• Shannon Gunz is a radio host born in Arizona, USA in 1984
• She has a YouTube channel and an Instagram page with over 85,000 followers
• She is currently in a relationship with Chad, the lead singer of a music band
• Her hobbies include travelling, attending concerts and stand up comedy nights, and drinking beer and cocktails
• She has a net worth of around $100,000 and is active on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook


Shannon Gunz Wiki Biography

Shannon Gunz was born in Arizona USA, on 8 July 1984, zodiac – Cancer; nationality – American. She is popular for being a radio host.

Childhood and education

Shannon is quite secretive when it comes to her parents and does not talk about them, however, she sometimes uploads pictures onto her Instagram account of herself with her parents– and with Milly the Metal Dog. Shannon hasn’t mentioned having any siblings.

Shannon was always interested in working at a radio station, as her father would usually grab a radio and listen to talk shows – Shannon would sit next to him and they would listen to them together. Although her future plans differed from those other children had, Shannon did not mind this, and neither did her peers –apparently she was a very sociable person in high school.

After she matriculated, Shannon decided not to attend college but to rather focus on her career of a radio host.

Shannon Gunz

Career of a radio host

Shannon launched her career soon after she was done with high school – she began working as an intern at Sirius XM in 2006, and slowly worked her way up. She moved between a couple of radio stations and channels, until she landed a job with Sirius satellite radio – she can be heard today on numerous radio stations related to music.

Thanks to her job, Shannon has had opportunities to interview numerous music icons, and she will often upload these interviews (videos and pictures) onto her Instagram account – some of the most popular people have included Jacoby Shaddix, Brent Smith, and Taylor Momsen.

Shannon is still working for the Sirius satellite radio, and doesn’t appear to be planning on switching jobs. She has a YouTube channel too, but there is only a single video on her channel entitled “Shannon Gunz – High Elevation Music Festival 2017” which has been viewed more than 5,000 times.

Love life and relationships

She often uploads pictures with her current boyfriend Chad – who goes by the name chadnesss on his Instagram account – Chad appear to be the lead singer of a music band. In a recent photo Shannon has shared with Chad on her Instagram account, she explained that the two are very happy and that she is grateful that he found her and that she found him (she is also happy that she made him a Dodgers fan).

There are no rumors regarding Shannon’s love life, as she appears to be happy with her current boyfriend Chad – she hasn’t married, and doesn’t have any kids.

Did Shannon’s husband die?

Although there are rumors on the internet that Shannon was once married, and that her husband died, these appear to be false. Shannon herself hasn’t addressed the case, but she hasn’t married,  so her husband couldn’t have died as she didn’t have one in the first place.

Hobbies and interests

Shannon’s number one hobby is travelling and sightseeing – she loves climbing high hills just to be able to watch the sunrise or sunset. She is a big animal lover, and has a dog named Milly for short, or Milly the Metal Dog in full. She enjoys attending concerts and stand-up comedy nights in local bars – Shannon is a drinker as well, and is always up for a beer or a cocktail – beer in a bar, cocktails on a beach.

Appearance and net worth

  • Shannon 35 years old
  • She has long brown hair
  • Black eyes
  • Height and weight are unknown
  • Net worth is ~$100,000

Social media presence

Launched her Twitter account in March 2009, and her caption reads ‘I am me… SiriusXM Octane, SiriusXM Turbo, and SiriusXM Ozzy’s Boneyard. Video host and Manager. I’m busy. I love my dog’ – the account is currently followed by nearly 60,000 people, while she has tweeted more than 14,000 times. She is somewhat more popular on her Instagram account which counts nearly 85,000 followers, ~2,300 pictures onto it. Have Facebook page which is currently followed by ~ 55,000 fans.

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