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Who is Dorothy Hamill?

Dorothy Stuart Hamill was born on the 26th July 1956, in Chicago, Illinois USA, and is a retired figure skater, perhaps best known to the world for winning the gold medals in the 1976 Olympic Games and World Championship the same year in ladies’ singles. Since then, Dorothy has participated in numerous ice skating shows, such as Broadway on Ice, and was also the headliner for Ice Capades, among many other differing accomplishments.

Posted by Dorothy Hamill on Friday, November 14, 2014

Where Is Dorothy Hamill Today?

Dorothy hasn’t been seen on ice for quite some time; back in 2010, she announced that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer, and since then has recovered, though she has continued to struggle with depression which she has battled for the majority of her adult life.  Nevertheless, she still finds a way to enjoy her life with her husband John MacColl, who she married in 2009.

Dorothy Hamill Bio: Early Life, Parents, Siblings, and Education

The youngest of three children born to Chalmers and Carol Hamill, she has a sister Marcia, and a brother named Sandy; although born in Chicago, she spent her childhood in Greenwich, Connecticut as the entire family moved there soon after Dorothy’s birth. Dorothy started ice skating an early age, as she was enrolled into a group class, and after only a year her interest in ice skating had increased to the point where her family hired a private coach, on which her father would spend almost $20,000. As she was becoming more focused on figure skating, this put a strain on her education, and as a result she was forced to leave regular school, but eventually matriculated from Colorado Academy. Four years after first donning ice skates, Dorothy first gained national fame when she became novice ladies champion at the US Championships. The same year, Dorothy made her first appearance at Madison Square Garden as a part of an exhibition tour, which would later become Champions on Ice.

Olympic Gold and World Champion

Dorothy progressed rapidly, being taught by Gustave Lussi and Otto Gold, and was dominant at junior level, finishing second at the 1970 Championships, and the following year becoming a professional. Her coach then became Carlo Fassi, and during the ‘70s, Dorothy enjoyed the most successful years of her career. Her first medal was at the World Championships in 1974 in Munich, where she won the silver, and the following year silver again, this time in Colorado Springs, while in 1976 she won gold medals at the Winter Olympics, held in Innsbruck, and a gold medal at the World Championships held in Gothenburg, so becoming a national hero. During her performance at the Winter Olympics, Dorothy became the last single skater to win the gold medal without a triple jump, however, she was credited for creating a new skating move named after her – Hamill camel – the move starts with a camel spin and then turns into a sit spin.

Ice Capades and Other Projects

Following the Olympics, Dorothy left figure skating and became a part of Ice Capades, after being asked to join the troupe by Donna Atwood. For the next seven years, Dorothy was the star of the show, but then the troupe ceased to exist and though Dorothy tried to revive it in the early ‘90s, she and her then-husband failed in their efforts and eventually sold the Ice Capades name to Pat Robertson’s International Family Entertainment Inc. Despite the failure, Dorothy continued with her skating endeavors, and was a part of Broadway on Ice for several years, and appeared in the Brian Boitano-Barry Manilow skating extravaganza at AT&T Park in San Francisco in 2007. Since 2010, Dorothy started having health problems which hindered her performances, and until 2013 couldn’t have been seen anywhere, until her appearance in the sixteenth season of the popular show “Dancing with the Stars”. Unfortunately, she and her partner Tristan MacManus had to withdraw from the competition, as Dorothy severely strained her lower back, and since when Dorothy hasn’t skated. Instead, she was a part of the Food Network TV show “Chopped”, showcasing her cooking skills next to several other celebrities, including LaMarr Woodley, Mariel Zagunis and Paige VanZant. She was eliminated third, just one round before the finals, losing to Paige VanZant.

Do You Know How Rich Dorothy Hamill is Today?

Dorothy retired from skating some time ago, and even declared bankruptcy at one point in her life, but has managed to recover from that. According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Hamill’s net worth is as high as $5 million dollars, which is still pretty impressive, don’t you think?

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Dorothy Hamill Personal Life, Marriage, Divorce, Ex-Husband Dean Paul Martin

Dorothy has been quite open about the ups and downs that happened to her; we spoke about her depression, which has followed her through the majority of her adult life, but which she manages to keep it under control through medication and therapy. Dorothy has been married three and divorced twice – her first husband was the critically acclaimed singer and actor Dean Paul Martin, the son of Dean Martin, but their marriage lasted for only two years, between 1982 to 1984. Three years later Dorothy married Kenneth Forsythe, with whom she welcomed a daughter, Alexandra, before their divorce in 1995. Since 2009 she has been married to John MacColl. You can find out more about Dorothy’s life in her autobiographies “On and Off the Ice” and “A Skating Life: My Story”.

Internet Popularity

Dorothy has been quite popular on social media platforms, especially Twitter and Facebook, on which thousands of people enjoy her posts. Her official Twitter account has over 11,000 followers, with whom she has shared her most recent personal endeavors, including her talk about how she survived breast cancer. Dorothy is also active on Facebook, on which she has just over 10,000 followers, with whom she has spoken about her struggles with depression and success as a figure skater and her life in the whole.

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