• JelloApocalypse is a popular YouTube voice actor, born in the US in 1994.
• He is known for his “So This is Basically” and “Welcome To” videos, which have garnered over 200 million views.
• Jello has earned over $2,600 per month from 907 patrons on the Patreon platform.
• He is rumored to be gay and dating a fellow female YouTuber.
• Jello has an estimated net worth of over $700,000 and is active on Twitter and Facebook.


Who is JelloApocalypse? Wiki Bio

JelloApocalypse, whose real name is Brendan Blaber, was born in the US on 20 June 1994, so under the zodiac sign of Gemini and holding American nationality – he is popular for his YouTube channel, on which he mostly uploads his original dubbing videos as he is a voice actor.

Early life and education

Jello spent his entire childhood in the US, raised by his parents alongside his younger sister Erin Blaber who is a voice actress just as Jello. They do not usually talk about their parents as they respect their privacy, but their father and mother are very supportive of their online careers.

Jello grew up with a talent of being able to produce a variety of voices, and he came up with the idea to launch his YouTube channel and upload his videos there. He was focused on watching anime, TV series, and learning about YouTube and how to make money on it, that he didn’t spend much time with his peers during his high school years. Nevertheless, he did not lack friends as he met a lot of people online, while his sister was and still is one of his closest friends.

After he matriculated from a local high school, Jello decided to focus on his online career rather than to pursue a college degree.

Career of a YouTuber

His career began when he launched his YouTube channel on 10 September 2009 – there are currently more than 1.55 million people subscribed to it, while it also counts more than 200 million views of all his videos combined.

The main type which Jello uploads onto his channel are his “So this is basically” videos, in which he describes various video games, animated movies and TV shows in a rather comedic way. He does it ‘in 10 words or less’ and this series is one of his most popular – before “So this is basically”, he was uploading “Welcome to” videos in which he talked about how to use a certain website such as Instagram, but in a rather funny way. Currently the most viewed video on his channel is entitled “Welcome to Tumblr!”, published on 24 January 2014, and has so far been seen more than 12.6 million times.

Jello has also launched an account on the Patreon platform – he has attracted 907 patrons who pay $2,600 to him per month, and in return get to see his content before it is uploaded onto YouTube, and can sometimes ask for an anime or TV series which they want Jello to voice over.

Jello is currently working as a writer and a voice actor – he is writing his own comic book called “CorNUCOpia” which can be read on the internet for free.

Love life and relationships

Jello is one of the most secretive people out there, as he hasn’t shared a thing regarding his past and present affairs with the public, however, there are still some rumors circulating the internet regarding his love life and his sexual orientation.

Jello is rumored to be gay because of the rainbow flag symbol in the caption of his Twitter account, and due to the fact that he has never spoken about any girls before. As he doesn’t talk about his love life, this rumor hasn’t been confirmed.

Another rumor says that Jello is currently dating a fellow female YouTuber, who is a huge fan of anime and a cosplayer, and some of his fans have allegedly seen the two walking together in the streets of Chicago. They met online a while ago and decided to meet a few months back – judging from his fans’ comments, they have been dating for three months now.

As Jello hasn’t talked about this, and judging by his social media platforms, he currently appears to be single, hasn’t married, and doesn’t have any kids.

Jello’s sister Erin Blaber

Jello’s sister Erin is better known online as Plasterbrain, which is a nickname she created when she began using the internet to upload her own content in 2012.

Plasterbrain is a musician, composer and a pop star, who is making a genre of music which her fans call ‘sexcore’. She could have been seen at numerous conventions in the Midwest as she was a guest together with her brother Jello. She is also an amateur voice actor who is sometimes featured in her brother’s videos, and a writer, an improviser, and a designer of websites (her website is her own design). She is a big fan of horror indie games and movies, and is currently writing a visual novel entitled “Pizza Game”.

Plasterbrain can be found on Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and on Patreon where she has managed to gather 36 patrons who generate $110 per month for her.

Jello’s hobbies and interests

Jello loves watching animes which is why he has voiced-over so many of them – some of his favorite are “Dragon Ball Z”, “Fullmetal Alchemist”, and “Neon Genesis Evangelion”. He also does cosplay occasionally, and would do it more often if he only had time for it. He’s been in love with comedy since a very early age – he had the idea of becoming a stand-up comedian, but has rather decided to share his humor online with an even larger audience. He loves to draw and is very good at it, yet another of his talents. Jello is also a traveler and a good thing about his job is that he can do it from wherever he is.

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Rumors and controversies

Jello lost some of his followers on YouTube after he released his “vote” video at the beginning of November of 2018. In the video, Jello talked about politics which was the first video of that kind that he has ever published – his fans did not like it and were heavily critical because of the fact he talked about politics online, and because they were mostly liberal. Instead of trying to calm things down, Jello tweeted on his Twitter account saying that the people who unsubscribed from his channel were only three dollars of revenue. This made things even worse, and when Jello realized how bad the situation had become, he deleted the “vote” video.

Appearance and net worth

Jello is currently 25 years old. He has short brown hair and brown eyes while his height and weight are not known.

According to authoritative sources, his current net worth is estimated to be more than $700,000, and is steadily rising thanks to numerous things – he is earning a lot thanks to his YouTube channel, he is working privately as a voice actor and a writer, and is making money on his Patreon account, currently living in Chicago, Illinois.

Social media presence

Jello is more or less active on other popular social media platforms – ‘less’ because he doesn’t have an Instagram account, and ‘more’ because he is active on Twitter and Facebook.

He launched his Twitter account in September 2013, and has gathered more than 20,500 followers and tweeted over 15,200 times. His Facebook page currently counts nearly 6,000 fans.

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