• Karina Steen (Elias) was born in the US on 31 May 1989
• She has a Bachelor's Degree in Biology and works as an Associate Project Coordinator and Supplemental Instructor
• She met her husband Kevin Owens on Myspace in 2006 and they have two children together
• Karina loves languages, travelling, and spending time with her family
• Her and Kevin's combined net worth is estimated at $10 million.


Who is Karina Elias?

Karina Steen (maiden name Elias) was born in the US on 31 May 1989 under the zodiac sign of Gemini and holds American nationality – she came under the spotlight when she married her other half, the popular WWE wrestler Kevin Owens.

Early life and education

There is not much known about Karina’s background – even though her husband is a famous wrestler and the media wants to know more about her and her past – she’s decided to keep her personal matters to herself.

Karina is said to have spent most of her childhood in California – after she matriculated from a local high school, she enrolled at the Moreno Valley College and graduated four years later with an Associate’s degree in Math and Science – she continued her education at the California Baptist University, and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Biology in 2013.


Karina almost never talks about her career as she knows she would be in the shade of her husband – her first job known to public was in Jason’s Deli Salad Bar from January 2014 to March 2015. She then moved to Skechers as a retailer in June 2015, and has been working with them ever since – she is also simultaneously working at the Moreno Valley College as a Supplemental Instructor, and as though that’s not enough, Karina has been part of the Intertek team since May 2018, and works as their Associate Project Coordinator.

Even though she is not an actress, Karina can be seen in the “Checkmate” action crime movie shot in 2015.

Kevin Owens and Karina Elias

Personal life and marriage

Karina and Kevin met over the Internet as they began exchanging messages on Myspace in 2006 – they are said to have been ‘dating’ for a month on the Internet before meeting each other in person. One year later they exchanged their vows – the couple now has two kids together: a son named Owen and a daughter named Elodie, while they also have an English bulldog named Luna. Judging by their Instagram posts, they are still pretty much in love with each other and hate being apart.

Karina and her husband have two matching ‘K’ tattoos as well as the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ tattoos, while Kevin has their son and daughter’s names tattooed on his wrist.

Who is Kevin Owens?

Kevin Yanick Steen was born in Saint Jean sur Richelieu, Quebec Canada on 7 May 1984, so under the zodiac sign of Taurus and holding Canadian nationality – he is known for being a professional wrestler.

Kevin was raised in Marieville in Quebec alongside his brother Edward Lower – he has French ancestry as well as Canadian and can speak French better than English. He used to watch the “Monday Night Raw” show during his teen years which is actually how he learned English – he was quite active during that time as he played hockey, soccer and baseball but never cared about them enough to consider a career in any of them. He injured himself when he was 11 years old, and got the idea of becoming a wrestler after watching the footage of a match between Diesel and Shawn Michaels at the WrestleMania XI.

His father was very supportive of his interestin wrestling, and allowed him to begin training when he was 14, taught by the wrestler Serge Jodoin, and has working with numerous wrestling trainers throughout his career.

He had his first match on 7 May 2000 – the very day he turned 16. He went on to compete at Born to Bleed competition in August 2003, and in the next year he won his first International Wrestling Syndicate (IWS) Heavyweight Championship when he defeated El Generico – he lost the belt on 16 February 2008 when El Generico beat him at Violent Valentine, but then regained it on 22 March.

Kevin competed at numerous events and won several championships before he signed with the American professional wrestling company WWE on 12 August 2014. He became Kevin Owens while fighting, and became the NXT Champion on 11 February 2015 when he beat Sami Zayn (formerly El Generico!), but lost the title on 4 July 2014 to The Beast at the WWE Network special.

He went on to win the Intercontinental Championship in February 2016 but lost that on 3 April of the same year. He subsequently won the US Championship on 2 April 2017 when he beat Chris Jericho at WrestleMania 33, but held the title for only two days as he lost to Styles at the SmackDown triple threat.

Kevin is quite active on his Twitter account – he launched it on May 2014 and has so far amassed nearly 6,000 followers and tweeted more than 7,400 times – his description reads ‘A prize fighter says what he wants, does what he wants, and takes what he wants through physical violence to make the show his.’

Likes and hobbies

Karina loves spending time with her husband and kids the most, she is very fond of languages and speaks both English and Spanish fluently, while she also knows American Sign Language. She is a big fan of travelling and takes her kids with her wherever she goes.

Appearance and net worth

Karina is currently 29 years old. She has long brown hair and brown eyes, but her height and weight are not known. According to authoritative sources, Karina and Kevin’s combined net worth is estimated by sources to be around $10 million.

Social media presence

Karina is quite active on several social media platforms – she launched her Twitter account in June 2016 but is followed by only 150 people. She takes more care of her Instagram account on which she has nearly 40,000 followers while she’s posted around 420 pictures.

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