Who is Kelly Maple?

Popular teenage YouTube star Kelli Maple was born in Boston, Massachusetts USA on the 12th of October 2001; her ethnicity is American. Ever since starting her self-titled channel in 2014, Kelly has been reviewing toys from various popular franchises such as Legos Friends, American Girl Dolls and Playmobil. She is one of the most popular YouTubers, with an avid fan base of approximately 1.1 million subscribers.

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Kelly Maple Bio: Private Life and Education

Kelli lives in Boston with her family, including an older sister named Kristin, and a younger brother, Joseph, who is also a YouTuber and has a Minecraft YouTube channel. Kelli has two cats who were featured in some of her first videos on YouTube when she started the account and it only served for fun. She is currently going in High School. Kelli never spoke about her love life and it’s unknown if she’s currently dating anyone.

She has an Instagram account with around 44,000 followers, on which she’s mostly been posting pictures of her dolls, of which she has a considerable collection. Kelli is open and friendly to her fans, especially because they are mostly children – recently she posted a picture with a girl named Sarah who had travelled more than 1.5 hours just to meet with her. Kelly was deeply honored by this gesture and thought of it to be very cute.

She often hangs out in Target with her brother Joseph, where she also encounters a lot of her fans, who can always count on getting a picture with her. She is very close to her grandmother who she calls Nana and they often play with her doll toys. Her favorite doll is Max, who looks like a very realistic toddler with blonde hair.

Kelli Maple

Her favorite artist is Brandon Urie from the band ‘Panic at the Disco’. Last year she attended their concert with her brother and was fascinated with the way Brandon was behaving, especially the compassion and love he showed towards everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation, which she pointed out. Kelli herself plays the piano, and attends piano classes.

Kelly loves animals, and besides her cats, she has a dwarf hamster called Nugget, which she says hates having her picture taken, but that she is also very curious, soft and sweet. Kelli also has a little beta fish who she named Crouton, and two more called Lapis and Emerald.

Kelly is very considerate, and tries to pay attention to and highlight the relevant things. She was sharing with her fans the awareness of Down syndrome and gun awareness. On 14 March 2018 Kelli invited all of her followers to join her on a National School Walkout day, when at 10 am for 17 minutes children all over the country walked out of school to remember those who died in the Parkland shooting, in the hope of making the Congress see how many efforts were being taken against current gun laws, or lack of them.

Career and Net Worth

As every teenager, Kelly was initially amused by YouTube, and at the age of thirteen decided to open a channel of her own. The first videos she posted were about her cats, entitled ‘Mittens attacks and cleans her toes’, ‘Mimi Walks’ and ‘Cute cat Mittens talks about birds’. Kelly started becoming more popularity when she uploaded videos in which she would review toys, at the beginning those that she was playing with. Her favorites at that time were from the Playmobil franchise, and Kelli uploaded multiple videos featuring Playmobil TV as well. Some of them are ‘Playmobil TV: Swimming’, ‘Playmobil TV: The Messy House’ and ‘Playmobil TV: The Missed Bus’. Afterwards Kelli started uploading several videos of her reviewing their toys, most popular being ‘Playmobil School Review’, ‘Review of Playmobil Summer Fun Hotel’ and ‘Playmobil Amusement Park Review’.

Other popular toys she has reviewed are Little Live Pets Birds, Shopkins, Surprise Toys, Legos and American Girl Dolls; her favorite kind of toys are those that look like real babies. Kelly was one of the participants of the exclusive influence Clamour conference in 2018. Her mom and sister were with her as she considers her family to be her greatest support.

Joseph and Kelly have a joint Instagram account called ‘Squelchyslimes’ which has around 7,000 followers, and on which they post slime related videos.

Authoritative sources have estimated that Kelli’s net worth is very close to $700,000 as of mid-2019, mostly accumulated from her online activities in just the last five years.

Kelly Maples Body Measurements, Height and Weight

Kelly appears very tall for a girl of her age, however her exact height is unknown; she weighs around 99lbs(45kgs). Kelly has brown hair and brown eyes.


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