued working on himself and on his skills, having several other jobs. One of them was as a video journalist, first working at CareerTV for two years and then for FastCompany. The latter is a business magazine, and his work there helped him draw attention to promising employers in the industry. Hence, in 2008 he became a reporter for The Wall Street Journal, where his major responsibility was to help with the production of “WSJ Live”, but also had a wide range of tasks which ultimately made him a better specialist.

He made the hit, professionally speaking, in 2010, when he was employed by NBCNews Company in which he still works today. At its complexity, NBC gave him the opportunity to do a variety of things, from working during film festivals, to live and registered shows to broadcast.

Life with Kasie Hunt

The NBC experience was a huge success, not only professionally but also personally, because that was where he met his future wife, and perhaps the love of his life. Despite the general agreements about avoiding personal relationships between coworkers, especially the romantic ones, Matt and Kasie fell in love with one another, and started forming a couple in 2012. From their first date back then and the proposal itself passed approximately four years of strengthening the relationship, and enjoying each other’s company. One of the big moments of their lives was on 13 August 2016 when she said a firm “Yes” – since both of them are public persons, the official engagement was announced on TV, too. The cherry on the cake of their relationship was the private and distinct wedding held at Shenandoah Woods on 6 May 2017. The ceremony was officiated by a close friend of the bride’s family and a Baptist minister, Marian Sieke, in the presence of very close friends and relatives in Stanley, Virginia. The party was gracefully marked by Kasie’s bride dance with her 91 year-old grandfather. So much emotion in just a few minutes!

Are they expecting a baby?

Since then, Matt and Kasie have apparently formed a beautiful family, which is soon going to be even more enchanting, as Kasie is currently in her pregnancy, which she proudly shows to her followers on Instagram. Despite the difficulties of being constantly on air and in a lot of projects, this future mommy is still working, and at the same time, enjoying some of the best months of every woman’s life.

Matt’s public exposure and net worth

All the things known about Matt’s past have been revealed by dedicated and curious journalists, although he is extremely cautious when it comes to his intimacy. Therefore, neither his salary nor his net worth has ever been confirmed by him, however, having his own company and working for one of the biggest news broadcasters in the USA has given him the opportunity to gather an impressive amount of money. Reportedly, the average salary at NBC for reporters is around $73,000. Taking also into account his income from other personal projects, sources estimate his net worth at almost $2 million. Together with his wife, whose estimated net worth is $3 million, they have a generous lifestyle in ‘the big apple’– New York City.

About this, they don’t share many thing – Matt’s Instagram account is a private one with less than 400 followers. His Twitter page is just a little more popular, with a community of more than 2,000 people. Kasie, on the other side, pays attention to her virtual appearances, and therefore has an active Instagram account with more than 1,200 posts and almost 70,000 followers.

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