Lilah Minnick Gibney, a transgender model and YouTuber, hailing from Los Angeles, California, has made quite a name for herself on the internet. This trans personality has earned recognition by sharing lifestyle content through images and videos on her YouTube and Instagram accounts.

Her YouTube channel bears her name, and in 2019, she uploaded a video discussing her departure from Jake Paul’s Team 10, which garnered significant attention from the American audience, showcasing her popularity. If you’re curious about who she really is, you’re not the only one. Join us as we get to know Lilah Gibney a little bit better.

Early Personal Life

Lilah was born on 2 May 1998, in Los Angeles, and is an American through and through. Her journey of self-discovery led her to realize her true gender identity during her teenage years, a genetic inclination towards being more female than male, which prompted her decision to transition and live as a woman.

Much like many celebrities, Lilah Gibney values her privacy and prefers to keep her personal life shielded from the public eye. As a result, there is limited information available about her family.

While some reports suggest that Lilah has a brother and a sister, their names remain undisclosed.


We don’t know enough about Lilah to discuss her education. It’s unclear which school she attended, but Lilah’s path to a successful career was far from effortless. While in college, she worked at a McDonald’s restaurant, illustrating that her journey didn’t begin with a stroke of luck.


In the early stages of her gender transformation, she encountered a fair share of criticism. She claimed to have faced exclusion from a party by Jake Paul’s Team 10 because she’s transgender. According to Lilah, a Team 10 video editor named Blane O’Roark said he thought ‘real girls’ were coming to his party and then told her and her friend to leave. In video footage of the incident, Blane didn’t refute the claims, and only stated that he wasn’t trying to be disrespectful, he was only being ‘real.’

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However, her resilience prevailed, and her determination ultimately propelled her into the spotlight, establishing her as a notable Instagram personality and YouTuber.

Lilah Gibney found substantial support through social media platforms, particularly Instagram, as she pursued fame. Despite her longstanding presence on Instagram since 2012, it wasn’t until her male-to-female transition that she experienced a significant surge in recognition.

Additionally, she maintains a YouTube channel on which she shares lifestyle and beauty content, and which has garnered an impressive following, boasting over 50,000 subscribers.

Interesting Facts

Undergoing surgery is a crucial step in transitioning from male to female, and Lilah is no exception. She ‘s embarked on various surgical procedures to align her physical appearance with her true identity as a woman. Lilah is open about sharing her surgical journey, and her experiences serve as guidance for those who may be contemplating similar transformations.

She has undergone a notable six or seven surgeries in total. To achieve a more feminine look, she opted for breast augmentation surgery, though she openly admits to harboring concerns about the procedure. Additionally, she pursued stomach surgery and facial feminization surgery, both aimed at enhancing her femininity and overall fitness.

Maintaining a healthy and slim physique is vital to Lilah Gibney, and she adheres to a disciplined diet plan to achieve this.

Beyond her career, Lilah is a devoted animal lover, caring for a few furry companions in her home.

While Lilah has gained recognition in her field, it’s worth noting that she isn’t without her fair share of controversies. Accusations have surfaced of scamming individuals, including fans, family members, men, and businesses.

There have also been claims that she was banned from an airline for booking tickets with a stolen credit card. Furthermore, Lilah has been involved in heated disputes with others, contributing to a perception of her as an entitled figure in some circles.

Later Personal Life

While we suspect Lilah has had her fair share of romantic partners, she’s keeping tight-lipped about her affairs. Lilah is even silent about her current connection, and there is no formal information available regarding her present relationship, if she has one.

Physical Characteristics

Lilah is 5ft 8ins (175 cms) tall and weighs about 120lbs (54kgs). She has long blonde hair and brown eyes.

Net Worth

There are no official records of Lilah’s net worth. While some reports claim she is worth between $100k and $1 million most likely her net worth isn’t so high at this time.

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