• Bernard “Chubbyemu” was born in 1984 and grew up in the US
• He has a Ph.D. in Medicine and is a Clinical Adjunct Professor
• His YouTube channel has 81 million views and 300 videos
• He is active on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook
• He has a net worth of $350,000

Known for movies

Chubbyemu is a popular YouTuber, who uploads many videos on medical topics since he is a doctor in real life. He started his channel on YouTube with “Let’s play” videos, but then switched to medical themes and achieved great success. Let’s find out more about his real name, age, girlfriend and net worth.

Early life, family

Bernard “Chubbyemu” was born under the sign of Virgo on 14 September 1984, in the United States – his real surname is unknown for the moment. He now resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His parents came from Taiwan to the US in 1975 with only $300 in their pockets – his mother was the youngest daughter in the family, and according to old Tai traditions, she wasn’t supposed to get any inheritance from her family. Bernard’s father was the oldest son in his family, but his relatives were strongly against him leaving Taiwan, so they told him they were not going to support him or give him anything if he left. So when they arrived in the US, they had to sleep at Bernard’s uncle’s couch, while his father was getting a degree in nuclear engineering, and his mother worked in a bank. Bernard said that this taught him and his sibling sister to clench their teeth and to go your way to your dream life, for which he felt very grateful, and used this pattern in his future life, overcoming many difficulties in his own way. Bernard once mentioned in one of his Instagram posts that no one in his life who he had taken seriously, had ever told him he couldn’t do something. He always felt much support from his family and close friends, so it took him to little time to recover from a failure, or from an uncomfortable situation.


Bernard matriculated from his local high school in 2002. In the last two years of school he worked at three jobs for more than 80 hours a week, and felt exhausted, and could have quit one of them since he had enough money, but giving up was not his thing – so he held all three positions, studying at school at the same time. Later he entered the University of Illinois, and graduated in 2006, eventually getting his Ph.D. and becoming a Clinical Adjunct Professor.



Medical career

After graduating from the University of Illinois, Bernard started working in the field of medicine, having been an intern in a pharmaceutical company in Chicago. Then he turned his career path to the sphere of toxicology, and it helped him to face the most awkward situations, when people got into trouble by drinking poisonous liquids: in such cases Bernard could see with his own eyes what happens with their internal organs, and it helped him considerably in his future YouTube career. Later he switched his attention to the sphere of oncology and began working in that field, and where his main specialization is now, which means his work is connected with the results of experimental and clinical research in hematology and oncology, working hand in hand with experimental therapeutics in chemotherapy and immunotherapy.

YouTube career

His YouTube channel called “Chubbyemu” was created on 25 September 2015. Bernard said that he created it to have something that he could call his own, to leave traces after him. His subscribers increased very slowly, such that he even wanted to delete his channel, and didn’t upload any videos for a whole month in December 2016 while deciding on a new approach. Quitting YouTube was not acceptable to him, so he decided to switch from video games videos to popular medicine topics. Bernard is now famous for his breaking down the medical terminology in his videos and explaining the Latin or other linguistic roots of a word, explaining the names of diagnosis and other interesting medical terminology. In 2019 his channel has around 300 videos which in general have attracted more than 81 million views, many of which now tell the stories of people who faced awkward situations and needed medical help. His new videos such as “A Dad Mistakenly Drank A Lava Lamp At Bedtime. This Is What Happened To His Kidneys” and “A Toddler Chewed Lead Paint Off His Toys. This Is What Happened To His Brain” have over two million views in just a couple of months.

Fat loss story

There was a period in Bernard’s life when he decided he had to lose some weight as it was more than 220lbs (99kgs), admitting that he often felt he was about to give up. Though he had a special plan for weight loss and had several specialists who worked with him he didn’t feel strong enough to accomplish his goal. He felt hungry all day long when he was on his caloric deficit, every meal was not enough for him to feel full, and he had a lot of cardio sessions, which were quite exhausting, up to 11 a week. His coach Shelby Starnes helped him a lot and guided him through his weight loss way. Bernard shared that he needed the help of experts because he strongly believed that watching a couple of videos on YouTube didn’t make you an expert in anything, so he doesn’t advise anyone to use tips and advice from YouTube which relate to one’s health or treatment. At the end of his journey, he weighed around 163lbs (73kgs) and felt much better since he wasn’t on his caloric deficit anymore. He shared his way on his YouTube channel, making a lot of Q&A videos and update videos.

Personal life

Bernard once shared that social life was not so important for him since he enjoyed his jobs and the things he did alone. He says that all his friends are 20+ years older than him, they all have families and kids and he was lucky if they had an opportunity to meet at a dinner once a month. He’s never mentioned that he has a girlfriend or wife, saying many times that his professional work and YouTube take all his time. He doesn’t have any kids.

Hobbies and interesting facts

According to his own words, Bernard’s biggest hobby is playing video games., which he started in 2004 when such games as “Half Life 2”, “Halo 2” and “World of Warcraft: Cataclysm” were launched. Recently he has been playing such games as “Overwatch” and “The Last Guardian”. He does some bodybuilding with his coach Shelby Starnes when he is in his program of losing or gaining weight. Bernard also mentioned he loved travelling and taking pictures, and would like to spend more time doing it, but doesn’t have that spare time.

Social media presence

Bernard is quite active on various social media platforms. Besides his main social media account on YouTube which has more than 1.1 million subscribers, he also has an Instagram account on which he mostly shares selfies with some thoughtful and motivational messages and new video announces; the profile is followed by 3,600 people. He also has a Twitter account which is read by more than 6,500 followers, and his Facebook page is followed by around 2,000 people.


Bernard has short dark-brown hair and brown eyes. He is around 5ft 4ins (1.65m) tall and now weighs around 163lbs (73kgs) since going through his weight loss program. As for his clothing style, he prefers classical looks and often wears shirts, trousers and blazers.

Net worth

According to authoritative sources, Bernard has managed to accumulate a net worth estimated to be around $350,000, from his YouTube channel which brings him around $6,500 per month, and from his professional medical activities, working full-time at the hospital. Bernard was highly motivated by achieving the milestone of one million subscribers on his YouTube channel, so he is most likely to continue uploading videos, which means his net worth is only going to grow in future.



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  1. Bernard is 6 feet tall… he has said it several time in his videos…

  2. Kat Shedunkins Reply

    He references an old girlfriend in his weight loss video.

  3. Bernard is helping people not kill themselves by over consumption.
    There is a fallacy in the human experience that if a little is good ,more is better and a huge amount more is fantastic.
    The real world is defined by balance.
    Once human beings consume anything out of balance with what their bodies can stand ,they will damage it .
    His video on the man who mass consumed vitamin c gummies and zinc is outstanding.
    Others have paid HUGE negative health prices that caused those warnings to be put there.
    There are no shortcuts to maintaining good health.
    Handfuls of vitamins won’t get you there.
    Good health requires you WORK AT IT EVERYDAY.
    kind of sucks but that’s the truth.
    Many thanks to Bernard for putting out simple entertaining truthful videos to help people he will never know.
    He’s making a positive difference in the world everyday.

    • yup .. i agree. bernard has taught me alot of medical stuff that i never thought i would know and understand. to me he seems like a good doctor and a good man in general. thank you bernard

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