• Reina Scully is a YouTuber and cosplayer with both American and Japanese nationalities
• She was born in Japan on 21 August 1988 and moved to the US with her family at a young age
• She started her career as a YouTuber in 2010 and has accumulated almost 400,000 subscribers and 22 million views on her videos
• She is married to Michael Flusk and is a huge fan of the X-Files character Dana Scully, which inspired her to change her name
• Reina has a net worth of over $100,000 and is continuing to grow her presence on YouTube.


Reina Scully’s Wiki Biography

Reina Suzuki was born in Japan on 21 August 1988 under the zodiac sign of Leo and holds both American and Japanese nationalities – as Reina Scully, she is popular for her YouTube channel on which she mostly uploads gaming and cosplaying videos.

Early life and education

Reina is one of those people who have shared almost nothing with the public about their childhood years or their family. She has never spoken about her siblings which made a lot of people believe she might be an only child. Reina is said to have grown up in a middle class family, and never dreamed of becoming a model or a popular YouTuber – she spent only the first three years in Japan, as she moved to the US with her family in search of a better life. Her parents are both from Japan, and although she doesn’t usually talk about them, she sometimes features her father in her videos – she has once written a description on a picture with her dad saying ‘he and my mom have been divorced since I was 7 but they get along super well and it’s really fucking weird but kinda cool. He’s on divorce number 3 so my mom and I roasted him for hours.’

After she matriculated from a local high school in the US, Reina decided to focus on her career of a YouTuber and put her plans for college aside, as many other online celebrities,.

Career of a YouTuber and her presence on social media platforms

Reina’s career was launched in 2010 when she opened her first social media account – she chose Twitter as she thought it might fit her better than other platforms. After managing to gather a number of followers, her fans persuaded her to open her YouTube channel, which she launched on 17 October 2011, and has so far gathered nearly 400,000 subscribers and almost 22 million views on all her videos combined. Her description reads “Learn about JAPAN #reinasensei, WEIRD Japanese Lessons, Silly Japanese Translations, Anime Reviews & Anime Industry Insight, Japan and Other Travel Vlogs”. Reina can also be seen collaborating with other popular YouTubers, such as Steven Suptic and The Anime Man – one thing they have in common is their love towards anime. Jessica has an Instagram account which is followed by nearly 150,000 people, while she’s uploaded more than 1,380 pictures onto it – part of her description reads ‘Senpai on the streets, Hentai in the sheets’. For those who do not known, ‘Senpai’ is a teacher or master, while ‘Hentai’ is anime porn. Reina also has a Facebook page which is followed by nearly 15,000 people.

Besides her own YouTube channel, Reina is also famous for working for the “SourceFed” YouTube channel as a host, and helped them win a Streamy Award for News and Current Events in 2014 – she mostly gained recognition after responding to Paul Logan’s video in which he described his experiences while he was in Japan. She has also appeared as a guest in the “Boys Only Club” podcast (even though she is not a boy) together with YouTuber Steven Suptic.

Reina has also worked for the Crunchyroll website, as their interpreter for anime and manga.

Personal life and relationships

Although she prefers to keep her personal matters to herself, Reina couldn’t (and didn’t want to) hide the fact that she is a married woman. Her other half is Michael Flusk – the two were dating for years before deciding to marry. She first informed her fans of their engagement in 2014, and the two exchanged their wedding vows in 2016 in a ceremony held in Japan in October in a very Japanese style.

The two seemingly have a lot in common, as Michael is active online and is a gamer while he also enjoys playing sports – both of them are focused on their careers, and it doesn’t seem as if they are planning to have kids anytime soon.

Reina Scully

Why did she change her name?

Born Reina Suzuki, she changed her name to Reina Scully – the reason being her huge love towards Dana Scully, a character from the “X Files” played by Gillian Anderson. “X Files” is an American science fiction TV series originally created by Chris Carter, which counts 11 seasons and a total of 2018 episodes. The series follows Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, who are FBI special agents and are working on X-Files – unresolved cases of paranormal mysteries – Fox Mulder believes in aliens and the paranormal, while Scully is the kind of girl who doesn’t, and is trying to analyze everything and find more rational theories. Maybe this is why Reina took her name, because she thinks in the same way as Scully.

Other likes and interests

There are not many other things which interest Reina other than anime – she is very fond of food and loves exploring restaurants wherever she goes. Another thing she’s crazy about are animals – cats are her favorite – she owns a cat but her name is not known.

Appearance and net worth

Reina is currently 30 years old. She has long blonde hair and blue eyes, is 5ft 6in (1.7m) tall and weighs around 132lbs (60kgs). According to authoritative sources, Reina’s current net worth is estimated to be over $100,000, and is slowly rising thanks to her YouTube channel.



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