• Adriana Alencar is a Brazilian model, actress, dancer, and professional cosplayer.
• She moved to Harbin, China after high school to pursue her dreams.
• Adriana gained fame by uploading cosplay pictures to Instagram and was noticed by modelling scouts.
• She is also a YouTuber with over 125,000 views on her three videos.
• She is active on social media with over 200,000 followers on Instagram, 1,800 followers on Twitter, and over 115,000 followers on Facebook.


Who is Adriana Alencar? Wiki Biography

Adriana was born in Brazil on 30 September 1988, so under the zodiac sign of Libra and holding Brazilian nationality – she is popular for her Instagram account as well as for her modelling career. Adriana is also an actress, dancer, and a professional cosplayer.

Childhood and education

Adriana does not enjoy sharing her personal matters with the public and she therefore hasn’t talked about her early life. It is known that she spent her entire childhood in Brazil and loved watching animated movies such as those made by Disney and Pixar, while she also enjoyed watching animes and Japanese animated movies. Her passion towards Japanese animation grew stronger over the years, and she decided to move to Harbin in China as soon as she was able to live on her own.

Adriana doesn’t talk about her parents either, but they have been supportive of her and her career over the years, and respected her decision to move to China – she hasn’t mentioned having any siblings which is why people consider her to be an only child.

After Adriana matriculated from a local high school in Brazil, she decided not to enroll at college but to pursue her dreams – it was then that she moved to live in China.

Career of a model

Although Adriana was attending cosplay events and was somewhat popular before the launch of her Instagram account, her career was not ade official until she uploaded her first picture onto the popular platform in September 2016. Before she gained recognition, she worked numerous jobs such as being a waitress just so she could support herself financially, and be able to pay for her cosplay costumes.

After she began uploading her cosplaying pictures onto her Instagram account, it didn’t take long for her to gather quite a number of followers and to be noticed by modelling scouts – she was invited to do her first photoshoots while being allowed to wear her cosplay costumes. After a few of these photoshoots went really well, she was invited for several more, and steadily became a sought-after model.

Adriana Alencar

Today, Adriana is still a popular cosplayer who does not usually skip any cosplaying events, but also acts, and is a model. She is a YouTuber too, who launched her channel on 11 February 2018 but the number of people currently subscribed to her channel isn’t shown – however, she has gathered more than 125,000 views of all her three videos combined. Her most popular video (and also her last) entitled “E Silicone?!” was published on 7 March 2018, and has so far been viewed more than 67,000 times.

What is Cosplay?

Cosplay was officially coined in Japan in 1984 but it has roots in 1939 when people dressed in futuristic costumes during the first World Science Fiction Convention held in New York City. Even though the term was created in 1984, cosplaying did not become popular until the mid-90s – it first started to spread in Japan, then people all around Asia joined in the fun, and then it spread to Europe and across the ocean to America. There are numerous cosplay events organized all over the world every year, and there are people who organize their own private cosplaying events. Many websites are created only for cosplaying and offer tips and advices on how to create a costume and what does it exactly take to be a good cosplayer. People who are cosplayers mostly choose anime characters to dress as, but they also choose movie, game, cartoons, comic books, manga, and TV series characters as well.

Personal life and relationships

She is currently rumored to be single as people believe that her boyfriend wouldn’t allow her to still be as active on the internet as she is today.

Conversely, she is also rumored to be currently dating another YouTuber who is a gamer and also an anime lover – the two allegedly met during one of the cosplay events they both attended. Adriana’s fans have stated to have seen the two walking together numerous times in the past six months meaning that they have been going out for longer than that, however, none of this has been confirmed by the popular model and cosplayer.

Adriana still appears to be single, hasn’t married, and doesn’t have any kids.

Hobbies and other interests

Adriana’s number one passion is cosplaying and she has undergone plastic surgery to enhance her breasts only so she could be better at it, and to be able to dress as female characters from animes who have big breasts. She is very fond of the outdoors and spending her time in nature, but is not always happy about the attention her boobs attract – she is a lover of all animals but doesn’t seem to have a pet. Travelling is another thing she likes to do, and she often flies to places where the cosplay events are being held – this is one thing she likes about modelling as well, as she gets to see numerous attractive destinations without having to pay anything, but on the contrary, she gets paid for it.

Appearance and net worth

Adriana is currently 30 years old. She has light red hair but it is not known whether or not that is her natural color – she has brown eyes while her height and weight are unknown.

As of mid-2019, net worth is ~$700,000. She is also making money on her Patreon account, which currently counts 244 patrons – thanks to them, she receives at least $488 every month.

Her subscription options vary between Level 02 – Beloved Noob ]” – $2 or more per month – special video for you in which she says ‘thank you’, access to all of her old photos, and early access to photos she uploads onto her Instagram account; and “[ The One Above All ]” – $2,500 or more per month – her caption about this subscription option reads ‘If you achieve this tier, please private message me. I’m not sure what reward I could give you, but we’ll talk about it. I love you.’

Real or fake?

There hasn’t been much debate about whether or not Adriana has undergone breast surgery – it is just not known when. Due to the size of her breasts, it is rumored that her surgeon was against implants that big but Adriana wanted to risk it anyway, and everything seems to have turned out alright. It is not known if she has enhanced any other part of her body.

Social media presence

  • Her Twitter created in February 2018; have 1,800 followers; tweeted ~240 times
  • Her Instagram account is followed by ~200,000 people; uploaded almost 400 pictures

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