• ScrapMan is a 29-year-old American YouTuber, professional gamer, streamer and social media personality who started his rise to prominence in mid-2016.
• He graduated from Hawaii Pacific University with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology in 2012, and moved to California shortly after.
• ScrapMan's channel was given a shoutout by a famous professional gamer, which led to his rising popularity.
• His net worth is approximately $500K and he has a monthly income of $4-5K.
• He has a YouTube channel with 260K subscribers, a Twitter account with 3.4K followers, and an Instagram account with 900 followers.


Who is ScrapMan?

Born on 22 January 1990, in Massachusetts, USA, under the mystical sign of Aquarius, ScrapMan is a 29-year-old American YouTuber, professional gamer, streamer and social media personality. He began his rise to prominence in mid-2016, when he started uploading videos to his YouTube channel. At first he focused on “Scrap Mechanics”, a popular multiplayer sandbox game, but subsequently decided to expand on his repertoire, which contributed to his rising popularity amongst gamers of all ages.

Early Life and Education: Growing Up in Massachusetts

Across all credible sources, there is not much information about ScrapMan’s identity, early life, nor his family. We do know that his real name is William because he mentioned that people call him Billy in one of his earlier videos. During multiple Q&A sessions on YouTube and Twitter, fans have incessantly inquired about his personal life, b ut ScrapMan has successfully avoided answering any questions not related to his taste in music or his profession. On several occasions, he revealed details about his love life (more on that later). However, we do know that he moved to Oahu, Hawaii with his family around 2007, for unspecified reasons. There, he successfully completed his education, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology in 2012, at Hawaii Pacific University. It’s unclear whether he had a passion for gaming at this point.

Career Beginnings: Move to California and Discovering the Wonders of YouTube

Shortly after graduating in 2012, ScrapMan moved to California, where he is currently based. In a now-famous Q&A video, we find out the details about the early stages of his gaming career. Apparently, ScrapMan started playing “Scrap Mechanics” just four months after first posting videos on his channel. He initialy enjoyed interacting with other players, but as he grew more competent, he began receiving a lot of inquiries in-game, mostly related to engineering techniques, which inspired ScrapMan to start a YouTube channel and answer all the queries. His intention was never to become a YouTube celebrity – he only wanted to build an archive of his creations and help people. At the very beginning, he received a shoutout he never even dreamed of.


Rising Up: A Shoutout from MrMEOLA and Gearing Up

On 20 April 2016, ScrapMan created his YouTube channel – his first video, entitled “Scrap Mechanic Creation Montage”, didn’t garner much attention until it caught the eye of MrMEOLA, a famous professional gamer with 500,000 subscribers on his channel. He loved ScrapMan’s style of animation and rendering technique, even though he had only uploaded a single video at the time. MrMEOLA promoted his channel and urged his subscribers to pay attention to this young up-and-coming streamer. Almost immediately, people began flooding ScrapMan’s channel with positive comments, and urged him to upload more content. The very next day, he bought a proper streaming microphone and began to treat YouTube as a legitimate career, something he had never previously considered.

Continued Success: Expanding His Repertoire and Receiving Recognition

Not long after the inception of ScrapMan’s channel, he reached the milestone of 5,000 subscribers; even though he became renowned in the “Scrap Mechanics” niche, people wanted different content from him. Given the fact that his popularity was rising, ScrapMan himself realized that expanding his repertoire of games was the only solution to amass more views and subscribers. Due to his talent for making tutorials and providing explanations, fans wanted ScrapMan to play games other than “Minecraft” and “Scrap Mechanics”. To get the best feel for his audience, he conducted a poll, to which one of the top answers was “Terra Tech”, a 2015 game by Payload studios. This open-world sandbox game provided him with enough material for several months’ worth of content. Some fans might have criticized this choice because “Terra Tech” has several pay-to-win elements, meaning that players could buy upgrades and tools with real money, putting them at an unfair advantage. Nevertheless, this move proved to be a good decision for ScrapMan.

A Proper Star: No Man’s Sky, Showing His Face and Profits

By late 2016, ScrapMan had already reached over 70,000 subscribers, mostly due to regularly introducing new games. “Terra Tech” fully showcased his talent in terms of story-telling and strategic thinking. A game which made him even more recognized on the YouTube scene is “No Man’s Sky”, a popular space adventure game based on survival. It was around this time that a conspiracy arose between some members of the YouTube community. Despite being a well-known YouTube personality, ScrapMan had never shown his face to viewers; logically, he was constantly flooded with requests to do so. People began thinking he didn’t exist, that multiple people were behind the channel. Despite the requests and theories, ScrapMan refused, with the excuse of not having a good webcam nor a green screen. Fans soon showered him with donations on his Patreon page, which resulted in him buying a proper webcam device in 2017 and he finally showed his face. At this point, ScrapMan also revealed that he had bought the first desktop set in his life. Surprisingly, some of his greatest videos were recorded and edited on a laptop.

The Significance of ScrapMan’s Channel Name

Even though ScrapMan started treating YouTube as a full-time job in late 2016 and began buying new gear, one thing remained the same – his channel name. ‘It will always stay the same’, says ScrapMan himself. ‘It’s an homage to the start of my YouTube career, and it represents a mindset that I personally think everyone should adopt.’ The significance of “ScrapMan” comes from the quality of resourcefulness, or more specifically – using every scrap available to make a situation as ideal as possible, whether it’s gaming or real life. Coincidentally, this mentality also reflects the way ScrapMan approaches YouTube content – every video is very detailed, with intricate descriptions and explanations.

Personal Life: Does ScrapMan Have a Girlfriend? Is He Married?

As previously mentioned, ScrapMan avoided answering questions about his love life until one occasion, when he openly admitted that he is, in fact, a married man. According to data provided in several of his Q&A videos, it is possible that the couple married around August 2015, and while he hasn’t revealed the name of his significant other half, she has an Instagram page with the name Tora Lights. After more research, we see that the page is connected to a Facebook profile – Teresa A. Cantero, which might be the real name of “Mrs ScrapMan”. By looking at the couple’s social media profiles, there is no evidence of kids, but it’s clear that they both love dogs, and have two named Cass and Tai, and we can sometimes see them in ScrapMan’s videos. “Mr. & Mrs ScrapMan” also enjoy traveling the world.

ScrapMan’s Interests and Skills

Even though he’s private and introverted, ScrapMan never hesitates to reveal his passions and affinities. While in his teens, he played several instruments and dabbled in production. Apparently, he is also a very skilled and versatile circus performer who can hand balance, juggle with as much as seven objects, knows how to slackline, and many different card tricks. He even revealed that he was in several circus productions, with sporadic appearances as a part of an independent acrobatic duo. Despite gaming bringing him fame and fortune, he still works as a circus skills instructor in a private school of arts in California. Amazingly, before recording, ScrapMan had never watched gaming videos on YouTube. Instead, his favorite channel is Kurzgesagt, a famous hub devoted to science and education. On one occasion, he credited them for teaching him how to edit properly.

What is ScrapMan’s Net Worth?

According to several reputable sources, ScrapMan has approximately $500,000 to his name, as of mid-2019, accumulated through merchandise sales, video monetization, and paid streaming sessions. The same sources claim that he has a monthly income of $4,000-5,000, which might even rise in the future if ScrapMan decides to keep uploading content on a consistent basis.


Since revealing his face in 2017, ScrapMan has turned his look into a trademark, a valuable tool to add to his marketing arsenal. With a slender build and black hair tied into a ponytail, he is recognized by gamers around the world. There is no information on his body measurements, but according to ScrapMan himself – a career in acrobatics and circus performance taught him the value of daily calisthenics workouts, a form of exercise in which the person uses their own body weight to grow their muscles, performing push-ups, pull-ups, dips and other, similar movements.

Online Presence

As with every other streamer, ScrapMan has found social media to be a valuable tool in engaging with his audience and extending his grasp. His YouTube channel has 260,000 subscribers, and has attracted over 80 million unique views. Twitter is also one of his main outlets, where 3,400 people follow him for frequent updates. From November 2017, an Instagram profile dedicated to his two dogs, Tai and Cass has been active; it has 900 followers and is managed by his wife. He also sells official merchandise through Teespring, a popular eCommerce service.

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