• Meg Tirrell is a journalist best known for working at CNBC and Bloomberg News.
• She studied Music, English Language and Literature and Journalism at Wellesley College and Northwestern University, respectively.
• She is a reporter for CNBC's Business Day and covers health emergency stories.
• She is married and has a baby boy.
• Her estimated net worth is around $1 million.

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FactCNBC correspondent.

Who is Meg Tirrell?

Meg Tirrell was born on the 3rd November 1984, in New York City, USA, and is a journalist who is probably best recognized for being a reporter for one of the most significant TV stations in the world – CNBC, specializing in pharmacy and biotechnology items. She is also known for being a reporter and a TV face for Bloomberg News.

Early Life

Being very good at finding out the secretive information about other people, due to requirements of her job, Tirrell learned the best way to hide some details about her life from the curious public’s eye. Therefore, she succeeded in hiding her childhood from the public, so no information about her parents, family and her upbringing is known. However, there is one thing we are certain about – a source close to Meg stated that she was always interested in some kind of public appearances and performances. It was her passion from a very early age, and she did everything she could to make a career out of it.


Therefore, after matriculating from high school in 2002, she moved to Wellesley, Massachusetts, to attend Wellesley College. Being an excellent student due to her great devotion to education, she graduated in 2006, obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Music, English Language and Literature. However, that is when she realized that these two potential professions were not exactly what she cherished and enjoyed the most.

Meg Tirrell

She became aware of the fact that she had a need to investigate, do her own research and tell very important stories to the public, which was why she chose journalism as her vocation. In order to pursue a career in it, she knew that she had to have some kind of formal education in the area, so she enrolled into one of the most respected universities across the US – Northwestern University based in Evanston, Illinois. Her true interest and love for this field were immediately recognized, so she graduated with a Master’s Degree in Journalism only a year later.

Career Beginnings

Thanks to her undeniable talent, curiosity and knowledge, Meg soon became recognized in the journalists’ circles. As a lot of successful companies, TV stations and newspapers are always searching for ‘fresh blood’ – new journalists who would bring refreshment to the group and use their knowledge to help the companies reach even more people, Tirrell received a number of job opportunities, among them Bloomberg News seemed the most appealing to her.

Therefore, she started working for them in 2007 as a media, small-caps and consumer reporter. She remained in the position for more than two years, but then her managers offered her a promotion, and she moved on to covering more serious topic and stories in the fields of science, pharmacy and health, which was actually something that she personally liked more and suited her better. After a year, she accepted the offer to be Bloomberg’s main Biotechnology reporter, which she soon realized was what she enjoyed the most.

CNBC Career

After more than six years at Bloomberg News, Tirrell got a chance to connect the three fields she was most fond of – journalism, pharmacy and biotechnology, at one of the most successful and prominent TV stations, CNBC, which wanted her to be their general assignment reporter, but focused on pharmacy and biotechnology. She is a reporter for their show “CNBC’s Business Day”, and writes articles for their website, from their global headquarters located in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey.

Working for this station brought her opportunities to cover a great number of globally important stories and share them with the world; for instance, she investigated new drugs for cancer, Alzheimer’s and other serious diseases. In addition, she was a live reporter who covered health emergency stories occurring with epidemics of Zika virus and Ebola. However, what she is probably most proud of and most recognized for is her revelations on the impact of politics on the creation of some drugs in 2016.

Personal Life and Net Worth

Just like her childhood information, Meg has managed to keep her personal life a secret, as well. Only by searching her Twitter account deeply and in detail could you find some comments regarding her relationship status. Namely, some of her friends congratulated her on getting married back in 2016, by leaving comments on her posts. In addition, she revealed in several of her posts that she was pregnant by asking people to give her advice on what she can and cannot do in pregnancy. Several days ago, she revealed that she has a baby boy who will soon start going to a daycare, as she is going back to work. As for her net worth, sources estimate that it’s close to $1 million, and that her annual salary is over $100,000, and of mid-2019.


1CNBC correspondent.



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  1. Meg is the most intelligent of all the CNBC personalities and deserves to be moved up in the hierarchy … I would like to see her fill in for some of the daytime hosts when they go awol … I think she will surprise

  2. I like Meg’s reporting, she has that girl next door feel of reporting. I trust her work. She also is very smart and her pieces are very informative and has the answers to every question people ask on the spot. Too bad CNBC has picked their women for the top spots and that’s their limit, no exceptions. Meg would be a fine upgrade. She could easily replace that schtick Sorkin and they could have a real team in the A.M.

  3. ronald grutz Reply

    She gets lost with all the other women on CNBC. Too many. When it comes to the market, how many have managed other people’s money.


    I watch CNBC daily, and Meg has always impressed me with her questions and knowledge on the subject. the PFE interview with Bourla is superbed. Thank you Dr. Meg. I will wait for your advice before I take the vaccine. Thanks again.

  5. Robert Wilson Reply

    I like Meg’s reporting. She gives it straight without overly detailed information just to make herself seem like an expert, which she certainly is. She is also easy on the eyes.

  6. The headline promises to tell us her height, but the article never mentions how tall she is.

  7. Betty L Shelton Reply

    One thing I have noticed about her is her teeth…..is she wearing one of those plastic teeth straightners? She has an unnatural shine to her front ones.

  8. Meg has NO medical credentials to advocate the covid vaccine to anybody, let alone minors!! (it’s obvious she’s getting paid what to say!!) Nobody knows the long term effects these shots will have, we do know it’s deadly to some, and it certainly doesn’t stop one from getting the virus!! It’s almost as worthless as Masks, not quite however!

    • “Hey” Meg. Did’t you ever hear that “Hay is for houses” ?

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