• Asian Andy is a YouTuber born in Los Angeles, California who moved there from Asia before he was born.
• He has been uploading videos since 2006 and has over 750,000 subscribers and 70 million views.
• He is part of the Purple Army group which is an advocate for mental health.
• Asian Andy is known to enjoy weight-lifting and playing basketball.
• His net worth is estimated to be around $180,000.


Who is Asian Andy?

Asian Andy (his real name is Steven) was born in Los Angeles, California USA on 18 August 1994, so under the zodiac sign of Leo and holding American nationality – he is popular for his YouTube channel, on which he mostly uploads videos of his everyday life.

Early life and education

Asian Andy grew up in a middle-class family in Los Angeles with his parents who moved there from Asia before he was born. He didn’t have a fun time at school, as he was bullied by a couple of other students but soon managed to find comfort on the internet. He had no idea he was going to become a popular YouTuber and had completely different plans for himself, however, when he had to choose between college and YouTube, he chose YouTube and hasn’t regretted it so far.

His Career on YouTube

One can say that Asian Andy’s career was launched on the very day he launched his YouTube channel on 1 June 2006, however, he didn’t really start uploading videos frequently until 2017 – he has so far managed to gather more than 750,000 subscribers and over 70 million views on all his videos combined. Some of his most popular videos feature him pulling pranks on Uber drivers as that’s something he enjoys doing the most. Asian Andy is also part of the Purple Army group, which is made up of people who are big fans of the popular YouTuber Ice Poseidon – Asian Andy is not only his fan, but is also his friend.

Besides his main channel, Asian Andy is also running his other “Asian Andy Live” channel, which he launched on 2 August 2017 and has so far gathered over 90,000 subscribers and nearly two million views on his videos. The reason why people love Asian Andy is the fact that he does live video blogs on this channel which are more than four hours long, and during these hours, he talks to his fans, answers their questions, and responds to their Memes.

Purple Army group

Purple Army is a group of people who are ‘fancying’ the popular YouTuber Ice Poseidon – they use purple color as their symbol because Poseidon’s hair color is purple. Poseidon’s daily streams usually manage to gather over 60,000 people watching at the same time, which not a lot of YouTubers get to brag about.

Members of the Purple Army are known to be advocates for mental health, and are supporting people suffering from anxiety, autism, and addiction to numerous things – this is due to Poseidon having Asperges syndrome which is a type of Autism. Some people say that Asian Andy became popular mostly thanks to the Purple Army and not only himself, but all members of the group are said to have become popular only thanks to the group.

The group even has its own official rapper who is EbZ, who was once Poseidon’s Uber driver.

Is Asian Andy dating anyone?

Some rumors say that Andy might be gay, but this is only because he has never mentioned seeing any girl in the past or at present – Andy has never addressed these rumors so none of this can be confirmed.

Asian Andy

Fun and problems while paying a debt

Something funny happened when Asian Andy had to pay a $1,400 debt to Hampton Brandon – he tried to pay the debt in $1 bills which made Brandon mad. He wasn’t happy about the joke but it appears that the two have fixed the problems between them, as they have both been featured in one another’s videos after the joke.

His interests and likes

Asian Andy loves listening to music, especially to old school hip hop. Even though he might not look as a person who enjoys exercising, he does weight-lifting on a daily basis – he is said to be using the Adderall drug, and sometimes smokes medical cannabis. Besides this, Andy is known to enjoy playing basketball, and loves travelling as well.

Appearance and net worth

Asian Andy is 24 years old

Red hair (he often dyes his hair a different color while his current color is red)

Brown eyes

Net worth is ~$180,000

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