Who is Exploring with Josh?

Josh – surname unknown – was born on 20 March 1993, in Rhode Island, USA, and is a YouTube personality, best known for his channel called Exploring with Josh in which he focuses on exploring abandoned and forgotten locations. He’s also done video blog (vlog) videos of himself travelling to many unusual locations.

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The Net Worth of Exploring with Josh

How rich is Exploring with Josh? As of mid-2019, sources inform us of a net worth that is over $800,000, earned largely through a successful career on YouTube. His coverage of previously unknown, or unloved and  abandoned places has gained him a lot of attention while it has also attracted controversy.

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As he continues his career, it is expected that his wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life and YouTube Beginnings

There is almost no information about Josh’s past before his rise to fame online on YouTube, as he prefers to keep most about that part of his life away from the public. It is known that he is of French Canadian and Ukrainian descent, was raised in Rhode Island by his parents alongside two brothers; there are no details shared about his education.

It is known that at a young age he loved to dance and enjoyed breakdancing, which led him to learn more and develop his skills in the street dance. Eventually, he saw the potential for sharing his skills as a b-boy through the website YouTube. The website is one of the most popular on the internet with it being ranked as second in terms of traffic by Alexa Internet. Users can create and upload their own videos to their own channel for others to view.

Exploring with Josh

Over the years, the website has grown in terms of content with numerous types of videos now available, some of which include educational videos, vlogs, television show clips, movie trailers, live streams, and many more.

Exploring with Josh

His interests in breakdancing would recede as he grew older, and his ties with his b-boy group also started to fade, leading him to grow tired of making breakdancing videos on YouTube. One of the other interests which he developed in the meantime was vlogging, as he wanted to share some of his travel experiences online.

This led him to create his second and main channel, which would become Exploring with Josh. The channel started out with him doing vlogs of himself travelling to various locations in the US including road trips and going cross country, and indulging in adventurous activities. However, he noticed that he started gaining attention when he documented himself being inside an abandoned asylum, in which he found creepy items. With the interest in this vlog, he decided to put more focus on those types of videos, researching other abandoned locations he could visit.

Rise to Fame and Recent Endeavors

As he created more videos of himself taking footage of abandoned or taboo places, his popularity on the site grew, and soon he had over three million subscribers. His popularity and the income he gained from his videos would help fund his further travels around the world with his camera crew. Some of his most popular videos include finding an abandoned bank, an abandoned mansion used for cultivating marijuana, his abandoned middle school, and an abandoned hospital. However, his videos have gained a lot of negative criticism as well, especially since he shoots videos without doing a lot of research, nor does he prepare a script before speaking.

This leads to a lot of moments where viewers call him dense and uneducated. He’s also been criticized for not focusing on aspects of the abandoned location which could have been very interesting for collectors, or those who know the historical values of some of the items left behind. One of his biggest controversies is that he reportedly sets up his own videos, putting in items beforehand to make them interesting. He’s been accused of putting fake blood in the locations he visits, or printing out blueprints, and placing them inside the abandoned locations to make it seem that he has just found them.

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Due to all of these criticisms, he decided to do things more naturally, making his channel more of a vlog channel while looking for abandoned locations around the world.

Personal Life and Social Media

For his personal life, not much is known in terms of Josh’s romantic relationships. A lot of sources believe that he is single, as his work likely doesn’t give him time to pursue any long term association. He also hasn’t been seen in public with any potential romantic partners. A lot of people question whether or not Josh is his real name, as they can’t find any more information about him except for his work.

Similar to numerous YouTube personalities, he is highly active online through accounts on social media. On Instagram he has over 244,000 followers, and uses the website to promote some of his work, taking photos of the abandoned locations he’s visited, while also giving a bit of insight into his activities outside of the work on his channel. He also has a Twitter account on which he has over 55,000 followers, and uses the platform to promote his work too, while also showcasing his collection of “Dragon Ball” toys. Another account he has is on Facebook. and he has over 84,000 fans on the site. He promotes his videos on YouTube there, while also selling merchandise.


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