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Who is Faze Apex?

Yousef Abdelfattah was born on 20 June 1996, in California, USA, and is a YouTube personality, best known from earning fame as a member and co-leader of the popular professional gaming group FaZe Clan. He was initially a part of the group’s “Call of Duty” team before focusing his attention on YouTube.

The Net Worth of Faze Apex

How rich is Faze Apex? As of early-2019, sources inform us of a net worth that is over $2.2 million, earned through a successful career on YouTube. His online fame and association with Faze has led him to numerous opportunities, and as he continues his career, it is expected that his wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life and Online Beginnings

Very little is known about Faze Apex’s childhood, family, and education. A lot of personal details about his life remain a mystery to the public, but it’s known that he grew up watching videos on the website YouTube during the website’s rise to fame. He was also very passionate about video games during this time, and when he saw that other gamers were making a name for themselves on YouTube, he decided to try his hand at creating videos as well.

YouTube was the idea of three former PayPal employees before it was purchased by Google at a cost of $1.65 billion. The website is now the second most popular in the world, allowing users to upload, view, rate, comment and report on videos. It also gives the capability of viewers to subscribe to other users they like. The website has become one of the main sources of video content, including live streams, music videos, video blogs, video clips, and many others. The website allows content creators to earn income through the Google AdSense program.

YouTube Content and Faze Clan

Faze Apex began his YouTube channel in 2011 under the name bananafone34, and started uploading content related to the video game “Call of Duty: Black Ops”. The video game which was released in 2010 is set during the Cold War and follows CIA operative Alex Mason as he tries to recall memories of his mission. The game received a lot of popular reviews, and within 24 hours broke the record set by “Modern Warfare 2”, its predecessor. He started posting videos doing various trick-shots, challenges, and achievements in the game which would earn him increasing popularity.

His subscriber numbers were starting to grow, and it was during this period that he caught the attention of Faze Clan, which is a professional gaming organization, consisting of both eSports competitors and entertainers. They have a presence in various professional video game tournaments, and was founded by a YouTube gaming clan consisting of Resistance, Housecat, and ClipZ. The group’s CEO, Thomas Oliveira began by recruiting various YouTubers who showed skill in the video game “Call of Duty”, hoping to create a professional team to bring to tournaments.

Faze Apex

Recent Projects

Since the creation of Faze, they have become known to participate in various first person shooter video games in competitive tournaments. Some of the video games they’ve competed in include “Counter Strike: Global Offensive”, various “Call of Duty” games, “Fortnite”, and “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds”. While Apex was initially involved with the professional side of the team, he joined many of the team’s founding members to focus more on their endeavors on YouTube, since they had already established themselves there. He became one of the leaders and co-owners of the group.

In recent years he’s been more focused on entertainment endeavors, doing reaction videos and other content. He’s also been responsible for recruiting high skilled players for Faze both for their YouTube and eSports group. Even through a dramatic change in his content, his trick-shot and gaming videos still remain as the most popular. His most popular video is one in which he features his nephew whom he calls Faze Baby. He also has a lot of videos featuring other Faze members, and while some of his recent videos are still gaming related, they aren’t as competitively focused anymore. He is known to play a lot of the video game “Fortnite” in recent months.

Personal Life and Social Media

For his personal life, not much is known about Faze Apex’s romantic relationships. He’s joked about having a girlfriend several times in his YouTube channel, often making comedic videos about a girlfriend. Many sources state that he is single and prefers not to share this aspect of his life to the public.

Similar to numerous YouTube personalities, he is highly active online through other social media websites. He has an account on Twitter in which he promotes some of his YouTube work while also promoting recent achievements of Faze professional competitors. He also does comedic tips from time to time. He also has an Instagram page on which he posts a lot of personal photos and videos, memes and a few throwback “Call of Duty’ posts. He also has a Facebook page, a Snapchat, and previously held a Vine account as well before the app shut down. Despite his fame, he is one of the Faze clan members who prefers to keep his personal life mostly private. This is why there is very little information about his endeavors away from his career, and there have been no negative rumors or news about him compared to other members of Faze, especially those on YouTube.

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