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PmsProxy (Katie) was born in Canada on 24 June 1993, so under the zodiac sign of Cancer and holding Canadian nationality – she is popular for her Twitch channel on which she mostly livestreams while playing videos games such as “Minecraft”, “DayZ”, and “ARK: Survival Evolved”. She quit YouTube two years ago, which made people wonder about what happened to her – actually nothing happened to PmsProxy, as she only moved to using the Twitch platform.

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Childhood and education

She was somewhat shy and into her own world during her high school years, as she is an artist and most artists are that way – while her peers were spending time together, playing soccer and going to parties, she was sitting outside in a park drawing landscapes and portraits of people.

Her parents have been there for her when she needed them the most and supported her until she managed to make a name for herself on the internet. While most other parents don’t understand today’s internet careers, her parents were very supportive of her even though they did not understand it either – PmsProxy was raised alongside her brother and sister.

Career of a YouTuber and Twitcher

PmsProxy launched her career on 21 December 2011, when she started uploading videos onto her YouTube channel – there are currently more than 22,000 people subscribed to it, while it counts nearly 800,000 views of all her videos combined. She launched the channel mostly to upload her “Minecraft” gameplays, which was and still is her favorite video game, however, as time went by, she began playing other games such as “DayZ” and “ARK: Survival Evolved”. She decided to move to the Twitch platform two years ago, and stopped uploading videos onto YouTube – her last video entitled “LIVE ON TWITCH NOW!” was published on 5 March 2017, and so far counts nearly 9,000 views.

Today, PmsProxy is popular for her Twitch channel which counts more than 135,000 followers, and over 8.8 million views of all her livestreams – she has also uploaded nearly 600 videos onto her channel, which are mostly focused on the “Minecraft” video game, “Grand Theft Auto V”, and “Overwatch”. In the past year, she had an average of 833 viewers per livestream, with a total of 1.3 million hours watched.

Besides her online career, PmsProxy is also an artist who draws and sells her work online.

Personal life and relationships

She often uploads pictures onto her Instagram account with a man named Farrell – who goes by the name “chairfight” on Instagram – judging by these pictures and the fact that they’ve spent the last Christmas together, it appears that the two are currently dating.


Not much is known about PmsProxy’s love life other than her relationship with , as she doesn’t talk about it – there are some rumors circulating the internet about her alleged past relationship with another YouTuber, but nothing which has been confirmed by the popular Twitcher.

Hobbies and other interests

PmsProxy is a traveler and considers it as her main hobby – pictures of her and Farrell from numerous destinations can be found on her Instagram account. She is also a lover of animals and has a Newfoundland pet dog named Bailey. She had a cat named Kovu who she had to put to sleep due to an illness he developed – she has uploaded a picture onto her Instagram account as a reminder of him with part of the caption reading ‘This image was made as a last reminder to myself and his sister Kiara that he’ll always be around no matter what. We both loved him so very much.’ She loves eating good food, and judging by her pictures, pancakes are her favorite. She enjoys being in nature, and spends her time in the woods or in the mountains –winter is her favorite time of the year. Both her and her dog seem to love the snow, and they often go ice skating.

Appearance and net worth

  • PmsProxy is just 26
  • Long brown hair which she dyes red
  • Brown eyes
  • Net worth is $400,000 as of mid-2019.

Social media presence

  • Launched her Twitter account in January 2012 and has ~23,000 followers; tweeted nearly 4,800 times
  • Instagram is followed by 8,000 people; 180 pictures
  • Facebook followed by only 200 people

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