• Justene Jaro is a Filipina-American model born in 1983
• She is popular for her Instagram account and modelling career
• She has a sister who is also a model
• Justene posed for Playboy and Penthouse and appeared in the movie AWOL-72
• Her net worth is estimated at ~$200,000 and her social media presence is strong


Who is Filipina model Justene Jaro?

Justene Jaro was born in Tacloban, Philippines, on 17 November 1983, so under the zodiac sign of Scorpio but holds both American and Filipino nationalities – she is popular for her Instagram account, as well as for her modelling career.

Childhood years and education

She has a sister named Dawn Jaro, who is also a model – the two have posed together a couple of times.

Justene grew up in Atlanta, Georgia as her family moved there soon after she was born – she is said to not have been as attractive as she is today during her high school years, and that she wasn’t the favorite person at high school. She had a dream of becoming a model, and was determined to make it happen – she started going to the gym and exercising, and eating healthily, and thanks to all of that is a popular model today.

Career of a model

Justene’s career was launched while she was still attending high school, as she was invited for a couple of photoshoots which she gladly accepted. This meant that her modelling career was officially launched, but she still kept on studying as she wanted to matriculate – she posed for many popular magazines including “DSPORT” and “Playboy”. What has helped Justene the most when it comes to her career is her Instagram account, as she managed to gather quite a large fanbase in a short period of time – the reason behind this is that she uploads her hot and sexy pictures on a daily basis.

Justene Jaro

As time went by and Justene became more confident about herself and her looks, she decided to pose nude, and became an adult model in 2008 – in October of the same year, she was named the Penthouse Pet of the Month.

Even though she is not an actress, Justene appeared in the “AWOL-72” action thriller movie shot in 2015 – however, the movie is said to be a disaster, and has a 3.8/10 score on IMDb.

Love life and relationships

Rumors say that Justene is currently seeing an American man and that the two even got engaged in early 2019. We don’t know where these rumors came from, but these have not been confirmed by the popular model, as she never addresses anything related to her love life.

Other rumors claim that Justene is a lesbian or bisexual, as some people have stated that they’ve seen the popular model kissing her female girlfriends in clubs, but once again this hasn’t been confirmed by Justene.

Judging by Justene’s social media accounts and her interviews, she currently appears to be single and completely focused on her modelling; she hasn’t married, and doesn’t have any kids.

Hobbies and other interests

Justene’s main hobby is travelling and one can find her pictures taken in numerous locations around the world on her Instagram account. She is a big animal lover, and her description on Instagram reads ‘be kind to all animals’. Unlike most other people, Justene loves to walk in the rain without an umbrella, and feel the water drops on her body. She loves the beach and all the sports which can be done on it, and at the sea – she is a big fan of food, but sadly for her, she can’t eat whatever she wants because she has to stay in shape if she wants to continue working as a model.

Are Justene’s boobs real or fake?

There’s been a lot of debate among her fans as to whether or not her boobs are real or fake. Although the popular model doesn’t talk about it, it is somewhat obvious that her boobs have a perfectly round shape which one cannot achieve without having plastic surgery – this can easily be seen in the photos for which she posed nude.

Appearance and net worth

  • Justene is 35 years old
  • Long black hair
  • Brown eyes
  • 5ft 5ins (1.65m) tall
  • Weighs ~125lbs (57kgs)
  • Body is 36-25-36
  • Justene is also a fan of tattoos, and has three of them: one on her right wrist, one behind her right elbow, and another on the left rib cage
  • She’s also had her navel pierces, and has stretched her ears.
  • Net worth is ~$200,000. Most of the money she makes comes from her modelling career, however, she also makes money thanks to her Instagram account, and to the number of subscribers on her fansonly.com profile.

Social media presence

  • Launched Twitter in January 2009; gathered ~45,000 followers; tweeted ~20,000 times
  • Instagram is followed by ~210,000 people; uploaded ~ 1,100 pictures
  • Facebook is followed by ~40,000
  • Justene has a profile on onlyfans.com too, on which, if you pay a $10 monthly subscription, you get to see her hot, nude, and exclusive pictures every day

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