• LeafyIsHere is a YouTuber with over 4.2 million subscribers.
• It is not known if he is in a relationship, but he was once rumored to have dated HaleyBaby.
• He grew up in Utah and started his YouTube channel in 201•
• His estimated net worth is $800,000.
• He is popular on other social media platforms, including Twitter and Instagram.


Who is LeafyIsHere Girlfriend?

Before we reveal to you who LeafyIsHere’s girlfriend is, let’s share some information about the person who has adopted this stage name. LeafyIsHere is a YouTuber, best known to the world for his channel LeafyisHere, on which he posts rather different videos, including gameplay, commentaries, and videos in regards to his daily life. So far, he has amassed a total following of more than 4.2 million subscribers. Now, who is his girlfriend? Well, LeafyIsHere is a rather secretive person and tends to keep his most important details hidden from the public eyes. As a result, there is no information about him being in a relationship at the present time.

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Who did He Date?

When it comes to his past relationships, LeafyIsHere has also held this information under a veil of secrecy, but one name stands out. It is HaleyBaby, but their relationship wasn’t confirmed by anyone, though fans apparently wanted them together. They spent some time in the public eye, but nothing official came from the two about their relationship. So, all we can say is that LeafyIsHere hasn’t dated anyone so far, at least hasn’t officially revealed any to the public.

LeafeIsHere Bio: Age, Childhood, and Education

Born Calvin Vail on 8 August 1995, in Utah, USA he had a tough childhood, as his parents – father Marvin Vail, and mother, Regina Lee Vail – were both drug addicts, so to escape from these daily traumas, he found solace in YouTube and video games. He started by watching YouTube videos, and then started his own channel – LeafyIsHere was created in October 2011.


Career Beginnings

LeafyIsHere’s first video wasn’t uploaded until 2013, entitled “Why Google+ is fucking shit”, which now has over 590,000 views. His next video came only in 2014, and it was the first gameplay video, showcasing Leafy as he plays Minecraft. This brought more subscribers to his channel, and encouraged by this success, he continued to upload gameplay videos, switching between Counter Strike and Minecraft. His popularity grew accordingly, and he soon added new categories to his channel, and uploading commentary videos. This brought even more popularity, and encouraged him to continue in the same rhythm. Soon more commentary videos followed and the number of his subscribers soon reached over a million.

Rise to Prominence

With every new video, LeafyIsHere was becoming more popular, and he achieved 1.5 million subscribers in March 2016, rising in September to over 4.8 million. His videos attracted more than a billion views, which significantly increased his wealth. Some of his most popular videos include “The Saddest Girl On The Entire Planet”, which now has close to nine million views, then, “The Onison Rant” viewed more than 7.7 million times, “The Cringiest Video to Ever Exist Ever” over 7.6 million views, and “The Nastiest Girl On YouTube Ever”, which also has over 7.6 million views.


Controversies and Inactivity

As his popularity increased, he got into problems with other YouTubers, including Keemstar, h3h3Productions, and iDubbbz, among others, but this also helped him increase his popularity. However, his career began declining following his feud with iDubbz, which forced him into inactivity, and his last video was uploaded in 2017, entitled “this video will make you cry…”.

LeafyIsHere Net Worth

Since launching his career, LeafyIsHere has become a YouTube star and net worth is as high as $800,000.

Internet Fame

Although YouTube has made him famous, he has managed to expand his popularity to other social media platforms, especially Twitter, on which he has more than 960,000 followers, and uploaded his most recent career achievements and his personal opinions and ideas However, he hasn’t posted any new content since May 2017.

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