• Mel Joy is a 19-year-old American YouTuber, vlogger, influencer, fashionista and social media personality
• She was born and grew up in San Mateo, California
• She started her YouTube career in 2014 and has two channels with over a million subscribers
• She is active on various social media platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook
• She has an estimated net worth of $200,000


Who is Mel Joy?

Born on 2 August 1999 in San Mateo, California USA, under the outgoing and dazzling sign of Leo, Melody “Mel” Joy is a 19-year-old American YouTuber, vlogger, influencer, fashionista and social media personality. Since her YouTube debut in 2014, she’s become one of the most popular beauty and comedy vloggers; on her two channels, you can find content such as travel stories, challenges, make-up advice and even tags. The variety of subjects and her consistency have impressed mainly teenage viewers, young women and fashion aficionados. Four years into her career, she reached the milestone of a million subscribers on her main channel.

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Early Life and Education: Growing Up in California

Mel was born into an American family and spent most of her childhood in the town of San Mateo, located in the San Francisco Bay Area. There aren’t many details available about this period of her life, as Mel wants to maintain her privacy – this makes sense, as enormous pressure and a lack of privacy can be detrimental to the mental health of such a young person. By Mel’s own account, she has been ‘obsessed with makeup’ ever since she was a child, mainly because of the influence of Linda Joy, her mother. Ever since 2008, Mel dreamed of having a YouTube channel, but her parents didn’t allow her to start one, because she was too young to understand the perils of the Internet. Mel grew up with a brother, MJ and a sister named Allie.

Career Beginnings: First Videos and Immediate Impact

After graduating from middle school, Mel decided she had enough time (and the permission of her mom and dad) to devote herself to YouTube. On 13 April 2014, she created her account entitled “memyselfandmell”, which stayed empty until 3 July 2014, when she uploaded her first video – “Advice With Mel: Middle School✎”. In this debut, Mel gave advice to those still in middle school, based on her personal experiences. The video gained immediate traction, as viewers of all ages praised her responsible outlook and emphasis on education – as of May 2019, the video has 100,000 views. Following her advice for middle schoolers, Mel uploaded two more videos “iPhone case collection! (2014)”, and “BEST FRIEND TAG” soon afterwards, both of which further increased Mel’s popularity. It’s a rarity to see a YouTuber keep their early videos on their channel, just like she did.

Melody “Mel” Joy

Amassing Popularity: Different Videos and Working on Her Editing Skills

At first, Mel couldn’t believe that people were legitimately interested in her videos, but regardless, she kept uploading on a weekly basis to see how her viewers responded. Afterwards, she adopted the typical beauty YouTuber routine, focusing on “what’s on my phone?” videos, make-up routines, and several challenges that were popular back in 2015. In every video, it’s evident that her editing skills have been improving; she included various animation, and started experimenting with fast-paced video layouts, with multiple camera angles in some instances.

Rising Up: Mel Joy Vlogs

This sudden fame lead to Mel starting a second channel, entitled Mel Joy Vlogs. Her first channel included more general videos, related to pop culture, music and fashion, but she cleverly realized that people began to view her as a celebrity, so she used Mel Joy Vlogs as an outlet for more personal videos, mostly related to travels and everyday life. Her most popular videos include “RUSHED TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM STORYTIME + LIFE UPDATE”, where she updates fans about health problems, and “UNOFFICIAL FILMING ROOM TOUR!! // VLOGMAS DAY 6♡”. Fans also adore her nine-vlog series about her trip to Florida – in every video, Mel assumes a slightly nervous, cheerful tone which resonated with viewers even as she’s got older. It is also interesting to see that Mel manages to reveal tidbits about her everyday routine, without anyone finding out too much about her personal life. Around this time, she hired a manager to handle her affairs.

Personal Life: Does Mel Joy Have a Boyfriend?

There is no reliable information on Mel’s current relationships status. We do know that she has had two boyfriends, whom she mentioned in her videos and on Instagram. The first was a boy named Harrison, with other details being unavailable. Additionally, she had a short relationship with 19-year-old YouTuber, vlogger and musician, Giovanny Alexis Valencia, better known as Gio2saucy. He has more than a million likes on TikTok, as well as a popular pop/ hip-hop song named “Sleepovers”, which has amassed 200,000 views on YouTube. As of May 2019 and still not 20, Mel is probably single – her vlogging career takes up a lot of her time so she seems to be focused solely on working and her best friends. She currently lives in Las Vegas, after having spent 18 years in the Bay Area.

Body Measurements: How Tall is Mel Joy?

Mel Joy is 5ft 5in (165cm) tall, her weight is around 121 lbs (55kgs), and her vital statistics are 33-25-35. With eyes that are both light blue and grey, she has considered modeling for makeup brands. She also has blonde hair, and at least one tattoo at an unspecified location.


What is Mel Joy’s Net Worth?

According to authoritative sources, Mel Joy has an approximate net worth of $200,000, accumulated through product promotion, video monetization and other YouTube-related activities.

Online Presence

Like every other online celebrity, Mel has understood the importance of engaging her audience through different platforms in order to maximize revenue and increase her popularity. Mel Joy, her main YouTube account, now has 1.3 million subscribers with 90 million unique views of her uploads, while her other channel Mel Joy Vlogs, has 270,000 active subscribers and has attracted five million views. Mel is also active on social media; Her Snapchat “mymyselfandmell” is popular with fans, on Instagram, Mel has 440,000 followers, with her Twitter following suit, coming in at 130,000 followers. There is also her official Facebook page, which is relatively new and ‘liked’ by over 16,000 users.

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