• Max Stanley is an Australian internet celebrity and YouTube comedian
• He has nearly 3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel maxmoefoe
• He is a founding member of the group "The Shrimpson Boys"
• He has had roles in movies, TV shows, and written content
• His net worth is estimated to be around $1 million


Who is Max Stanley?

Max Stanley is an Australian internet celebrity who is probably best known for being a YouTube comedian, as well as for his official channel maxmoefoe which currently has nearly three million subscribers. He is also widely recognized for some of his other channels, such as maxmoefoePokemon, maxmoefoetwo and maxmoefoegames.

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Early Life

Max Stanley was born under the zodiac sign of Leo on the 10th August 1993, in Perth, Western Australia, where he spent the majority of his childhood. He is of Australian nationality and white ethnicity. Further personal details about his family’s background and his parents have never been publicly disclosed to the present day, except that his parents alleged abandoned him at a very early age. The data regarding Max’s educational background hasn’t been revealed so far either.


Max stepped onto the path to stardom in November 2007, when he launched his YouTube channel entitled maxmoefoe, however, it was a year before he began uploading any video content to it. He then began steadily uploading various skits and prank videos, which eventually began to gain an audience and amass more and more views. In the course of the next decade, he focused on uploading ‘crazy but exciting’ video content, abundant with prank calls and challenges which have all brought him the reputation of a YouTube comedian. Max’s YouTube channel is renowned nowadays for its engaging as well as unique and amusing content, and currently counts almost 150 videos that have been viewed more than 280 million times, while being regularly followed by a total of three million subscribers. Some of Max Stanley’s most popular videos to this day are “Deadly Twister” with over 10 million views, followed by “Edward Watermelon-hands” with 7.9 million views, and “The Ramen Off – (Feat. FilthyFrank & HowToBasic)” viewed over 7.6 million times.

In addition, in December 2011 Max launched a second channel simply named maxmoefoetwo, containing bloopers, cut scenes and vlogs which have been seen more than 172.7 million times so far, and with a total of over 1.7 million subscribers. In his professional portfolio there are two more YouTube channels – maxmoefoePokemon fully dedicated to the Pokémon franchise which has accumulated 145.6 million views and amassed a total of over a million subscribers, and maxmoefoegames which is focused on video games that so far has attracted more than 1.6 million subscribers and accumulated over 290 million views.

Alongside three of his friends and fellow YouTubers Idubbz, Dolan Därk and Filthy Frank, Max Stanley is a founding member of a group named “The Shrimpson Boys” although ‘what the group is or what it means is a complete mystery’, while its name is a reference to the 2014 comedy drama movie “Chef“.

Besides being fully dedicated to his YouTube career, Max Stanley had also tried his luck in the moviemaking industry. In 2015 he appeared as Quantis ‘Leaf’ Eucolyptis in the comedy movie “Two Dudes on a Couch”, while in 2015 and ‘16 he starred in a couple of episodes of the short TV series “The Filthy Frank Show”, for which he also served as a writer. Additionally, he was the producer of the short action comedy movie “Pack Vs. Pack W/IDubbbz” in 2016.

Max Stanley


Max caught the mass media’s attention in July 2012, when he prank called an auto crash repair shop named “Lord of the Dings”. After mistaking it for a ‘porno store’, he and the guy on the other end of the line pursued an intense conversation abundant with a real crossfire of insults. The epilogue of the episode was that the owner of the shop made a complaint to the police, while Max ended up on 9News Australia.

Later that year, Max uploaded a video of himself fakingly presenting himself as a 13-year-old-girl on a popular free online chat site Omegle, which eventually led to revealing a pedophile. Shortly afterwards, YouTube took down the video, labeling its content as inappropriate while maxmoefoe got a two week ban.

Personal Life

He is standing 6ft 1in (1.85m) tall, and weighs around 158lbs (72kg) while sporting a slim and toned figure. Max is also active on several other popular social media networks such as Twitter, on which his account @maxmoefoe is followed by over 640,000 people, as well as on Instagram, on which his official profile @maxmoefoeofficial has amassed over 560,000 fans and followers to the present day.

Speaking about Max Stanley’s private life, it has been publicly acknowledged that in the past he was romantically connected to Xantia Jamieson, while he is now in a long-term relationship with Katharine Foxx.

He has a cat pet named Kyo, as well as Shiba Inu named Kevin.

Stanley had also launched a line of his own fashion apparel.

Net Worth

Have you ever wondered how much wealth this popular Australian YouTube star has accumulated so far? How rich Max Stanley is? According to sources, it is estimated that the total of maxmoefoe’s net worth, speaking as of mid-2019, revolves around quite an impressive sum of $1 million, acquired through his efforts in the digital world and a huge dose of popularity which he earned through his activities on YouTube.

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