• Kayla Davis is a 14-year-old American YouTuber who runs the "We Are The Davises" YouTube channel with her family.
• She is fond of cheerleading and is currently in her first year of high school.
• The family's YouTube channel has over 2.5 million subscribers and over 1 billion views on all of their videos combined.
• Kayla also has her own YouTube channel which has over 185,000 subscribers and 9 million views on all of her videos combined.
• The family's total net worth is said to be over $3 million.


Kayla Davis introduction

Kayla was born in California USA on 17 August 2004, so under the zodiac sign of Leo and holding American nationality. She’s gained popularity through the “We Are The Davises” YouTube channel, which she runs with her family.

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Early years and education

Kayla is growing up in Florida with her parents Shawn and Connie Davis and her brother Tyler – all of them were born in California but later moved to Florida which they now refer to as their home. Kayla is very fond of cheerleading, and has competed in the National Cheerleaders Association competition. Her father is the head of their YouTube channel, while her mother is a fitness enthusiast.

Kayla is currently attending her first year of studies at a local high school.

The family’s YouTube channel and other social media accounts

Davises launched their “We Are The Davises” YouTube channel in February 2016, and the first video they uploaded is entitled “We Are the Davises’ Official Trailer”. They mostly post funny content, videos of their everyday lives, challenges such as ‘the ice bucket’ and ‘floor is lava’ –and collaborated with another popular YouTube family – SmellyBellyTV – in making a video entitled “Treasure Hunting”. Their channel has over 2.5 million subscribers and over 1 billion views on all of their videos combined, so generating quite a sum of money for them.

The family is active on numerous other social media platforms – they launched their Twitter account at the same time as their YouTube channel, and have so far gathered over 14,000 followers and tweeted nearly 2,400 times. Their Instagram account is followed by more than 270,000 people while they uploaded nearly 700 pictures – they have a Facebook page as well which is followed by over 7,000 fans.

The Davises are also quite active on Snapchat, and they have a TikTok (former Musycal.ly) account although it is currently not available.

Kayla Davis

Kayla’s personal YouTube channel

Just as her brother, Kayla has her own YouTube channel too, which she launched on 26 July 2014 before the creation of her family’s main channel, and has so far gathered around 185,000 subscribers and attracted over nine million views of all of her videos combined – most of her videos feature her making slime and doing weird and funny challenges. Kayla is also quite active on other social media platforms as well, including Instagram on which she has over 135,000 followers while she posted around 170 pictures – her description reads ‘use your smile to change the world, don’t let the world change your smile’.

Kayla’s brother Tyler

Tyler has his own YouTube channel entitled “Davises Gaming” – he launched it on 23 September 2016 and uploads videos of himself playing games such as “Fortnite”, “Minecraft”, and “Roblox”. His family sometimes joins him and they stream their gameplay together – their gaming channel has over 115,000 subscribers and nearly 11 million views of all its videos combined.

Other popular YouTubers

Some people still don’t believe that one can have a successful career in being a YouTuber – if you have enough people viewing the videos you upload, you can earn a decent amount of money from the ads shown during the playtime of them. Some of the most subscribed people and groups on the YouTube platform include “T-Series” music channel which has 96 million subscribers, “PewDiePie” comedy gamer who has 95 million subscribers, while the third place goes to the how-to “5-Minute Crafts” channel which counts 54 million subscribers. For comparison purposes, PewDiePie is said to have made over $112 million just on YouTube, while he’s made over $50 million from selling his own merchandise, and from personal investments.

What do people think?

A lot of people are not happy about the fact that the Davis family is supposedly dragging their children into the social media world, just to make profit – these people consider that Kayla and Tayler deserve to have a normal childhood and spend time with their peers rather than – in their view – waste it on the Internet. However, others believe that the kids are enjoying themselves and are not doing anything against their own will – the parents haven’t discussed this matter.

Could Kayla be dating?

Kayla is still too young to be dating. At the moment, she is focused on having fun, meeting new friends, and being active on her social media accounts – she is also doing very well at school and is decisive about pursuing a college degree after she matriculates.

Her other interests and hobbies

Other than being a cheerleader and an Internet personality, Kayla is also a talented painter who loves to draw portraits – she is a huge fan of Jenna Marbles, another YouTuber who was born on 15 September 1986 and has nearly 20 million subscribers.

Appearance and net worth

Kayla is currently 14 years old. She has medium long brown hair and brown eyes, she wears braces and had once painted her hair pink, while her height and weight are not known as she is constantly growing now.

According to authoritative sources, Kayla’s current net worth is estimated to be close to $100,000, while her family’s total net worth is said to be over $3 million.

Source: IMDb, Wikipedia

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