• Veronica Black is a Canadian model, Instagram star and cosplayer
• She graduated from high school in Vancouver and attended the University of Melbourne
• She underwent plastic surgery to make her look more like Angelina Jolie
• Her hobbies include cosplay, kayaking, listening to music, and beach activities
• She is 31 years old, has long black hair, blue eyes, is 5ft 7in tall and has a net worth of around $600,000


Veronica Black (Cosplayer) Wiki Bio

Veronica Black was born in Vancouver, Canada on 31 January 1988, so under the zodiac sign of Aquarius and holding Canadian nationality – she is popular for her modelling career as well as for her Instagram account.

Early life and education

Veronika hasn’t shared much about her early life as this is something she doesn’t enjoy talking about – she was raised in a middle class family and apparently had quite a normal childhood. She went to high school in Vancouver but didn’t have great grades as she wasn’t that into studying. She wasn’t planning on becoming a model, but didn’t have any other plans either – her modelling career happened out of nowhere after she matriculated from high school in Vancouver.

Veronika doesn’t talk about her family either and nothing is known of her mother and father.

After she matriculated, Veronika enrolled at the University of Melbourne in Australia, but it is not known whether or not she graduated.

Career of a model

Veronika’s career of a model wasn’t launched instantly, but she first rather worked odd jobs such as being a shop assistant – during that time, she still didn’t plan on becoming a model. However, after people started giving her compliments and compared her to the popular actress Angelina Jolie, she started to believe herself that the two of them looked alike, which led her to undergo two plastic surgeries.

Veronika enhanced her breasts in 2011, and then in the same year got lip fillers – the procedures reputedly cost more than $18,000, but both were successful and made her look even more as Angelina Jolie. After the surgeries, Veronika launched her Instagram account and started uploading her pictures, as well as the one of her cosplaying as Lara Croft from the popular “Tomb Raider” video game, which made her somewhat famous – the now popular model is also selling her pictures of this cosplay in Etsy online store.

Veronika Black

Her career was launched when she was noticed by modelling scouts who roam the Instagram platform in search of new models – they found Veronika, and saw her cosplaying pictures, which resulted in her being invited for her first photoshoot, and after that went well, the offers rolled in, and it didn’t take long for her to become a sought-after model.

Veronika also wanted to get into acting, as that would make her look like Angelina even more, but she hasn’t been successful at that.

Love life and relationships

Veronika is very secretive when it comes to her love life, but she’s stated that it is not usually easy for her to find a boyfriend, as most men who approach her are doing it just because of her sexy looks and their sexual fantasies, but Veronika is not at all into that, and is doing cosplay because she likes it and not because she thinks it’s hot, or because it would attract men. Conversely she’s also stated that men can be somewhat afraid of her good looks, which is why they do not approach her at all – so, she’s having problems finding the right man.

Although she doesn’t talk about her love life, she is rumored to have broken up with a man in 2017 whom she dated for five years – the two were allegedly very serious about the relationship, although the man was a lot older than her, however, they split for unknown reasons.

Hobbies and interests

Veronika’s number one hobby is cosplay – she started attending cosplay events when she was still a little girl, and immediately fell in love with it; her Instagram account is filled with her cosplaying pictures. Another thing she enjoys doing is kayaking, and all other sea and ocean activities. Although it is not really an ‘activity’, Veronika also likes lying on a beach and doing nothing. She is a huge fan of music, especially old rock while her favorite band is AC (thunder) DC – she loves all animals, but cats have a special place in her heart.

Appearance and net worth

Veronika is 31 years old

Has long black hair

Blue eyes

Is 5ft 7in (1.7m) tall

Weighs ~136lbs (62kgs)

~$600,000 net worth. She is also earning an unknown amount of money thanks to her Patreon account, which has more than 210 patrons – if you use one of the monthly subscribing options she offers, you can get to see her ‘not safe for work’ (NSFW) content she explains that she does topless pictures, but not full nudity.

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