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Who is Chris Stirewalt?

Christopher W. Stirewalt was born on 17 November 1975, in Wheeling, West Virginia USA, and is a journalist, television personality and host, and editor, best known for his work as the digital political editor for the Fox News Channel. He was also the political editor for “The Washington Examiner”.

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The Net Worth of Chris Stirewalt

How rich is Chris Stirewalt? As of mid-2018, sources inform us of a net worth that is over $6 million, mostly earned through a successful career in journalism. He also has various investments, particularly in real estate. As he continues his endeavors, it is expected that his wealth will also continue to increase.

Education and Early Career

Chris attended Whitfield School in his hometown of Wheeling, then moved to The Linsly School after a year. He matriculated from high school in 1993, and then enrolled at Hampden-Sydney College, completing his bachelor’s degree in 1997. Shortly afterwards, he started working at the local newspaper called the “Wheeling Intelligencer”, then after a year he moved to work for the “Charleston Daily Mail”, which he served as a political editor. He stayed with Charleston Daily Mail for six years, then moved on to the “West Virginia Media” in 2004. His tenure with that paper lasted for three years, after which he was employed by the “Washington Examiner”, continuing his work as a political editor for the next three years. In 2010, he took a job opportunity with the Fox News Channel, where he still works as a digital political editor.

Later Career

Stirewalt has appeared in front of the camera numerous times, and is now the co-host of the popular podcast entitled “I’ll Tell You What” on the Fox News Channel, alongside Dana Perino; the show was particularly widely watched during the 2016 presidential campaign. Stirewalt and Perino have good chemistry as they had previously worked on the show “The Kelly File”. Aside from these, he also works on the online video series entitled “Power Play”, which is often featured on FoxNews.com. He also writes daily political news, including the Fox News Halftime Report. It is known that he earns a salary of around $1 million a year thanks to his work with the Fox News Channel. He also gains money from sponsorships and advertisements on his shows, and has also appeared in other shows, including “Special Report with Bret Baier”, and “Fox News Sunday” alongside Chris Wallace. He is also invited onto panels to provide political analysis about the latest in the world of politics.

Aside from his work in the news, he also endeavored to look for other opportunities to increase his net worth. In the last few years, he has started delving into investments, particularly in real estate which has helped his wealth rise significantly.

Political Stance and Personal Life

Chris is known to be a Democrat, as seen especially through his support of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and subsequent presidency. However, his comments regarding Trump and his support of some of the President’s criticized decisions has also brought criticism his way. Many people question this stance, as sometimes he shows an unbiased way of stating the President’s actions, meaning that he might not totally agree with the current reign in America.

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As for his romantic life, there were rumors floating around that he had a romantic connection with Dana Perino, especially due to their on-screen chemistry, but these rumors were debased as it was revealed that Dana has been married since 1998. Sources believe that Chris is single, though at one point he tweeted about his children singing, which lead many to believe that he may be a single father taking care of his children; not so!

Is Chris Stirewalt on Social Media?

Similar to numerous journalist personalities, Chris is active online through having a social media account on Twitter, which he mainly uses to provide comments about recent political events, and a few quotes from other political personalities. He also promotes his work with Dana Perino as their podcast “I’ll Tell You What” continues to stay strong.

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Aside from his Twitter account, videos of him are available on the Fox News website as well as on YouTube, which often shows clips of his appearances on television. He rarely shows any personal pictures, and one of the reasons there is little information about his family is because he does not mention anything about his personal life.


  1. Richard Rotella Reply

    Chris Stirewalt displays an ineluctible glee and schadenfreud whenever the news about Trump is negative.
    Chris…it’s time to come out of the closet and admit your contempt of Trump and that you’re a confirmed liberal-progressive.

  2. Chick Bowers Reply

    Chris is quite the Ghost..Very much a Liberal Democrat posing as middle of the road.Coward!

  3. chip johnson Reply

    chris along with well over half the people at Fox are liberal democrats. That is better then the rest of the media where about 95% are worthless liberals.

  4. I think Chris Stirewalt has a right to his opinions and to broadcast them, just as do I. Of course, my wife often says of me: “George is to the right side of Atilla the Hun.” I did not personally know Atilla, so won’t comment on that. When I was a Cub & BOY & Explorer SCOUT, we dated girls, not guys. I think the most exciting thing about the opposite sex is that they are NOT like us guys. Halelujah! How absolutely boring life would be with only MEN walking around. Real women probably agree. @DanzGeorge

  5. zoilin cruz Reply

    His disdain for President Trump is more than obvious and noticeable. Nothing fair about him.

  6. Chris Stirewalt is now testifying for the Fake January 6th Committee, Ilm sure he’s giving his liberal view.

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