• Nicole Petallides is a broadcast journalist with a net worth of over $1 million.
• She is of Greek descent and attended Buckley Country Day School and American University.
• She has worked for companies such as Dow Jones, CNBC, Bloomberg Television, Fox Business Network and TD Ameritrade Network.
• She is married to Manhattan-based dentist Nicholas Tsiolas and they have two children.
• She is active on social media, with over 23,000 followers on Twitter and 16,000 followers on Facebook.


Who is Nicole Petallides?

Nicole Anais Petallides was born on 20 September 1971, in Queens, New York City USA, and is a broadcast journalist, best known for her work as an anchor for the TD Ameritrade Network. Prior to her move to the company, she also gained popularity with her work as an anchor on the Fox Business channel.

The Net Worth of Nicole Petallides

How rich is Nicole Petallides? As of mid-2019, sources estimate a net worth that is over $1 million, earned through a successful career as a broadcast journalist. She’s worked for numerous companies throughout her career, gaining experience covering numerous aspects of business, share markets and the like.

Early Life and Education

Nicole grew up with a bit of exposure to business and journalism from both of her parents. Her father owned the New York company called US Amfax which does telemarketing and promotions, as well as the emergency broadcast company called Salesforce 911. Her mother on the other hand is the founder and chief operating officer of a Greek language daily newspaper called “Prioni”, and an English language weekly newspaper called “The Greek American”.

Nicole is of Greek descent. – she attended Buckley Country Day School, an independent co-educational school which provides primary to middle education. While details of her high school are unknown, it is known that after matriculating she enrolled at the American University a private university located in Washington, D.C., which has been operational since 1914. It has eight schools offering over 160 programs for both undergraduates and graduates. They have produced numerous notable alumni in journalism, media, and politics, with many of their students finding work in government agencies.

Nicole Petallides

Career Beginnings

After completing her degree, Petallides began her career with the company Dow Jones as a part of their television team – the company is known for their publication of the Dow Jones Industrial Average as well as other relevant market statistics.  She then left the company to work with CNBC, the business news channel owned by NBCUniversal, which focuses on coverage of the US and international financial markets. They also produce business-themed documentaries and reality shows. During her time there, she was an assistant producer, working on programs which covered daily movements of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

After her run with CNBC, she joined the company Bloomberg Television, for which she became an anchor. Bloomberg is a television network focused on capital markets and business programming, with an international reach located in several cities – New York City, London and Hong Kong. During her time there, she often reported on the New York Stock Exchange, and was heavily involved in several shows such as “Bloomberg Business Report” and “Bloomberg Market Update”. She also did weekend news coverage, and was the business news anchor for the morning news program of the station WPIX in New York.

Fox Business and TD Ameritrade Network

Nicole made a name for herself after her run with Bloomberg, when she decided to join the Fox Business Network (FBN). The business news channel is owned by the Fox News Group with programming focused on discussing business and financial news of the day. The network is reported to be in over 63% of all pay television households in the US. She started her run with the company in 2007, and became one of its debut anchors, solidifying her status with the company.

While she stayed with the company for some time, she eventually decided to look for new pastures, though the specific reason for her leaving the company is unknown. She eventually moved to the broadcast channel TD Ameritrade Network, which focuses on streaming financial education and financial news content. The channel was launched in 2017 for free to the public, and was initially a four hour show, eventually expanding its time slots to service a full work day from Chicago. Investors can go to the channel to gain business updates, growth forecasts, and other information provided by some of the leading analysts working within the network.

Personal Life and Social Media

For her personal life, it is known that Petallides married Manhattan-based dentist Nicholas Tsiolas in 1998.The two met on a blind date; their marriage was performed by Archbishop Spyridon who is affiliated with the Greek Orthodox Archdioceses of the US; they have two children together. Nicole is known to have an athletic side, having played soccer during her time at college as a goalkeeper as well as a center forward. When the opportunity arises, she returns to her roots in Cyprus and Greece, with many of her relatives from the area.

Similar to numerous broadcast journalists, she is highly active online through accounts on social media. She has an account on the website Twitter on which she has over 23,000 followers, using the platform to promote her work and her company TD Ameritrade Network. She also promotes recent projects of her show, as she is a part of their flagship program called “The Watch List”. Another account she has is on Facebook, on which she has over 16,000 followers. She posts more personal photos there, showcasing her life outside of work which includes vacations and travelling around the world.

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