• Owen Bodnar was born in San Antonio, Texas and later moved to Dallas when he was two years old.
• He was interested in sports such as American Football, soccer, basketball, and track & field.
• He started posting to his Instagram account and Musical.ly in 2016, to impress a girl he liked.
• He starred in a TV series called "Follow Me" alongside other TikTok stars.
• His net worth is estimated to be around $200,000.


Owen Bodnar was once an Internet sensation and a Musical.ly personality, but he changed his mind, and deleted all content from his Instagram account, and doesn’t post anything on his TikTok profile. What happened to him? Why did he decide to end his online popularity? Let’s find out more about his life, current girlfriend, net worth, etc.

Early life, family

Owen Bodnar was born on 29 July 2003, in San Antonio, Texas USA, but when he was two years old his family had to move to Dallas due to some family circumstances, so Owen doesn’t remember his hometown. Nothing is known about his parents, as Owen hasn’t mentioned any details about them in his videos or posts. He has a brother, Bill Bodnar. Owen once mentioned that his grandfather served in the US army and was a pilot in Vietnam during the war between Vietnam and the USA, and of whom Owen said in one of his videos that he was very proud. As for now, Owen lives in Carrollton, Texas.

Education, school years

Owen gravitated to the acting scene when he was a kid – he got his first serious role when he was only ten years old, playing the lead role “Peter Pan”. However, Owen was strongly interested in sports, and enjoyed playing American Football, soccer and basketball; he also participated in many activities of cross country and track & field. As for 2019, Owen is still only 16 years old, and hasn’t matriculated yet, probably be 2021, so pursuing his sports career may well be in American Football.

Owen Bodnar


Owen’s online career began in July 2016, when he started posting to his Instagram account, and a bit later created his account on the Musical.ly application (which later turned into TikTok). He later confessed that he did it to impress a girl he liked, and wanted her to see him performing and being popular. He made lip-sync videos to such songs as Justin Bieber’s “Memphis”, and several more – his TikTok fans admitted he looked very much like Justin Bieber, so Owen used their similarity to his advantage. In the beginning of 2017 Owen went on his first tour, called “the Weekend Rush”, attending multiple meet-ups with his fans and enjoying his glory.  On 5 January 2018, he organized another meetup with his fans and called it “Meet and Greet”, during the “Good Times Live” event in Palomar, Chicago at the Kimpton Hotel.

Follow Me TV series

Owen starred in a TV series called “Follow Me”, along with other TikTok stars such as Danielle Cohn, Lauren Godwin, Brianna Buchanan and others, created by Sheldon Robins, an award winning writer, producer and director who is famous for such his works as “Celestina: Applause” (2014), “Love Me” (2015) and “Lights, Camera, Action” (2017). The series had two episodes and told the stories of TikTok personalities, showing them challenging each other in various musical and dancing battles, or just friendly arguments about who was the best basketball player.

Personal life

In 2017 Owen dated his fellow Instagram personality Danielle Cohn for several months, and then broke up. Owen is said to be single now, fully focused on his high school classes and sports career, while Danielle wasn’t single for long, and instantly got into relationship with Mikey Tua, another Instagram personality and model. Danielle is very popular on Instagram and has 3.5 million followers on her account there, and has posted several photos of her and Mikey in the wedding clothes, announcing that they married on 6 April 2019, however, Danielle was born on 7 March 2004, which means that she is only 15 years old, and her ‘husband’ on 12 June 2002, and isn’t even 18, so many of their followers think it is a kind of joke, and consider they just made fake wedding photos somewhere in Las Vegas where fake wedding photos from a chapel cost about $35. Neither Danielle nor Mikey ever answer such comments and insisted that they were a married couple. However, the truth was discovered on 16 May 2019 with the news that their wedding ceremony was a fake, with news sites around the world posting the articles about Danielle’s bad joke.

Hobbies and interests

Owen once shared that his favorite cartoon was Sponge Bob Square Pants. He is a shoe-addicted person, he has a collection of 17 pairs. His favorite professional athlete is LeBron James who is a professional basketball player with the Los Angeles Lakers. Owen has a strong interest in everything related to sports.

Social media presence

Owen used to be an Instagram sensation and TikTok personality, but later deleted almost everything he posted to end his online popularity, and focus on his real life and possible sports career. However, his Instagram account, which has only two photos left, still has more than 217,000 subscribers. His Twitter  has almost 10,000 readers and is mostly dedicated to basketball and football. He has a Facebook page but he is not very active there either. His YouTube channel has only three videos posted, however it has more than 13,000 subscribers who are still hoping for new content from Owen.


Owen has dark-brown hair and has brown eyes. A couple of years ago he had to wear braces but not now. Owen is 5ft 6ins (1.68m) tall and weighs around 121lbs (55kgs). His vital statistics are not available for the moment.

Net worth

According to some authoritative sources, Owen had managed to accumulate a net worth of $200,000 before he decided to end his social media popularity. He is now focused on his sports career and is unlikely to earn money from his YouTube channel or Instagram account, so it is hard to say whether his net worth is going to grow notably in the near future.

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