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Who is Jennifer Earles?

Jennifer Earles was born on the 27th April 1977, in the USA, and is perhaps most familiar to the public as the now ex-wife of the young-looking Jason Earles, who used to star as the brother Jackson in the hit sitcom “Hannah Montana”, and is also known for being Sensei Rudy in an original Disney XD series entitled “Kickin’ It”.

Early Life and Education

While not much information regarding Jennifer’s early life and education has been disclosed anywhere in the media, it is generally known that Jennifer went to the same college as her ex-husband Jason, which is where they first met; Jennifer and Jason both attended the Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Montana USA, and that concludes virtually all the available information concerning her early life.

A Tumultuous Marriage

Jason and Jennifer dated for a few of their college years, until they finally married in 2002. Over the 11 years of their marriage, the couple produced a daughter, before divorcing in 2013. The cause for the split remains unknown, but Jennifer was awarded custody of their daughter.

The Love Fruit

While Jason and Jennifer did not find eternity, they still share daughter Noah Earles, and there are still pictures across the media, showing both of her parents interacting with her.

The Rumour

Certain reputable sources have speculated that the one reason for the split of Jennifer and Jason might be the fact that Jason Earles has Parkinson’s disease, unconfirmed by either of them, but it’s known that this disease helped Jason act out the roles of characters who are significantly younger than he is, as this disease hinders the growth hormone, and thus puts aging into remission, especially on the face. Also nicknamed “The Baby-face Actor”, Jason Earles has so far not addressed this allegation.

The Breakthrough

It is an unavoidable reality that Jennifer and Jason Earles would have been less in the spotlight if not for Jason’s big role in Disney’s “Hannah Montana”. At 30 years of age, Jason had the role of Miley Cyrus’ brother, Jackson, who is actually much younger according to the script, thanks to the aforementioned trait that characterises this actor. With that also came Jennifer’s public recognition, as she was his wife at the time. Upon landing his role in the original series, he also secured his place in the franchise, and thus his success continued to grow.

The Replacement

Another rumor regarding the divorce of Jennifer and Jason Earles, is a love affair between Jason Earles and Katie Drysten. Since Jason made his relationship with Katie official immediately after divorcing Jennifer, there seems to be enough material for a scenario of this kind to gain some credibility. However, as with the previously stated public belief, any confirmation regarding the allegation is yet to be released by either side. However, Jason and Katie eventually became engaged after their four-year-long public relationship, in the February of 2017.

Jennifer Earles Net Worth

Authoritative sources have estimated that the wealth of Jennifer Earles in over $1 million, including a certain portion of Jason’s wealth at the time of their divorce. At the moment, the full extent of Jason Earles’ net worth is estimated to be around $8 million by various sources, which he mostly owes to his significant role in the “Hannah Montana” franchise, where he starred alongside the world-famous superstar Miley Cyrus.

Body Measurements, and Social Media Presence

Concerning the physical specifications of Jennifer Earles, while not much information has been disclosed about her in this area, as in most others, her height is at 5ft 4ins (1.65m), and while her body weight is thus far a personal secret, a look at her figure reveals an attractive digit in this category. She is a blond-haired pale Caucasian female with blue eyes.

As for Jennifer’s presence on social networks, there is no evidence of her involvement on any of the common social websites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It’s safe to conclude that Jennifer decided to stay hidden from the prying eyes of the media and public, and thus made her accounts either hidden from the public, or doesn’t actually have any.

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